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Found 56 results

  1. Looking for a gang that plays regularly but still for fun? Then come join us at GANGMOMSTYLE. We have a group of core experienced players but need more. We are part of a larger group of gamers called M.O.M. (Mean Old Men) that play multiple games on multiple platforms. You can check us out at or on discord at Other current games include PUBG Mobile, World of Tanks Blitz, Looney Tunes World of Mayhem, Grand Theft Auto as well as others. We are looking for prestige 1 or more and must be active in City Kings and Gang Fights. If you are interested, send me a message.
  2. Lost Kittens are recruiting! We are looking for players who actively participate in City Kings and Gang Trophies, as well as progressing through stages to improve your UL cars. We currently have 4 open spots! CK: District 7 Gang Box: Rank 4 Prestige requirement: 2 gMost of the gang is P3/4 some are higher) Language: English, but the gang is international. CK Rank: 785 Expectations -- Be active in CK. 100 minimum gang trophies per cycle(But no gems required if you get stuck!). Progress through Championship stages to get UL parts. Use Discord to share CK info. And of course to have fun!
  3. I just love watching cats video. They make me happy. Here click on the link above
  4. HI! I recently downloaded C.A.T.S and I totally fell in love. And I'm excited about its game and its strategy to overcome the championships but .... there is something that brings me doubtful for days. I use Android and download google Play Games to log in while playing. With this, can I save my progress if I change the device or use it in parallel on a tablet and a smart phone? Or if I uninstall the game and reinstall it? I repeat I love this game and I do not want to lose my progress, imagine being first in the lists and to change smart phone lose everything and must start from 0 .... it would be catastrophic. I do not speak English, please excuse my spelling
  5. HELLO ALL, I used to play this game but left and recently got back into it. I am prestige 3 and used to have my own top 500 clan! Let me know if you have an active clan I can join!
  6. Hello Cats!! Just wanted to share and get some feedback, we all have different views on what’s the ultimate machine is, in most cases there’s always a better way, or different ways to tackle different opponents. My favorite is, (Sneaky, Lifter, Blade, Minigun) that combo got me through most of my prestige’s, lifter for that extra hope and time, Blade to counter other lifters, and minigun just for extra power. The only flaw I faced was when a machine flips over you, but I was able to fix that by replacing the minigun with a double rocket. (Not as powerful but it works) The final design I like is 2 miniguns for pure force and power, and a blade of course to counter lifters. What do you guys think and what works for you best? Thanks, RYFG leader.
  7. So we all know cats has been going downhill due to pay to win micro transactions taking priority but their latest offer broke the camels back for me. So the hot wheels update brought some nice ultimate parts for us to unlock and as a fan of hot wheels since I was 5 I was super excited to unlock these parts but the engine is only obtained through a random drop from a box that costs roughly $10 bucks per unlock. I thought I could drop a $100 and spam the box. What I didn’t realize is you only get 10 chances and if you don’t get it you are SOL. The 10 chances don’t even refresh come the next day at least it hasn’t for me. After I spend my gems I’m done with this game! Locking a collectible item behind a chance drop with a chance of never getting it is bs. I’m going to get my $100 worth out of this game and dropping it completely! Share your outrage if you think this HW promotion is bs!
  8. Hello everyone my name is Krypt I am advertising this gang on behalf of my leader RPM he is the leader of dogbones. We are players from Europe and US. We are very active and participate in every City Kings battle, currently we are in the top 20 in city kings and top 10 in Top Gangs. We are looking for friendly, active and chatty players for our gang. requirement is minimum prestige 15-60. Our gang can be found and recommended in the 'find a gang' option. If you do by any chance join our gang please do gang fights immediately as that is a requirement for any new players that join our gang. We usually expect 90-125 trophies a day for gang fights. You are expected to check at least 5x a day when we do City kings. Also don't be shy communicate with us we are very friendly and open bunch of guys! also communication is a requirement especially when we battle with rival gangs in City of Kings. So come along and join the dogbones family!
