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Found 3 results

  1. You have studied the builds, you have crunched those numbers, you have drawn upon all your experience in Cats warfare and you know the outcome of the battle............and you have got it wrong!!!! Dont want to spend those gems getting your parts back you have so lovingly polished? Then just force close the game and when you reboot you will find the bet is back to waiting to show you the outcome. You will tie up a betting slot, but if it’s a good part it means you won’t lose it or gems.
  2. “Time is fleeting”....... or at least it is now concerning betting. There was a time where I very much enjoyed “harvesting” parts and betting on them to build up maximum bonus. Then the thrill where I could combine several of these “spit and polished” parts for a pimped up tank before moving up a level and start again. But alas, since update, I find there is no time to build my parts up and combine them anymore. Us poor kittens are in such a rush to level up that betting has been forgotten about just like that mouse I chased under the dresser last week. So until a u-turn from Zeptolab on forced promoting through the championship league there will be no more betting from me. Unless of course the stink gets so bad that they may have to revisit it! Zak Attack
  3. Essentially a wager match where you can bet parts against another player of similar skill. Winner collects the other players wagered parts.