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Found 6 results

  1. Please create separate tab in chat or split window to seggregate chat from system notifications. This would help chat messages stay viewable longer and not get lost. Paste functionality as well as the ability to cursor back would also be extremely beneficial.
  2. Hi, I am receiving lots of false chat notifications. The notification icon appears but there is just .. nothing. It´s really annoying. Is anyone else seeing this? lilly
  3. Dumb question, but is live Chat available on iOS? My Chat is only static one-way server messages - no live player chat. I saw on a video today from Zeptopia that Chat had pilots communicating live, but I don't see any option to enable this.
  4. I don’t know if anyone had thought of this idea or posted it somewhere, but my idea was to have an announcement board section of the gang chat so when they look at the chat, they see the message i (the gang leader) want everyone to see first. It’s difficult if the chat goes fast and no one scrolls up to see my message.
  5. With the idea of clans up in the air, i had an idea of a messaging system to stay in contact with clan members in game. with messages i think a character limit of 250 will be enough. you can then message members to organize clan battles and what not. what does everyone else think of an in game messaging system?
  6. So all these suggestions are good, but it would also be a good idea to add in a chat system into the game. Maybe a global chat and definitely a clan chat when it comes out.