  9. Hi, I’m leader for a gang called Non PresTigers. We are looking for cats players new and old to visit our Discord Page for the following reasons: 1) As you may know there is an official CATS forum on Discord but it can be a little intimidating for new players to ask questions and get help. I can’t promise 24 hour support but where are gang can we are happy to answer or help where we can. 2) We have a very well laid out Discord Server that may give ideas to gang leaders in process of setting thier own up. 3) The best thing about CATS is the social element. We have many experienced players who drop by our Discord Page and give gems of advise on tactics, build help and tricks of the game. All we ask is that you are respectful of others players. So click on link below and say hi
  10. Be the first fan of lolita cat Buy our new T-shirt now Its a Limited Edtion you cant find it any where else Order yours Now
  11. titan body drawing, made by me Program used: Paint tool sai
  12. ENG: Hello dear developers Zeptolab. In C. A. T. S there are machine guns, shotguns, rocket launchers, saws, but no flamethrower. Why? I decided to give you an idea and even show a prototype of a flamethrower. The picture shows a flamethrower, material: wood, part level: 1 star. This weapon will cause damage like a saw or a sting, but the attack range will be slightly longer. Just this weapon will heat the car of the enemy, and accordingly it will cause additional damage. According to my idea, the flamethrower will open at one of the stages of the first prestige. I hope the developers will listen. That's it. SP: Hola queridos desarrolladores de Zeptolab. En el C. A. T. S decir, ametralladoras, escopetas, lanzacohetes, la sierra, pero no aquella de lanzallamas. ¿Por qué? He decidido presentar a usted la idea, e incluso mostrar un prototipo de lanzallamas. En la foto de un lanzallamas, material: de madera, el nivel de detalle: 1 estrella. Esta arma es un daño similar a la pile o aguijón, pero el rango de ataque será un poco más. Así mismo, este armamento calentar la máquina del enemigo, y, en consecuencia, le será aplicada la bonificación de daño. A mi la idea de un lanzallamas se abrirá en una de las etapas de la primera prestigio. espero que los desarrolladores se ponen en guardia. Hasta el momento es que todos los. Italian: Ciao cari sviluppatori Zeptolab. A C. A. T. S ci sono mitragliatrici, fucili a pompa, lanciarazzi, sega, ma non lanciafiamme. Perché? Ho deciso di presentare un'idea e anche mostrare un prototipo di lanciafiamme. Nella foto è raffigurato il lanciafiamme, materiale: legno, livello di dettaglio: 1 stella. Quest'arma sarà infliggere danni come sega o жалу, ma la distanza di attacco sarà un po ' di più. Così l'armamento è di riscaldare la macchina dell'avversario, e di conseguenza gli sarà applicato un ulteriore danno. Secondo la mia idea il lanciafiamme si aprirà in una delle fasi del primo prestigio. spero che gli sviluppatori ascoltare. Questo è tutto. Swede: Hej kära utvecklare Zeptolab. I C. A. T. S har kulsprutor, hagelgevär, raketramper och sågar, men ingen eldkastare. Varför? Jag har beslutat att ge dig en idé, och även visa en prototyp av en eldkastare. Bilden visar eldkastare, material: trä, nivå detaljer: 1 star. Detta vapen kommer att behandla skador som en såg eller en sting, men intervallet angrepp är lite mer. Även vapen som kommer att värma bilen av fienden, och att det därför kommer att användas för att ytterligare skador. Enligt min uppfattning, som eldkastaren, kommer att öppna i en av etapperna i den första prestige. Jag hoppas att utvecklarna kommeratt lyssna. Det är allt.
  13. I refer to my family and other friends and when my friend click at link and download game and play it (he now often play game) I didn't get that anyone accept my invite, but he is. I do all, can someone help me with that why I didn't get one person icon (1/5) I have 0/5. He have Samsung mobile. -Svedox
  15. HEy guys I’m looking for a good gang to join thanks Hannah 😽
  16. I want to ask a question being in my mind for sometime now. I have around 5-6 power tool boxes with different rarity stars which in my case theres nothing diffirent between them , they all have the same result on any body which ill use it . Thats why i suggest taking of the rarity stars of power tool boxes this may make the app and little bit lighter and doesnt make me wonder about things ! Thanks for reading!
