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Found 25 results

  1. Caut jucători activi,comunicativi si ambițioși...scopul e sa ducem gasca in top 100 daca se poate..pot da sfaturi despre joc celor ce vor sa învețe cum sa construiască masini puternice
  2. I'm really want to play city kings but I need to watch some tutorial and I didn't find this tutorial to watch were I can find this tutorial ?
  3. District 1 - Ice Cream Mace District 2 - Sticky tire District 3 - Lantern District 4 - Dragon Roller x2 District 5 - Cannon x2 District 6 - Dragon Knob x3 District 7 - Dragon Mortar x3 District 8 - Death Ray x2 District 9 - Flamethrower x2 District 10 - Santa Gift x3
  4. Are all members above level 5 allowed to join City King's St Once, so let's say I have a team of 25 and I decide to start city King's after they are all in my gang, will they all be allowed to join? Or is there only room for 10 or something?
  5. IF ANYONE DECIDE TO JOIN ME SHOUD KNOW THAT EVERY TIME I WANT TO GO FOR INSTANT WIN IF NOT..WE TAKE THE DOUBLES.. ma astept sa apara si romani...languages for this gang its ..roumanian,english and spanish..PRESTIGE 1 MINIMUM.. CURENTLY IN MEOW DE JANEIRO 41#
  6. IF ANYONE DECIDE TO JOIN ME SHOUD KNOW THAT EVERY TIME I WANT TO GO FOR INSTANT WIN IF NOT..WE TAKE THE DOUBLES.. ma astept sa apara si romani...languages for this gang its ..roumanian,english and spanish..
  7. We are CRYSTAL LAKE - highly active Cats on the way to the TOP. Spoken language: English, but it doesn't matter. Actions speak louder than words. DESCRIPTION International gang with members from various time zones. Around the clock beatings are administered by us. Prestige Level 10 or higher. We have a few below that, but they are proven fighters. Many strong players P20+ WHAT WE EXPECT To be highly active in City Kings and Gang Fights. Getting decent trophies and the motivation to improve your builds for climbing up in CK. Currently near the end of Meow De Janeiro District 6. Get here fast enough and enjoy a Russian Stove Body reward/upgrade. We've been around for about 16 months and have strong loyalty. Communication is important but not required to beat down other teams. Our international diversity has helped us win multiple times. We also respect each other. Any disrespect will get people kicked. Interested? You can message me here or search for CRYSTAL LAKE in the game.
  8. It would be nice to have a way for a Gang to be able to have mock battles amongst themselves to hone their builds and to perfect their Gang Machines without setting up lousy machines testing in League fights. Maybe be able to only do this between the League Fights....while the timer is ticking down. It costs nothing to fight individual "quick fights"....this is how we test our machines as well as going through boxes. But we should be able to work on our gang machines as well....just to see how each build fares against others before we send them out there for real.
  9. Add a button for the host to 'surrender' in hopeless City fights. It happens, sometimes you're just out gunned and out numbered. It'd speed up City Fights instead of being stuck for hours watching the clock tick down with nothing to do. Only the Gang Host should be able to access it. Bonus: add gang stats for City Fight, Win/Loss/Surrender record visible to whole gang from City screen
  10. So it won’t be much longer before Purris is finished. Then a new City will begin. Question is........... Whats the name going be! It will obviously be cat related so please post your guesses and see if anyone gets it right! All I can come up with, bearing in mind I live in England, is Newcastle / Meow castle. But I very much doubt this will be it!
  11. So it won’t be much longer before Purris is finished. Then a new City will begin. Question is........... Whats the name going be! It will obviously be cat related so please post your guesses and see if anyone gets it right! All I can come up with, bearing in mind I live in England, is Newcastle / Meow castle. But I very much doubt this will be it!
  12. My gang have lost 3 in a row then won a round and now we have been put against a top 25 gang, we're not even top 600. Seems matchmaking is somewhat broken.
