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Found 3 results

  1. Gang Name: -5D- #48749 Gang Rank: 393 City Kings, 1471 Global General Recruiting Prestige: 4 Average Trophy Count: 2400+/3 days (as a gang) Current # of Members: 24/25 Current City: Purris, District 2, stage 8 5th Dimension Gaming is looking for active C.A.T.S. seeking a competitive entry-level clan. We're a feisty little bunch, that need players committed to improving in-game. General recruiting is open to Prestige 4 and higher (no invite necessary, just join if there's an open slot). Please PM me here on the Message boards, or stop by our Discord channel: We understand if you don't fully know how to answer the normal recruiting questions..... Just stop-in, and we'll give you a 3-day trial period to see if you'd be a good fit with our group. No expectations of "Pay-to-Play" , just Daily expectations of participation in City Kings wars, and Gang Fights. Feel free to also check-out our Larger Gaming community at If you're playing it, we have the community and experience for you. Grow with us.
  2. Hi cats! Are you alone? Do you want to interact with other cats? I want to share with you some links to the community: Official communities (hosted by the ZeptoLab Community-Management): Official C.A.T.S. Facebook Page: Official C.A.T.S. Facebook Community group: Official C.A.T.S. Reddit Page: Official C.A.T.S. Community Discord server (Admins: Apprentice/VGG, Chervey and co.): There are also private hosted communities with a large range. Take a look: English/International private communities: CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars – International, Facebook (Admin: Solaito, Louis D.): C.A.T.S. Telegram community (Admin: Symedia): German communities: C.A.T.S. Community - Deutsch/German (Admin: Shiriru94): Other languages will be listed soon. You want to interact with your native language? Then post your community platform per PM or down below. I will add the largest and active sites to the list. Have fun with our community
  3. W.I.P. Inspiration from Oliver666666 Hey, guys! I've seen many great ideas here on the forums that need to implemented. Feel free to add an idea (or link) or anything I missed, and I will add them. You can also link updates of the discussion of the original threads here.Please do not debate list items. This thread is intended as a cumulative list for already discussed topics. The Community Wishlist: Implemented Ideas that have been accepted and realized in the game Multiple layouts for cars Customizable cats Scroll button added. Gangs and Gang Battles Saveable replays Priority Support is very high for this suggestion. Is a solution to a sizeable issue, has few ramifications or can be put into effect quickly. Move items that are taken off the chassis to the beginning instead of the end. (semi-implemented) Add more perks for skill points Links to priority threads: None. Gameplay Links to Gameplay threads: None. Vehicle Building Separate the chassis, tools, weapons into sub bars for each specific item (weapons - blade) Ability to reroll magic bonus Links to Vehicle Building threads: Additions Links to Additions threads: None. Changing (Un)intended Features Change how forklifts work. (flying and self-levitating) Extra buff to energy toolboxes Links to Changing (Un)intended Features threads: Forum Permanent Thread / Post Edit Links to Forum threads: Other Links to Other Threads: None.