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Found 10 results

  1. How come the poison needle weapon isn’t available without paying for them still? It’s really starting to annoy me encountering all these players with poison needle without having the option to use one my self, it’s way to op to. When will it come out in public? All weapons should become available in normal loot boxes eventually, it’s only fair
  2. I bought a brand new controller joystick for my Android smartphone. I am using it for playing some shooting games. I tried it with C.A.T.S but I didn't able to play. So please let me know how to play the C.A.T.S with a controller joystick. I'll attach my controller joystick photo.
  3. ENG: Hello dear developers Zeptolab. In C. A. T. S there are machine guns, shotguns, rocket launchers, saws, but no flamethrower. Why? I decided to give you an idea and even show a prototype of a flamethrower. The picture shows a flamethrower, material: wood, part level: 1 star. This weapon will cause damage like a saw or a sting, but the attack range will be slightly longer. Just this weapon will heat the car of the enemy, and accordingly it will cause additional damage. According to my idea, the flamethrower will open at one of the stages of the first prestige. I hope the developers will listen. That's it. SP: Hola queridos desarrolladores de Zeptolab. En el C. A. T. S decir, ametralladoras, escopetas, lanzacohetes, la sierra, pero no aquella de lanzallamas. ¿Por qué? He decidido presentar a usted la idea, e incluso mostrar un prototipo de lanzallamas. En la foto de un lanzallamas, material: de madera, el nivel de detalle: 1 estrella. Esta arma es un daño similar a la pile o aguijón, pero el rango de ataque será un poco más. Así mismo, este armamento calentar la máquina del enemigo, y, en consecuencia, le será aplicada la bonificación de daño. A mi la idea de un lanzallamas se abrirá en una de las etapas de la primera prestigio. espero que los desarrolladores se ponen en guardia. Hasta el momento es que todos los. Italian: Ciao cari sviluppatori Zeptolab. A C. A. T. S ci sono mitragliatrici, fucili a pompa, lanciarazzi, sega, ma non lanciafiamme. Perché? Ho deciso di presentare un'idea e anche mostrare un prototipo di lanciafiamme. Nella foto è raffigurato il lanciafiamme, materiale: legno, livello di dettaglio: 1 stella. Quest'arma sarà infliggere danni come sega o жалу, ma la distanza di attacco sarà un po ' di più. Così l'armamento è di riscaldare la macchina dell'avversario, e di conseguenza gli sarà applicato un ulteriore danno. Secondo la mia idea il lanciafiamme si aprirà in una delle fasi del primo prestigio. spero che gli sviluppatori ascoltare. Questo è tutto. Swede: Hej kära utvecklare Zeptolab. I C. A. T. S har kulsprutor, hagelgevär, raketramper och sågar, men ingen eldkastare. Varför? Jag har beslutat att ge dig en idé, och även visa en prototyp av en eldkastare. Bilden visar eldkastare, material: trä, nivå detaljer: 1 star. Detta vapen kommer att behandla skador som en såg eller en sting, men intervallet angrepp är lite mer. Även vapen som kommer att värma bilen av fienden, och att det därför kommer att användas för att ytterligare skador. Enligt min uppfattning, som eldkastaren, kommer att öppna i en av etapperna i den första prestige. Jag hoppas att utvecklarna kommeratt lyssna. Det är allt.
  4. I refer to my family and other friends and when my friend click at link and download game and play it (he now often play game) I didn't get that anyone accept my invite, but he is. I do all, can someone help me with that why I didn't get one person icon (1/5) I have 0/5. He have Samsung mobile. -Svedox
  5. Lol. Deminic, Kingsmen, Terr0r, NoMorE, Catsrule, What Names can you cats think of?
  6. I want to just have fun and play so I can waste time, to be honest.
  7. Hey guys. I have been playing CATS for like 1-2 week(s) and i got promoted to stage 16 now. But the thing that i was wondering about is, that i have been playing vs many people with the "Whale" car, and i don't even have one.. I just want to ask you guys how i can get it? Do i get it in boxes, or leveling my cars up, or anything else? If leveling up, wich car do i have to level up and what level do i get it? -Thank you so much guys, i appreciate it. And sorry for my bad english.. I am not the best, but i hope you can understand what i wrote.
  8. Hi All, I started playing cats just a week ago and I've reached stage 20 in just 8 days without spending even a penny on the game. Am I going really fast or it's just normal. Just curious to know about how other people do. Thanks.
  9. I can't find any single sticker picture on internet. Can anyone help me find a link or a wiki page were I can find all stickers in the gamepls