  13. Looking for Cats who want to play and battle and reap great rewards! Join my new gang Kool Katz Live. Experienced and active leader. Strategy focused. Gang ID: Kool Katz Live#60486 Description: Must be active daily & ready to battle! Requirement: Prestige 1 (but will take new players who are willing to be active in City Kings and Gang Fights) Language: English
  14. Our gang (Pyro Masters#20192) are looking for active and dedicated members to join us in our city kings domination quest. We're ranked 1555th on the City Kings leaderboard but strive to attain that #1 position. Requirements are as follows : be at least prestige 2, daily city kings participation (the more active the better) is a must, good communication, loyalty and dedication to the team, and the common goal of reaching the top. Suggestions and/or strategies are welcome and appreciated. We have strong leadership and several great members with some formidable machines, we just need a few more like-minded people to join our conquest. We look forward to battling with the best. -2nd in command, irishtheunlcky#49953
  15. We plan to do city kings and gang fights. There is a new city upcoming, so don't hesitate to join us. We are German/English speaking dudes and maybe dudettes... ;-) Entrance is possible with prestige 3 or higher, No hard limit for points in gang fights, But inactive members will get kicked, Let's farm those poor estrays!
  16. Everyone wants to be a Fat Cat. Now's your chance. From the ashes in a litterbox, a new gang rose... - Fat Cats - is very active in CK and instanting through the districts right now! We're 20 members strong, and getting gang box 6. Every. Time. If you're a Cat sitting at least at Prestige 6, and in the silver or gold UL league, and you're thinking maybe you want to be fat for a change, stop by our Discord channel and say hi. Expectations: English speaking. 300 trophies on average. Prestige 6 or more. Silver or gold UL league. Activity on discord (repeat after me: "We do not use in-game chat"). Teamwork. Not being a dick. Sound good? Head over to
  17. Hi, I have been playing C.A.T.S for almost a year now and really like it. Since it is a new game, there are always things that can be done to improve user experience and make the game more fun. I'd like to make a suggestion for gangs specifically. While we have always had regular gang fights, a score tracker was added to the list of gang members so that it would be easy to see who is participating in gang fights, and who isnt. For gangs who like to take it seriously earning larger gang boxes, that feature is imperative to the leader. I love that feature. However, with the introduction to City of Kings, this adds a new requirement in the gang, at least for those who want to win the City of King rounds and earn more ultimate parts. The only problematic thing is that it is nearly impossible to keep track of who is and inst participating in City of Kings. Unless the leader, or other members check the "defenders" constantly, one would never know who is participating. Members who attacked and successfully conquered a space could instantly be attacked and destroyed. If the leader or other members don't see this, their participation would be unknown. To make this easier, I pose you make a leaderboard for gangs and its members in City of Kings that tracks how many points you earn for the team (as well as other statistics). This way it will be very easy to know who is and isnt participating. Since City of Kings has many other features, such as replaces and scouts, I think that data should be included so that we can keep track of who is using what utilities. The chat does express who and when someone uses a utility, but if there is a chat in the gang it is often lost in the history. I have made a simple excel sheet with how I would set up the leaderboard. Link: A few explanations of how it works and my logic behind certain columns. 1. "Points" First the point system, this is easy, for every machine you have defending at the end of each minute you get 1 point. So you can earn a maximum of 3 points a minute. Double multipliers wont effect it since this is just to see who is contributing throughout the round. I would suggest the leaderboard be sorted by who has the highest points, but if it is too hard, just sort by the same method for the regular gang members. 2. "Times Attacked" The reason I think it makes sense to include "Times Attacked" is for people with weak machines who may not be able to destroy an enemy machine. That way at least the gang can realize they have been trying due to their high number of times attacked. If you dont include a "times attacked" section, it will create an incentive to attack computer players rather than human players in order to earn more points. 3. "Times Defended" Times defended just allows people to know how many times they have been attacked and successfully survived the attack. Theres really no way to know this unless you check constantly and keep track of who is regenerating health. 4. "Times Destroyed" This category means how many times your machines have been destroyed either while defending or while attacking. This allows members to keep track of who may have machines waiting to be used since if the times attacked is equal to the times destroyed, there are machines that are or will soon be ready to attack. 5. "Times Replaced" This category isnt imperative, but it just allows people to see who is being replaced the most. 6. "Replaces Used" This category allows the gang to keep track of who is using the replaces. That way gangs can see if their replaces are being used unwisely. 7. "Scouts Used" Same logic as before (6.), just to keep track of who is using scouts. Obviously the names of each column is open to change, but its just my thoughts up until now. Each round the leaderboard will be reset to 0 for all fields. I really think this will be a good feature to have for the gang since it may create some in-gang competition to be higher on the leaderboard and may even increase productivity with City of Kings in general. This will also make it very accurate for indicating who is not participating in city of kings. As of right now with my gang, I can't really find a good way keep track, especially while working a full time job. What do you think admins?
