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Found 3 results

  1. Anyone recognize this message? ”Error, connection to the server was lost. Please check your internet connection. TRY AGAIN” Now before people point out I may be experiencing problems with my internet...... I’m not. In fact as I type this out it is my current status on playing C.A.T.S. I get this message in what I have come to think off as peak times. My fellow gang members in U.S.A never experience this but my European gang memebers do. I’m wondering if this is all about to much demand and preference of players when peak time. My old gang leader LEVS never had this problem either, he was Russian.
  2. I know it has been said before, but add a confirmation to the betting process. Having the "default" go to get rid of the items to level up is stupid. At least change the prompts so the default is save, not delete the items you are trying to level up. Almost enough to make a long time player drop this game. I have a life and when it is happening it is sometimes difficult to pay attention to what is happening in the game. A slip button push when my daughter asks a question. And boom weeks worth of waiting for a part are just up in smoke.
  3. So, i went to youtube watch some C.A.T.S., but, i've seen an button called "SHARE REPLAY", but, it doesn't appear for me. Someone know why?