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Found 6 results

  1. hi since last update my (ios 12.1.2 on iphone 8, rosé btw) app keeps crashing in the middle of an ultimate fight. nothing left to do, i open up the app, the same fight starts again and boom it‘s gone. i‘m a P7 gang leader and i hate to not be there. if anyone of my gang is reading this, well ... uhm .. say hello. stay strong, guys! lilly p.s. reinstalling the app didn‘t help.
  2. Right after I'm told about the new "spooky game" lady cat comes up with her pencil and pen to take my order, so to speak. THe the game just locks,..little paws animation but thats it, restarted 3 times now and cant seem to avoid it...don't even want the offer...sigh edit...should have said, android phone
  3. Hello, I'm a returning player and would like to play with my old account. I can log in no problem but had a couple issues today. At first I was unable to enter the ultimate garage, but after a couple hours the game gave me the prompt to go to the ultimate garage and do a battle. I then received a free ultimate box. The popup where the box should be in was just filled with "unexpected server error occured". The game then sent me into an empty arena, froze for 2 seconds and then crashed. Every time I open up the game I will now be sent to that empty arena and the game crashes after 2 seconds. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, but as soon as I choose my old account and type in my name and preferences it sends me to the empty arena and crashes. I don't have a screenshot of the glitched ultimate box popup, but I have one of the empty arena. I pretty much need to start fresh if I want to play the game, and I don't wanna do that. If you have any idea how I could fix this, please tell me. Thank you!
  4. Game constantly crashes on my iphone after the recent update. It crashes every single time I tap the Gang Icon. Cant even do gamg wars anymore. Sometimes it crashes when I start the game, or after playing like 10 minutes, it also crashes after watching ads. It got a lot laggier too.
  5. I refer to my family and other friends and when my friend click at link and download game and play it (he now often play game) I didn't get that anyone accept my invite, but he is. I do all, can someone help me with that why I didn't get one person icon (1/5) I have 0/5. He have Samsung mobile. -Svedox