  17. Cum putem face rost de CODE free?
  18. Hi there! im new at CATS forum and i want to share my beautiful ideas.... or ugly ideas... i dunno. I´ve made some pictures to give a little and ugly sketch to the staffs.... if they are going to see this.... i hope......... SENPAI NOTE US (DISCLAMER:all the next pictures that you will see are EXTREMLY UGLY. And my toxic english its cuz im brazilian,so my english its not the best. PODE VIR CUMPADI) 1 IDEIA/ Send gifts to your friends. with this idea, you could share your parts with yours friends... u will be able to send 3 parts at the same.BUT,the much parts you send, the more longer will be the shipment. and also, rare and legendary part would lost most, or ALL their effect, just to balance things. pic..... NEXT PICTURE! Like it? Awnser at the comments section. 2 IDEA/ Player Profiles Ok... for me, that´s the BEST idea.And well, what i could say.... its a profile... it would have some info about the player and see their cars. Also,with this, i would increment the FRIENDSHIP idea,you go at player profile and click ADD FRIEND button... actually,this button does not say ADD FRIEND, its just a ugly sketch. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Like it? Awnser in the comments section 3rd IDEA/ Cancel/remove Crates well,thats just a little and nice implement... for people who like crates,with this idea. if u started to open a normal crate,but you just earned a rare crate,and want to start opening it, just press at the crate with is opening and press CANCEL... unfortaly (or no), i dont have a picture for this... but its just like the other picture in this idea. And the REMOVE crate, just press at any crate and then, press REMOVE, so it open space to a brand new crate.BUT to balance things, you can only remove/cancel crates X times per day. PIC: Removing a crate JUST IMAGINE: Delete this REMOVE and just put a CANCEL button... Like it? Awnser in the comments section "Bonus" Ideas... Those ideas are non pictured ideas,witch have no meaning at the post,you can freely ignore them. 1stBONUS Damage per second my brother gave me that one. Imagine if,Chainsaw,stinger and melee weapons do damage per second (exept blade), just like the laser? my honest opnion, this idea have dont really change the game and, the normal damage its good..... 2ndBONUS More customizable cat i really hate when i see someone else with a cat just like mine one... so i think tha, more customizable cats could be a good one. Its just cosmetic,but its cool 8) (also, zeptolab can win more money selling those 'cosmetics'...) you would change your head,body and tail skins. also but 1 more "hat" slot,so you could use glasses and a fedore at the same time. So thats it... i guess. If you, STAFF MEMBER are reading this (no,probably no),pls tell me wath you think about it in the comments section. if i got some new ideas, i put here.... if you think that would be better change something, comment! your opnion its always good. im Ztorm and, ;D Goodbye Z.C
  19. Hello Cats here is a few things that zeptolab use to improve the game. - About campers is really hard to have fun if there is a camper in your league. You can change this like the "ultimate league" so the people who advance to the next stage can "Join" the new stage and the people who don't want to play the stage just don't play it and don't appear in the stage... like a "lobby" . Doing that they can't stop the people who really wanna play the normal championship. - You can put missions like "have a 100 win streak and win super box" or "500 win streak and win a legendary box" or gems. You know... making the game more interactive to the players who play a lot and reward them for that. - Obviusly add new cat poins. - In the ultimate league reward the first 5 or 6 placement with the same rewards (i'll never be able to be top 2 because of p2w guys and i play everyday a lot except when i have a camper in my stage) - In the boxes if i'm in level 15 must be weapons that have at least level 13 not 12. I think with this suggestions the game will improve a lot
  20. Dear felines, I am organizing a boycot of our beloved game to demand the more active tracking and banning of trolls. Of the last 20 regular competitions I have been promoted to, 10 of them had an annoying troll player in it that is at least five times as strong as the rest of the competition, but gets just enough medals to maintain and so never promotes nor demotes (see screenshots). This results in us players getting stuck in a competition until it ends, without the possibility to promote in the meantime. I'm getting sick and tired of having to wait two days to continue the game, only to find out I have to wait again for two days because the developers don't seem to put in the effort of implementing some simple features to make it harder on trolls. This problem has been going on ever since I started playing C.A.T.S about 8 months ago, but lately I've gotten the feeling that it has gotten worse. I've sent customer service multiple notices about it and gave them tips on how these scenarios could be prevented, but since it keeps happening more and more I am tired of waiting. To give the developers one kudo, in the fight against these trolls they have made it so that you have to actively join a competition again once you didn't get promoted at the end of one. The downside of this is that these trolls also seem to wanna be actively annoying, so it's an more than easy obstacle for them to jump. My ideas to make this situation less common: - Make a button so that these trolls can be reported - Let employees play on multiple accounts for the sake of tracing trolls - Since it's currently not forbidden to. maintain in a competition when you were able to promote, make it forbidden I thought up those three things in a few minutes, I can't imagine that professional game developers cannot think of this. In conclusion, because of everything that I have stated above - the seeming rise in the number of trolls and a passive team of developers - I am deleting this game until the developers announce that my/our demand of active methods against trolls will be met. I really like this game, so hopefully you - my fellow players - will join me so that we can forcefully make this game better together. YS, Jopie
