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Found 3 results

  1. I have pics that prove the game is adding more HP & DMG to your opponents in UL League Fights. After you choose to continue to the next round the game adds more HP & DMG ratings. Since players choose based on the initial displayed ratings, this means you’re not fighting the same opponent. This artificially tilts the League Fights so players lose more and therefore may spend more RL $$$ on gems. the game is rigged. I have dozens of pics as proof.
  2. Dear felines, I am organizing a boycot of our beloved game to demand the more active tracking and banning of trolls. Of the last 20 regular competitions I have been promoted to, 10 of them had an annoying troll player in it that is at least five times as strong as the rest of the competition, but gets just enough medals to maintain and so never promotes nor demotes (see screenshots). This results in us players getting stuck in a competition until it ends, without the possibility to promote in the meantime. I'm getting sick and tired of having to wait two days to continue the game, only to find out I have to wait again for two days because the developers don't seem to put in the effort of implementing some simple features to make it harder on trolls. This problem has been going on ever since I started playing C.A.T.S about 8 months ago, but lately I've gotten the feeling that it has gotten worse. I've sent customer service multiple notices about it and gave them tips on how these scenarios could be prevented, but since it keeps happening more and more I am tired of waiting. To give the developers one kudo, in the fight against these trolls they have made it so that you have to actively join a competition again once you didn't get promoted at the end of one. The downside of this is that these trolls also seem to wanna be actively annoying, so it's an more than easy obstacle for them to jump. My ideas to make this situation less common: - Make a button so that these trolls can be reported - Let employees play on multiple accounts for the sake of tracing trolls - Since it's currently not forbidden to. maintain in a competition when you were able to promote, make it forbidden I thought up those three things in a few minutes, I can't imagine that professional game developers cannot think of this. In conclusion, because of everything that I have stated above - the seeming rise in the number of trolls and a passive team of developers - I am deleting this game until the developers announce that my/our demand of active methods against trolls will be met. I really like this game, so hopefully you - my fellow players - will join me so that we can forcefully make this game better together. YS, Jopie
  3. Did anyone ever think of the reason that why the top list people are usually having a super high score? Now, I had been collecting a data over 3 days for few super top people and I had found something unusual. I will explain below why I think some of them are cheating and provide information to you. If you want to see the result directly, please scroll to the bottom. THE BELOW 6 pictures are raw data for the scores of top 20 people. The above data are taken from Day 1 (4-7-2017, 23:23pm) The above data are taken from Day 2 (5-7-2017, 23:23pm) The above data are taken from Day 3 (6-7-2017, 23:23pm) So, from the above 6 pictures, I had created a table to explained this: Name Day1-Day2 differences Day2-Day3 differences Average differences 1.)丨倚楼听风雨丨 +1914710 +1903657 +1909183.5 2.) LORDDEATHSIDE +1957660 +1869488 +1913574 3.) 1级站神 +25520 +43120 +34320 4.) Austin +2567390 +2480359 +2523874.5 5.) SHANG +3188941 +3066820 +3127880.5 6.) 王大肉 + 440 +2563158 +1281799 7.) CEPX -71 +1358727 +679328 8.) KING (ME) +676270 +413323 +544796.5 9.) 战车蛋 +2849526 +2609343 +2729434.5 10.) 叮当QAQ +758334 +714504 +736419 11.) 巨莖哥 +885686 +704528 +795107 12.) MINGIE +605041 +751635 +678338 13.) EVE +1233937 +1089989 +1161963 14.) TROLINA + 623288 +456647 +539967.5 15.) JAWZ 0 0 0 16.) MICHEAL +1060387 +63880 +562133.5 17.) 阿億NOLAN +1791412 +1400233 +1595822.5 The above table shows differences of 17 people in top 20. Then I would like to predict who is cheating. I will have the make technically maximum scores you can get in a day! I will say that you can play around 6 games in 1 minute, which can get 2640 per minutes/ 158400 per hour if all the games are won *(In reality, you are nearly impossible to get this scores in an hour as you could lose and you are not able to concentrate only playing quick game) I am saying Pro-player usually play 8 hours a day, let's say 9 hour. 158400 * 9 = 1425600points (That's mean if you want to get 1425600 points, you need to play 9 hours with 6 games per minutes without losing, I believe it is an impossible thing.) of coz, you can judge the time use can be higher, but I had tried really hard before which I only get 1.2 millions that day (playing games just after wake up and playing games while watching TV for a day) By comparing the above data, we could see that players 丨倚楼听风雨丨(1.9 million), LORDDEATHSIDE (1.9 million), Austin (2.5 millions), SHANG (3.1 millions), 战车蛋 (2.7 millions), 阿億NOLAN (1.59 millions) are predicted to be cheating as their average point increase are > 1.43millions points ! And the red highlighed people are must cheating dude as they are far higher than the 1.43 millions. Moreover, from the table, we could also believe that 王大肉 and EVE have some chance of cheating! As 王大肉 have a 2.5 millions increase from DAY2-DAY3, which is far more than 1.43 millions. EVE have a relative high average points (>1 million) for 2 days. So, I will expect below person have some way to cheat for points in the top list: 丨倚楼听风雨丨(1.9 million), LORDDEATHSIDE (1.9 million), Austin (2.5 millions), SHANG (3.1 millions), 战车蛋 (2.7 millions), 阿億NOLAN (1.59 millions) 王大肉 EVE PLEASE COMMENT TO SAY IF I AM RIGHT, ALSO SEND THIS TO GM! GM also say that they will check, but I am not sure if they had take action. Thank you for your patience to watch this long stuff!