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Found 56 results

  1. Change the name. It's no longer Crash Arena Turbo Stars to me. It is now. Cash Arena Transaction Stars I am in gravely injured by this last update. Let's first talk about the new Ultimate League. I won't go into specifics as you all play this game. Zeptolabs said they are shifting the game's focus on the ultimate league. This new league is complete and utter garbage, well at least for now. The core of this game and what we all fell in love with was the old league. They have completely removed the signifcance of that gameplay. They first removed the legendary box reward from championships and replaced it with ultimate box that gives you one, (did you hear me?) ONE useless part that won't even upgrade your ultimate part right away as you need more than one of the same part to upgrade. After all the complaints from the community, zepto brought legendary box back. I noticed they posted on the news board first that they decided to bring back legendary box rewards for now until they implement all the changes. To me that sounds very TEMPORARY. Minutes later they rephrased the news in game and changed it to what it says now as "decided to bring it back..." Would they remove it in the future? Who knows. But okay that was solved, but what irritates me is the 5 ticket limit. Why limit howmuch we can play? Don't you want to keep us engaged. If this is the strategy to stop cheaters from bot or auto clicking, it's a bad one. Don't get me started on the cooldown after the league finishes. Was it 24 hours? I don't remember, but it is useless. While the league is on cooldown you can still obtain ticketa from boxes that will go nowhere. In this game of currency. That is a big waste. Evert ticket you get during cooldown goes straight to the garbage as you start with 5 tickets at the start every new league. Why is this a waste you ask? Let's see. If you run out of tickets, you have the 'privilege' of spending a wopping 50 gems to purchase tickets to continue playing. In the store, you can buy 90 gems for $2.49. I am in Canada so this has to be tailored to my currency. $2.49 ÷ 90gem = 0.0276 cents per gem 0.0276 x 50 = $1.38 That's $1.38 everytime you want to continue playing ultimate league without banking on the chance to win a ticket after waiting 2 - 6 hours from a box. Now whether those 50 gems buy you 1 ticket or 5, I do not know. I am not going to waste mine to find out. The new league will also ask you to spend 10 gems to refresh opponents as if 50 gems to continue playing isn't enough. Seriously $1.38 looks small but it will add up fast. This is making this game so unplayable. There are many other things wrong that the update precipitated like the now fewer gems we get, the spinning boulder bug, the bug where you edit machine number 2 then join either championships, quick fight or practice on a gang member only to find that the game automatically switches your machine to machine number one. By the beard of Zeus! I'm going to smite someone. Also it seems to me that the content of regular boxes and super boxes got nerfed. I was in 3 star carbon and was still getting trash golden items. Getting the right star items corresponding to your level is so rare now! If you want to get a 3 star item if you're in the 3 star part of a champion e.g. gold, carbon. You'd have to wait on the bonus box that sometimes comes out after opening a regular or super box. Only, you would have to watch a 30 second ad. Oh wait! I forgot... ads are broken so even if you get lucky and receive the special extra box your game will just crash. You'll open the game again and cry over your trash 1-star items or 4-5 star from the level below. So basically we're living off trash. People report having unlimited ads, 300 ads, 30 ads to no ads. According to zeptolabs, Mia Holm December 12, 2017, 02:34 -0500 Thank you again for your feedback. As i mentioned earlier we do not provide access to unlimited ads, but i should have been more clear, because there's no such thing as unlimited ads in the game. People who invest money in the game and people who don't they both get the same number of ads. Number of ads provided depends on an advertiser. We cannot influence their quantity. Your black screen issue is under investigation, I sent the information about this problem to our specialists. They are already working on it and do their best to fix it. This is what I received via email. So I guess zeptolabs let the balance of their game in the hands of advertisers... GREAT! This game is becoming more and more rubbish everyday. I can't wait how many more gem spending opportunities awaits us in the upcoming xmas update.. I'm ecstatic.... Cash Arena Transaction Stars.
  3. Foro creado para los CATS que hablamos Español. Saludos!
  5. Few New features Which Would Make This Game More Bad Ass 1. Different Game Modes: Different Game Modes Like "Racing Mode", "Battle Mode with Controllers to jump, attack, etc", "Maze Mode", "Night Mode". 2. Parts Store: Parts Store from which We Can Buy New Parts directly With Coins. 3. Machanic: By Introducing a Mechanic we Can Boost Our Damage or Health For a Curtain No. of Battles. Machanic Costs Gems.
  6. titan body drawing, made by me Program used: Paint tool sai
  7. Sla, n sou mto criativo e bom de reprodução, mas faz uma ideia de um canhão como arma, um corpo meio '' lápis '' ou triangular na frente, e um suporte como se fosse um empurrão Funções: canhão = Atira bolas de canhão que caiem e dps de 2 seg explodem, com grande dano (+ ou-isso), corpo: Isso depende de como funcionar, só no jogo pra saber (apenas uma ideia), Empurrão: lança uma mola com uma madeira no final fazendo, empurrar o carro do adversário obs: também fiz uma face de gato edit: Eu desenhei e pintei as imagens,fiz como rascunho,n dei importância pra detalhes e alguns conceitos...
