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Found 3 results

  1. Prestige level - 0 Championship Stage - 15 100000 Points Boulder Health - 7593 Boulder Damage - 4896 Tophies/Cups Contribution per League - 150 to 200 Looking for a good gang in which every one plays actively and reaches atleast gang box 3 (which requires 100 cups per player only per League). Plays actively everyday. A man to trust upon. Meoowww.. 😉
  2. Hey everyone. I have a small collection of videos saved on my phone of awesome/funny wins and moments and want to make a compilation video on YouTube but I don't have enough to make a video long enough to be worth watching. So I need your help. If you have videos that you would like to have featured in my video, send it to with your username and gang name (if you're in one). If I receive enough videos, I'd like to start a series with each video being between 2-3 minutes long. Any videos that you think other C.A.T.S. players would enjoy watching. Whether it's strange physics glitches, blowing the other player completely out of the arena, etc send them on over. I plan to make a channel specifically for these videos. Thanks in advance and I will update this post with a link to said channel as soon as it's created.
  3. USA

    Hey, this is a clan for players at least in metal parts. Only English speaking Americans allowed. Let's show who's the best nation in the world at C.A.T.S!