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Found 6 results

  1. What drops do regular boxes and super boxes have? Is speed opening regular boxes worth it?
  2. New boxes spotted. That’s all. I suppose the maximum purchase limit is to prevent rich people to farm them.
  3. What is the deal with the complete nerfing of the regular and super crates? They used to give a good mix of items - of all types and star-rating. Now when I open a box, I expect to get mostly garbage, low-level, and useless items. They are almost always the worst star-rating possible for a given player level, and they reduced the chances of getting the more useful items. I used to watch a lot of ads to open boxes faster, but I haven't done so in weeks, since it seems like a waste of time now. Has anyone else noticed how bad it's gotten?
  4. Do you know the box that the game gift you if you recommend the game to 5 people? how does that work? because i send it to a bunch of friends and the click the link, but nothing happen. And also when you win a quick fight appears like a 0/3 when you share the gif of the fight, whats that for? Thanks
  5. That's how i get always better parts , just go and win more games , skip the one you can't beat
  6. Hi, im completely lost as to some of the more detailed rules of the game. Having a place that explains when do you get certain boxes while doing fights would be great. in the meanwhile ill share what i know and dont know so you can help me fill this gap. - When you play a quickfight you get a box every 3 wins. - this box appears to be random as ive won wooden and super boxes at below 5 win streaks randomly. (More info welcome) - at 5 and 15 (and possibly more) you get a crown which improved loot item stars, max 3 crowns - i dont know how to get more crowns is it getting more win streaks? - i dont know if after a certain number of winstreaks and not having space you always get a superbox waiting. Ive had a lost superbox 3 times in a row maybe it was luck. My main suggestion would be for the game to tell you Exactly what type of box you will get next as the main screen always shows a woodenbox and then you might lose a super box that appears randomly. Having only 4 slots is small so chosing which box to wait for would be mega important. let me know if you guys have more info so we can piece some of this together.