  21. Change the name. It's no longer Crash Arena Turbo Stars to me. It is now. Cash Arena Transaction Stars I am in gravely injured by this last update. Let's first talk about the new Ultimate League. I won't go into specifics as you all play this game. Zeptolabs said they are shifting the game's focus on the ultimate league. This new league is complete and utter garbage, well at least for now. The core of this game and what we all fell in love with was the old league. They have completely removed the signifcance of that gameplay. They first removed the legendary box reward from championships and replaced it with ultimate box that gives you one, (did you hear me?) ONE useless part that won't even upgrade your ultimate part right away as you need more than one of the same part to upgrade. After all the complaints from the community, zepto brought legendary box back. I noticed they posted on the news board first that they decided to bring back legendary box rewards for now until they implement all the changes. To me that sounds very TEMPORARY. Minutes later they rephrased the news in game and changed it to what it says now as "decided to bring it back..." Would they remove it in the future? Who knows. But okay that was solved, but what irritates me is the 5 ticket limit. Why limit howmuch we can play? Don't you want to keep us engaged. If this is the strategy to stop cheaters from bot or auto clicking, it's a bad one. Don't get me started on the cooldown after the league finishes. Was it 24 hours? I don't remember, but it is useless. While the league is on cooldown you can still obtain ticketa from boxes that will go nowhere. In this game of currency. That is a big waste. Evert ticket you get during cooldown goes straight to the garbage as you start with 5 tickets at the start every new league. Why is this a waste you ask? Let's see. If you run out of tickets, you have the 'privilege' of spending a wopping 50 gems to purchase tickets to continue playing. In the store, you can buy 90 gems for $2.49. I am in Canada so this has to be tailored to my currency. $2.49 ÷ 90gem = 0.0276 cents per gem 0.0276 x 50 = $1.38 That's $1.38 everytime you want to continue playing ultimate league without banking on the chance to win a ticket after waiting 2 - 6 hours from a box. Now whether those 50 gems buy you 1 ticket or 5, I do not know. I am not going to waste mine to find out. The new league will also ask you to spend 10 gems to refresh opponents as if 50 gems to continue playing isn't enough. Seriously $1.38 looks small but it will add up fast. This is making this game so unplayable. There are many other things wrong that the update precipitated like the now fewer gems we get, the spinning boulder bug, the bug where you edit machine number 2 then join either championships, quick fight or practice on a gang member only to find that the game automatically switches your machine to machine number one. By the beard of Zeus! I'm going to smite someone. Also it seems to me that the content of regular boxes and super boxes got nerfed. I was in 3 star carbon and was still getting trash golden items. Getting the right star items corresponding to your level is so rare now! If you want to get a 3 star item if you're in the 3 star part of a champion e.g. gold, carbon. You'd have to wait on the bonus box that sometimes comes out after opening a regular or super box. Only, you would have to watch a 30 second ad. Oh wait! I forgot... ads are broken so even if you get lucky and receive the special extra box your game will just crash. You'll open the game again and cry over your trash 1-star items or 4-5 star from the level below. So basically we're living off trash. People report having unlimited ads, 300 ads, 30 ads to no ads. According to zeptolabs, Mia Holm December 12, 2017, 02:34 -0500 Thank you again for your feedback. As i mentioned earlier we do not provide access to unlimited ads, but i should have been more clear, because there's no such thing as unlimited ads in the game. People who invest money in the game and people who don't they both get the same number of ads. Number of ads provided depends on an advertiser. We cannot influence their quantity. Your black screen issue is under investigation, I sent the information about this problem to our specialists. They are already working on it and do their best to fix it. This is what I received via email. So I guess zeptolabs let the balance of their game in the hands of advertisers... GREAT! This game is becoming more and more rubbish everyday. I can't wait how many more gem spending opportunities awaits us in the upcoming xmas update.. I'm ecstatic.... Cash Arena Transaction Stars.