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Found 24 results

  1. A Haiku: We are FANCY CATZ A gang that needs new members To return glory! I joined this gang as just some guy and the people were solid. We won a good amount and the chat was fire but the leader left for reasons and the leadership fell to me. I need a few active new members to push us back to greatness. We lowered the requirement to Prestige 7 to attract more players, but it didn't, so here we are. If you play an ok amount and are looking for a new group who is dedicated, look us up. Most of the crew plays daily and we ask you to be active every other day if not daily, do City Kings, amass trophies in Gang Fights, and read the chat now and then. Look us up- FANCY CATZ ! I didn't name it, but by god if it isn't relevant. English helps. See ya!
  2. Hi, we are an active italian gang searcing active players in king of the city with medium strong builds (prestige 5 at minimun and 50 throphies every three days) ID GANG GATTARI#35573 we are 136° in the king of city league !! (we talk italian in chat but we know english and we are friendly :-) ) Buon giorno a tutti, sono il capo della gang Gattari ID GANG GATTARI#35573 siamo una gang che sta crescendo siamo attualmente nella TOP 200 facciamo di media tra i 5000 e i 7000 punti a rottamagang . Attualmente stiamo cercando 3 giocatori per unirsi a noi Livello richiesto : minimo prestigio 3 (mezzi supremi anche medio forti ma in crescita ) ATTIVI SIA IN RE CITTA CHE IN ROTTAMAGANG CHE IN LEGA SUPREMA OGNI GIRO DI ROTTAMAGANG CHIEDIAMO UN MINIMO DI 50 PUNTI ESSERE ATTIVI IN CHAT NEL GIOCO (ABBIAMO ANCHE UN GRUPPO TELEGRAM DOVE PARLIAMO MEGLIO ) Siamo tutte persone simpatiche che cercano giocatori attivi (ma non invasati ! abbiamo un tono sempre cordiale non si accettano flame spam bestemmioni roba del genere ). Nella nostra gang facciamo crescere anche giocatori con mezzi per ora piccoli quindi se cercate una gang da tutti top 100 per ora non siamo noi MA SE VI DIVERTITE COL GIOCO E VOLETE CRESCERE abbiamo 3 posti liberi ULTIMA COSA SOLO GIOCATORI ITALIANI (PER CAPIRCI MEGLIO NELLE TATTICHE ) BUONA SERATA A TUTTI
  3. Hello everyone! I'm looking for active members to join my gang. Name: Blue Lightning Requierment: 50 thropies per round and 150 in total per box. Anyone is welcome! Thank you guys!
  4. Lost Kittens are recruiting! We are looking for players who actively participate in City Kings and Gang Trophies, as well as progressing through stages to improve your UL cars. We currently have 4 open spots! CK: District 7 Gang Box: Rank 4 Prestige requirement: 2 gMost of the gang is P3/4 some are higher) Language: English, but the gang is international. CK Rank: 785 Expectations -- Be active in CK. 100 minimum gang trophies per cycle(But no gems required if you get stuck!). Progress through Championship stages to get UL parts. Use Discord to share CK info. And of course to have fun!
  5. ATENA clan search for active player CK rank : 163 CK : district 6 / 36 Gang box : 6 always Prestige required : 7 Trophies required : 100 / 3 day cycle.. better if more! (but not mandatory ) Server languages : Italian only Discord mandatory, because the game chat sucks If you are looking for a compact and active group and you have the requirements!? you are in the right place,enter our discord channel and after a brief evaluation you can join our family. Instagram @Raven_07 ATENA clan cerca giocatori Attivi RDC classifica : 163 RDC: quartiere 6 / 36 Scatola della Gang : 6 sempre Prestigio richiesto : 7 Trofei richiesti : 100 / 3 giorni.. meglio se di più! (ma non obbligatorio ) Lingua del server : solo Italiano Discord obbligatorio in quanto la chat di gioco fa schifo. Se sei in cerca di un gruppo Attivo e Compatto e hai i requisiti necessari !? Sei nel posto giusto, entra nel nostro canale discord e dopo una breve valutazione potrai unirti alla nostra famiglia. Instagram @Raven_07
  6. Very active and deadly, we come with no intention of peace. We are greased and coordinated. Join up if you got the chops, can be a part of a badass team, and want to win. Fark#42834 Get Farked!
  7. Hello everyone We are adult and active players, we are looking for active players, french would be better (or english would be good) We have a discord to organize for the war and we share GIFs, tips, help for setups, and more about the whole game If you don't want to join our discord and use it (join it and never come or don't have discord on your phone to be reactive is useless) then you can choose another clan We are waiting for you
  8. Gang ID: NOTSOPRO#49511 Requirement: Active members, Prestige 1, must participate in City Kings and Gang Fights Trophies: Min 70 per gang box rotation Language: English Rules: Inactive members are kicked at the end of every gang box rotation. Spots may become available if interested. Keep checking availability.
