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Found 5 results

  1. I have never seen one, but I have heard that if you upgrade the Santa's Sleigh/Whale enough, you can boost its maximum energy from 20 to 25. Currently, I don't think ultimate machines are supposed to increase maximum energy. If it is true that the Santa's Sleigh/Whale can increase its energy, are there any other ultimate chassis that can do that? Thanks!
  2. Not sure what happened, but the latest update causes the game to crash on startup when using my iPad Mini 2. I would provide more detail, but I haven't been able to get into the game past the Zeptolab logo before it crashes, and restarting my device does not help. Please fix!
  3. I've seen many time when wheels have been moved pretty far from the body, some times looking as if it were someone else's wheel. So I have decided to make a contest to see who can break the wheels the best. I'll start.
  4. Is any one else having the same issues? I am on port champions stage 5 and every time I click fight it comes up with a message at the bottom saying not enough players for instant premotion then on the leader board screen where you can click on the player to fight them once you have clicked fight it come up with this message ? Unexpected sever error occurred (7). Please try again later, this has been like this since last night and now can't level on the game is there a fix that I can do or do I have to wait for an update.
  5. As someone who made a laser build this game is garbage at keeping consistency. Not only is the winner of a laser fight NOT random (this can be easily proven by fighting the same person multiple times), but it also does not even consider who has more health or damage! I lose 90% of the matchups where I die to a laser despite having more health or the fact that I would of dealt more damage. Here is proof Video. The opponent had less health AND damage then me yet i lose. Pretty gamebreaking and overall very obvious no thought was put into it.