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Found 4 results

  1. body suggestion, The Alligator positive points: -strong against lifter, as your front tooth can grab the enemy, preventing the Alligator from turning. - Your tail helps in its stability preventing it from turning. -the bottom of your mouth helps not to turn against forklift Negative points: -can be easily jumped by a boulder using a booster I do not know how to use photoshop, so of course you will change it
  2. Eeeeesh I know the colour scheme is (very) off but oh well... follow? :0 this is definitely not my best work but my tablet is out of play and I'm using my phone
  3. titan body drawing, made by me Program used: Paint tool sai
  4. I'm searching for sticker pictures so i have a challenge for anyone interested...its simple you have only to find all stickers in the game and show them all on multiple pictures (not all on the same picture) OR...create a new sticker that look like a legit one (like if it was in the game by default) one so i just have to say now...GOOD LUCK ;D Ps: I need these to make art but i can't find any on Google Image