  9. If you're looking for an active gang that participates in both KOTC and Gang Wars, look no further. We are currently in rebuild stage and have about 10 open slots to fill our 25 man roster. Our prestige level retirement is at lvl10 but if you're active we will make exceptions. Our gang placed top 20 in KOTC and Top 100 in Gang Wars last season. (With a full 25 man roster) Our gang has about an active 13 man roster with most in the mid 20's and 30's prestige level. Our core group of members have seen it all in KOTC and are willing to help potential members learn our way of strategizing. We have a council set in place to run and make decisions best for the gang. If you show commitment and dedication to our cause, we will consider adding you to the council. All in all, we just want to have fun but also want to achieve our goals as a crew. With that said, we're only looking for active members that consistently participate in gang fights making a minimum of 200 trophies per cycle and players who check their cars frequently in KOTC. If any other gang is also in rebuild stage, send me a pm or reply on this thread for potential merger talks.
  10. Hi, I've just prestiged for the first time and have already moved up 4 divisions again. I am active daily and participate in all war battles and gang fights as much as possible. I'm eager to learn and become better at the game but need an active clan. I'm sick of trying to find clans that just take in anyone and don't talk or participate. Look forward to hearing from someone
  11. Hi i am here to recruit some people that are somewhat active players
  12. Hi there I'm a new player who love this game, I'm searching for an active gang, Currently i'm playing in stage 15, and I have played for a week now. I would love a danish gang, but that is not a must, I will do fine in an english gang as well. Not sure what more to tell, an adult gang would also be nice... Best regards Splich
  13. Kittyswhoplay has 3 open spots. We're are currently 57th in top gangs We always get gang box 5, but do get a lot of Gang box 6. Requirements: English Language; 150 trophies/3day minimum, more is expected but understand sometimes s*** happens; P4 but have no issues lowering for the right active player. Discord is a must. If you love the game as much as we do then you'll fit right in come join us on our Hope to see you there If you have good stats and want to be in a good gang, but we were full, hit us up on our discord, we might still be able to get you in.
  14. We are a relatively new gang that is active, looking for active members to help it grow. Great friendly people with no drama just the love of blowing C.A.T.S. up. If your interested in building up a winning team, come join the Plagues!
  15. Hello, just a suggestion that’s been on my mind for a while, we could use he ability to add friends from our gang to friendlist, to keep in touch and view activity status. We always have to guess who’s active and who quit, a feature to add and see status ‘last seen’ would be a phenomenal help to all gang leaders out there, to cut out loses for trophies on early stages, instead of hoping and waiting for the whole 3 days before replacing inactives. Thanks, Jio.
  16. I see a lot of teams recruiting and a lot of kittens looking for gangs. Understandably the big gangs in the leagues get a lot of these recruits because we all want to be part of a winning team. And yet these teams are always recruiting! Winning is an important part of being in a gang but the other important part is the social and fun part. Our gang, not my gang, are looking for active & social players who are a minimum of prestige 1 to be part of a team. We have goals but we don’t have egos, all the support a kitten could need is on offer to a gang member. So why try before you buy? Please visit our webpage so you can get a feel for what we are about and if you would be interested please contact me, thanks for reading.
  17. Gang name: United Army Gang rank: Top 2-30 Gang box: Level 6- 7 Prestige requirement: (Contact Me) Min Trophies: 1000 for 72hrs(this round) #other rounds it less, but we are making one of our special pushes for rank 7 box. Inbox me if interested.
  18. Gang Name: Kittyswhoplay#1693 prestige 1 required but will consider lowering (we do have a mixture of different level players) only other requirement is being an active player at the moment there are 10 open slots Languages spoken: English and Czech but all are welcome
  19. I'm prestige 10 and can average 300 trophies in a 72 hour cycle and play everyday. Looking for people who can do the same.
  20. I have like 4mill points prestige 10 and I am very active. Need a clan who can reach rank 3 gang chest. Tired of seeing people in my gang who do not participate.
  21. Gang: randomcatpun looking for anyone is is active and will help out the gang. We are currently 13/25 and looking to fill up fast. As long as you are active and have 300k you're more than welcome here. Good luck and hope to see some new faces.
  22. Hi, I am Xminator, the leader of Wild Things, an ambitious clan aiming for the top spots. We are looking for 10 new recruits, since the clan size has just been increased from 15 to 25. All our clan members are 1Mil+, active daily and english-speaking. We are constantly improving/growing and help one another wherever we can. If you think you fit the criteria, reply here or DM me (alternatively, subject to open spaces, you can join us in-game and introduce yourself [WILD THINGS#3002]).
  23. G'day my fellow Battle Cats! I'm simply looking for active members to join my gang! Gang ID is Sith Lords#21005 I currently have 15 of 25 members but only about 6 are active. I don't care about your rank or prestige level, I just want active members to chat and gain gang points with! We all win when the gang wins gang boxes! I open the game at least twice per day, sometimes more. Come on! JOIN THE CATS OF THE DARK SIDE!! SithLordMills (Gang Leader)
  24. I am looking for an active gang in preparation for gang wars. Preferably English as I am from Michigan. I am 5th prestige, level 10 with 1,411,000 points. In game name matches my current display name: Benefactor.