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Found 5 results

  1. That's how i get always better parts , just go and win more games , skip the one you can't beat
  2. Hey ! When you guys open a giant box/ super bodies box, will you think that's a bit boring for only 4 kinds? What I think would be redesign the boxes into a Professional Shop! A porfessional Shop would contain : >more variety of boxes: can be have both specific and mixed boxes - Specific boxes: Boxes contain 3 part of specfic type of parts , ie: Laser Boxes - Mixed boxes : like the usual boxes, have mixed types, usually cheaper than specific > limited time Car parts - provide a car part that is relatively stronger than your current championship, ie: you are in level 20 championship and you get level 22-23 parts. > unique stickers - more people will be fond of this one because stickers can customise a lot for your cars. >New feature: Unique Decarotion - I think stickers can not fufilled the desire of own customisation . I believe that some decarotion can be place connecting to the car (but will not increase HP / attack) will be better.
  3. The ability to sell boxes instead of opening them would be beneficial. It would also let players stick to the Super Box if they are trying to advance in stages.
  4. Similar to Clash of Clans, where multiple builders can be bought to build more than one object at a time. Having the ability to purchase another mechanic to open multiple boxes at once would be great.
  5. I only seem to get the brown wooden box. I see people with grey 6 hour ones. How do you get those?