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  1. I can explain in more detail. The essence of this idea is that for gold you can raise the level of detail. For example, a detail with one star can be promoted for gold to the second star (if you have passed the stage you want to improve). The promotion of parts in kets is the transition of a part for gold to the next star or stage. For example, a player has a 5 star iron part, it is very well pumped, but on military parts it is bad because of the quality so the player can spend a certain amount of gold and translate this part into one star military. I hope you will like my idea about improving the details of quality and stage.
  2. Hello, the creators of a wonderful game of kets! I would like to offer you to add a very useful and interesting function to the game. The essence of this function lies in the fact that for gold you can improve the details on a star. The player has a good iron detail, but it is already on military details and using this function, you can improve its detail to military quality, but in order to improve the detail to the next quality, you need to pump it to the last star of its etap and then again, for gold, improve it to one star's military detail. The more expensive it is to improve. I hope my idea will please you and will appear in the game. And I also hope that you understand it.