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  1. Ich hab die Gang wieder aufgelöst, es ist mir einfach nicht gelungen, Spieler ab Prestige 1+ zu rekrutieren. Und wenn man andere rekrutiert, hat man einfach sehr viel Inaktivität.
  2. Gang Shadowrunner#9724 is looking for active members: I got tired of gang leaders that are inactive and abandon the gang, so I started my own one. City Kings will be our focus, Gang Fights are a bonus, so no harsh punishments if you can't contribute much per cycle. The only requirement as of now is prestige 3.
  3. We plan to do city kings and gang fights. There is a new city upcoming, so don't hesitate to join us. We are German/English speaking dudes and maybe dudettes... ;-) Entrance is possible with prestige 3 or higher, No hard limit for points in gang fights, But inactive members will get kicked, Let's farm those poor estrays!