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Found 5 results

  1. For you newer gangs out there here’s a tactic that will serve you very well when playing City Kings Keep reserve numbers/builds If you and your gang members throw every available build into a building/s as and when you log on into ck then you have nothing left to counter your opponent when they attack you. Better to have one less building and have the ability to counter the counter! “The strength of an Army is not in its numbers, but that of its reserve and its deployment”
  2. Everyone wants to be a Fat Cat. Now's your chance. From the ashes in a litterbox, a new gang rose... - Fat Cats - is very active in CK and instanting through the districts right now! We're 20 members strong, and getting gang box 6. Every. Time. If you're a Cat sitting at least at Prestige 6, and in the silver or gold UL league, and you're thinking maybe you want to be fat for a change, stop by our Discord channel and say hi. Expectations: English speaking. 300 trophies on average. Prestige 6 or more. Silver or gold UL league. Activity on discord (repeat after me: "We do not use in-game chat"). Teamwork. Not being a dick. Sound good? Head over to
  3. What do you think is in the last CK green box? Imagination is allowed I think it will just be a duplicate of the CK parts earlier on so you can level up the CK ultimate parts.
  4. Please create separate tab in chat or split window to seggregate chat from system notifications. This would help chat messages stay viewable longer and not get lost. Paste functionality as well as the ability to cursor back would also be extremely beneficial.
  5. Are you looking for a gang with excellent CK strategy, active players, great leaders who foster and promote growth? Look no further than the Yellow-Bots gang! We are currently positioned to pounce into the top 100 with your help! We are currently in District 7. Hope to see you soon! Respectfully , Kev9815 Leader of Yellow-Bots