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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I’m leader for a gang called Non PresTigers. We are looking for cats players new and old to visit our Discord Page for the following reasons: 1) As you may know there is an official CATS forum on Discord but it can be a little intimidating for new players to ask questions and get help. I can’t promise 24 hour support but where are gang can we are happy to answer or help where we can. 2) We have a very well laid out Discord Server that may give ideas to gang leaders in process of setting thier own up. 3) The best thing about CATS is the social element. We have many experienced players who drop by our Discord Page and give gems of advise on tactics, build help and tricks of the game. All we ask is that you are respectful of others players. So click on link below and say hi
  2. Hi All Our gang, ACTIVEPLAYRSONLY, is currently looking for 2 skilled cats to fill some spots! Ours is an fun yet serious multinational gang that focuses on City Kings (currently in Mew York District 7) and Gang Fights (we unlock Gang Box lvl5 and higher, every cycle). We are an extremely active gang and our leader, John, is ranked in the top 100 players globally (Ultimate League). We have had lots of fun times and success with City Kings, and are rapidly moving up. Our current focus is to strengthen our gang with members who are skilled team-players so that we can continue to push in City Kings. We want players who: Are very active Will actively participate in City Kings (every day) Will do gang fights every day Will join our Discord server (we communicate attacks, strategies and advice) Have Prestige 3 (exceptions can be made if you are strong in City Kings) We don't want players who: Want to leech off City Kings and Gang Box rewards without taking part Are not team-players and are unwilling to follow strategies for City Kings (lone wolfs) If you are interested, message me or post a reply here. Alternatively, you can find our gang in-game and join up. Just make sure to announce yourself and the fact that you heard about us from here! We look forward to any and all replies
  3. JOIN THE DISCORD CHANNEL OF C.A.T.S You can have cats talks, build help, assign yourself role and be first one to know about the redeem codes
  4. Bonjour, vous jeune ou plus agée Francais qui jousent a ce jeux et ce cherche des compagnons pour discuter et vous entre aider, je suis ici pour essayer de rassemblé le maximum de francophone a ce réunir sur un même serveur discord Donc maintenent je vous invite a rejoindre ce discord: Et ensemble nous essayerons de nous forger une communauté en or pour que touce et toute aille du plaisirs un avec les autres.