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Found 1 result

  1. I have been playing C.A.T.S for nearly a year now. I am not a power-player and I do not pay to win. I play 4-5 times a day for about 15 minutes or so. Usually, playing before bed so i can level up in the morning. I could count on leveling every other day and the promise of new battles. Occasionally, I would miss a level due to inactivitybut occasionally I would instant promote, so it all balanced out. I am prestige 14. I enjoy the minor strategy and watching build-a-bots whack each other. Nothing serious just fun. I had assumed that C.A.T.S. was designed to be, nothing serious just fun. However, I am loosing my interest in the game and its really too bad because I am in a good gang with a couple good interactive players. I have become real-life friends with the Gang leader and we talk on FB now from time to time. He is a good guys. Anyway, I am loosing interest because C.A.T.S. has made the fun of the game into work. It started a while ago with the changes in League Fights to Ultimate League Fights.. In ULF you needed to save up batteries to be able to fight. Requiring you to be fairly regular with your play times so you can maximize your chances to play. I notice they flip back and forth between League play and Ultimate League Play. Annoying, but it was League Fights which I played occasionally anyways, so whatever. However, now they are mucking with the bread and butter of the leaving for prestige. in Showdowns Before it was, battle to be in the Top 7 out of 15 bots to level up. This took battling your best machine agains 15 in an automatic progression style play. More a start it and watch the fun style. However, the Anniversary 2 edition has changed the Showdown into serious work. Unlike before in the automatic play progression, now you must collect 500 medals in 48 hours to advance. This requires progression through 12 fights, +2-4 bonus fights. Each requires a manual selection, fight, and deselection, rinse repeat. OK annoying but each round only gives 40-70 medals....So you must go through 5-8 rounds to progress in levels. On and to start a new round you have to spend "Fish" tokens that are collect via fighting (very slow), possible drop in box slots, or daily Steevy's box; both options are rare drops. You can get lots of "Fish" tokens if you are willing to "pay to Win", $19USD get you 60 Fish Tokens.... So paying lots of in game tokens, to play lots of manual fighting, to possibly advance. God forbid you get an OP opponent and get stuck with less than 500 medals in 48 hours......This game has turned into a a lot of serious work for something that started out as nothing serious just fun. I am hoping Showdowns will revert back to previous format after this Anniversary BS is over with. If so I will stick around to have nothing serious fun, if not, I am out. PSSST C.A.T.S developer quit over thinking it and reward your loyal fans instead of busting their butts.