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Found 6 results

  1. Gang ID: NOTSOPRO#49511 Requirement: Active members, Prestige 1, must participate in City Kings and Gang Fights Trophies: Min 70 per gang box rotation Language: English Rules: Inactive members are kicked at the end of every gang box rotation. Spots may become available if interested. Keep checking availability.
  2. Salut, Hello, nous venons de démarrer un clan essentiellement fr mais pas que. Hi, fresh new clan with froggies inside but everyone is welcome Prestige 1 demandé et assez actif et sociable Nom du clan : RP1 (rise of the phoenix) Un serveur discord ; Bonne journée et bon jeu GrO
  3. Hi, I am Xminator, the leader of Wild Things, an ambitious clan aiming for the top spots. We are looking for 10 new recruits, since the clan size has just been increased from 15 to 25. All our clan members are 1Mil+, active daily and english-speaking. We are constantly improving/growing and help one another wherever we can. If you think you fit the criteria, reply here or DM me (alternatively, subject to open spaces, you can join us in-game and introduce yourself [WILD THINGS#3002]).
  4. G'day my fellow Battle Cats! I'm simply looking for active members to join my gang! Gang ID is Sith Lords#21005 I currently have 15 of 25 members but only about 6 are active. I don't care about your rank or prestige level, I just want active members to chat and gain gang points with! We all win when the gang wins gang boxes! I open the game at least twice per day, sometimes more. Come on! JOIN THE CATS OF THE DARK SIDE!! SithLordMills (Gang Leader)
  5. I am looking for an active gang in preparation for gang wars. Preferably English as I am from Michigan. I am 5th prestige, level 10 with 1,411,000 points. In game name matches my current display name: Benefactor.
  6. Feline Fury will be recruiting as soon as the clans are available. - Open to all English speaking players (exceptions can be made). - Members inactive for more than 3 days must notify a clan leader or be kicked from the clan. - All members must participate in tournaments (If the feature is added) - All members must keep a close-to-even donate/request ratio (If the feature is added)