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Found 4 results

  1. Ok, I understand the Skinner box ideas of using random number generators (RNG) of percent chances for rewards, but there is a point that is too much. Thankfully, there are ways to fix this that works with the asthetics of the game. Ok specifically, this is about betting and how hard it is to not only win, but also win the bonuses you were hoping for on the randomly generated parts that you needed. The use of a RNG here is rediculous. Now I don't expect to fix the chances of winning, that's the point of the bet system. Rather I think we should be allowed to use gems to "rig" our rewards to the bonuses we like. Say, 1 gem to rig if it's a health or damage bonus. Another gem for rigging the associated part the bonus connects to. For how often we go through parts, that would quickly add up to hundreds of gems. The game gives gems out fairly liberally though, so it should only help balance gems as the premium currency.
  2. I've bet my best weapon in a match that won't end: two identical sneakies (different stats though) forklift each other in a sky. "Crushers" won't destroy any of them as they are high being off-screen. Match won't end at all. This makes me unable to bet again and renders my weapon useless: the match is stuck, after restarting the game I see "Watch" icon and unable to bet/fuse/whatever my weapon again. Issue was submitted to support but someone know a workaround perhaps?
  3. Essentially a wager match where you can bet parts against another player of similar skill. Winner collects the other players wagered parts.
  4. Last Second Car Changes in Bets Problem: I've noticed that the cars in the betting section can be changed. This is unfair because it could result in you betting on something you didn't want to. Example: You go to the betting section and see an obvious one way game. Like anyone else would you bet on the car which is obviously going to win. 10 minutes later you check on the game to collect you winnings to find that the car you had bet against was changed last second and you lost. Solution: This has an easy fix, If the betting system is taken from a quick game or cars from players make it so the cars are locked as taken. Example: The two cars added are (only way I could think to put it) copy and pasted and have no direct correlation to the original creator/player. This way if the player decides to edit his car it doesn't affect the car being bet.