  8. How many weeks does it take to reach prestige level?
  9. Cat Brings Home a Bag of Weed to His Owner! A kitten called Tiger has a big problem. He likes to steal things 😂 Link video :
  10. Hello Zeptolab Devs, please remove gameplay time limit! I am a full grown man and i know what is good and what is bad for myself. I don't see the point in have gameplay time limit, i am 28 years old and i can decide for myself when to stop playing. Also i want to stream this game because is fun but i can't because of the time limit! Thanks MvPGEO
  11. Hey guys. I have been playing CATS for like 1-2 week(s) and i got promoted to stage 16 now. But the thing that i was wondering about is, that i have been playing vs many people with the "Whale" car, and i don't even have one.. I just want to ask you guys how i can get it? Do i get it in boxes, or leveling my cars up, or anything else? If leveling up, wich car do i have to level up and what level do i get it? -Thank you so much guys, i appreciate it. And sorry for my bad english.. I am not the best, but i hope you can understand what i wrote.
  12. Hey everyone. I have a small collection of videos saved on my phone of awesome/funny wins and moments and want to make a compilation video on YouTube but I don't have enough to make a video long enough to be worth watching. So I need your help. If you have videos that you would like to have featured in my video, send it to with your username and gang name (if you're in one). If I receive enough videos, I'd like to start a series with each video being between 2-3 minutes long. Any videos that you think other C.A.T.S. players would enjoy watching. Whether it's strange physics glitches, blowing the other player completely out of the arena, etc send them on over. I plan to make a channel specifically for these videos. Thanks in advance and I will update this post with a link to said channel as soon as it's created.
  13. New in game featuresThis game is quite a popular game now. so i suggest some updates/upgrades or you can say in game features to be added these are 1. Adding in game friends 2. Trading equipment with friends 3. selling equipment to friends 4. selling equipment to world players (similar as bidding) 5. selling stickers to friends and world players 6. boss rush mode ( 2 players/friends can beat a boss to get gems/golds/high rarity equips/etc) 7. world boss rush mode (with a massive hp boss. players around all of the world will beat this boss to get a good prize) 8. any further idea and modification if crosses my mind ill definitely mail you guys again. Thanks in Advance.
  14. Are you looking to join a clan? We are a fun, competitive clan with seeking a strong friendly player base. We offer a fun, drama-free environment, but we expect your best. We are looking for active members who are bronze league or above If you are interested in joining TAC please comment below with a screenshot of your league ranking and current build/builds thank you for taking the time to view the TAC clan recruitment topic
  15. Flamethrower The flamethrower is a close range weapon similar to a combination of the laser and the chainsaw. It has the range of a chainsaw, and fires (FIRE lol see what I did there XD) every few seconds, dealing massive damage upon impact. A 3-star gold flamethrower would do 15,000 damage per hit, but only 5,000 damage per second. It would be so strong because of its short range and slow hit speed. If the flamethrower were to be implemented, it would: 1. Be very rare 2. Be unlocked at the gold stage 3. Have the appearance of a chainsaw without the saw, and shoot out red hot flames. Hope you like the idea, please share so the devs can see this. Comment with how you like it and possible adjustments. Thanks! The Flamethrower would look like a much better drawn version of this: (I'm a bad artist) Here is the flamethrower on a body.
  16. Hi everyone! The last post (x) is not updated and the OP seems to be dead, so i got all the information about it and put it together in this one. I'll try to edit it as often as possible, so i need all of your help. Any level limit will be welcome to fill the table. Thanks and keep fighting! ^^
  17. Hello im new cats player and was playing with sneaky a while but after losing it on bet now I upgrading Titan but realized Everytime I fight Titan flipped I tried all type of wheels Bigfoot Tyre etc need some help about it really like the Titan body and I'm on stage 9 now join me on Facebook too pls helps me out. thanks p.s. catstars
  18. Do you feel the game is merciful to you and you get lucky at times, or it is rather the opposite and nothing goes right. Post your unlucky and lucky moments here for all to see I will start: I have been stuck at stage 18 for 8 days not being able to promote mainly because I was busy and not being able to go on in the last few moments of the championships, but now that I had time ( I am using the bouncy boulder design) I went on and seen I got promoted from my league so I got a legendary box where I got a golden 4 star blade with 100% to boulder, I instanted my championships right then and went on to stage 19. Feels like waiting 8 days was worth it
  19. It would be cool to customize your cats in the game. From colors to patterns, maybe lions, tigers, jaguars, panthers, and other types of felines. Hats would work as well.