  18. Hello everyone my name is Krypt I am advertising this gang on behalf of my leader RPM he is the leader of dogbones. We are players from Europe and US. We are very active and participate in every City Kings battle, currently we are in the top 20 in city kings and top 10 in Top Gangs. We are looking for friendly, active and chatty players for our gang. requirement is minimum prestige 15-60. Our gang can be found and recommended in the 'find a gang' option. If you do by any chance join our gang please do gang fights immediately as that is a requirement for any new players that join our gang. We usually expect 90-125 trophies a day for gang fights. You are expected to check at least 5x a day when we do City kings. Also don't be shy communicate with us we are very friendly and open bunch of guys! also communication is a requirement especially when we battle with rival gangs in City of Kings. So come along and join the dogbones family!
  19. Busco jugadores activos para Reyes de la Ciudad. Mejor aun si es de habla hispana. Nivel de prestigio 1 o 2 en adelante. Mi equipo está en crecimiento y necesito gente que quiera participar continuamente. Si estás interesado, avísame y te hago un espacio en mi equipo.
  20. Mashed Potatoes is a diverse and relatively casual gang, currently occupying Mew York District 7. For a while, our glorious gang of mighty tubers dominated the City Kings landscape, but recently, as our competition has grown stronger, our participation levels have waned. We now seek new recruits to help smoother our gang in glory once again, like a warm blanket of gravy. We're looking for active, adult, English-speaking players, with a minimum Prestige of 1, and strong sense of humour is a plus, as we like to keep thing light. Sound tasty?
  21. Are you looking for a gang with excellent CK strategy, active players, great leaders who foster and promote growth? Look no further than the Yellow-Bots gang! We are currently positioned to pounce into the top 100 with your help! We are currently in District 7. Hope to see you soon! Respectfully , Kev9815 Leader of Yellow-Bots
  22. Not much to add to header, easy question, when does City Kings current league finish?
  23. My current gang is dying out. We got to district 5 but lost constantly due to low participation. I’m prestige 12. I don’t want to join a gang that is too far down the road as I don’t want to miss out on the district loot at the end of each one. reply with your gang ID and I’ll come and check you out.
  24. Hi All Our gang, ACTIVEPLAYRSONLY, is currently looking for 2 skilled cats to fill some spots! Ours is an fun yet serious multinational gang that focuses on City Kings (currently in Mew York District 7) and Gang Fights (we unlock Gang Box lvl5 and higher, every cycle). We are an extremely active gang and our leader, John, is ranked in the top 100 players globally (Ultimate League). We have had lots of fun times and success with City Kings, and are rapidly moving up. Our current focus is to strengthen our gang with members who are skilled team-players so that we can continue to push in City Kings. We want players who: Are very active Will actively participate in City Kings (every day) Will do gang fights every day Will join our Discord server (we communicate attacks, strategies and advice) Have Prestige 3 (exceptions can be made if you are strong in City Kings) We don't want players who: Want to leech off City Kings and Gang Box rewards without taking part Are not team-players and are unwilling to follow strategies for City Kings (lone wolfs) If you are interested, message me or post a reply here. Alternatively, you can find our gang in-game and join up. Just make sure to announce yourself and the fact that you heard about us from here! We look forward to any and all replies
  25. I am trying to understand how city kings work but i cannot find how to play about it anywhere. I just made one fight then the game wont allow me to fight or defend anymore i have no clue how to play it. Do you have any idea what to do in that mode?