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Found 2 results

  1. I have never seen one, but I have heard that if you upgrade the Santa's Sleigh/Whale enough, you can boost its maximum energy from 20 to 25. Currently, I don't think ultimate machines are supposed to increase maximum energy. If it is true that the Santa's Sleigh/Whale can increase its energy, are there any other ultimate chassis that can do that? Thanks!
  2. As you might know, there are three current types of tool boxes, health, attack and energy. They may seem okay right now, and the health and attack are fine, but energy tool boxes behave a bit different. Health and attack both give more health and attack as they grow in stars, but energy, they stay the same. The higher the star, the... same the energy? But there is, even more, incentive to use lower star energy toolboxes. They cost less. I tested out a 5-star wood energy and a 5-star metal energy, and they both gave one energy, but the wood tool boxes, cost less. At first, I thought it didn't matter how I used my toolboxes because I'll always get better ones, but that is clearly not the case with energy toolboxes.