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Found 3 results

  1. Between the wind, the ice, the bumps, and the hills, I've had all of my attempts at the new event today end with both sides being completely unable to move and ending with the walls coming in. It's really completely out of hand and entirely un fun just watch both sides stuck and the outcome being based entirely on the wall. Except with the hill modifier, that one the player can literally never win if there's ice or wind as they will always fall off the back and the opponent will side forwards away from the wall. It's complete nonsense.
  2. So, basically I got the highest prize in 10 minutes with only 11 wins. I had a win-streak of 3390. And you get 10 points multiplied by the win-streak. So 3390 win-streak means 33,900 candies for 1 win. One win got me half of the prizes hahah. It only took me 11 wins to get the highest prize! Well, this was a very fast event for me... I guess getting a high win-streak paid off! By the way, if anyone needs a gang and has preferably over 500,000 points, contact me! I'm the leader of a very good one.
  3. Hello kittens and cats The Helloween event has just begun (October 11, 13:00 UTC) and will last for 30 days! (November 10, 13:00 UTC). Fight with a Vehicle you want and earn candies to collect prizes! Here a Sample video how it works: Facts: You will get increasing amount of candy by win streaks The Halloween win streak does not affect your normal win streak You have 10 "Halloween tickets". every fight needs 1 of them You can use any of your vehicles You can skip the opponent. 3 times for free, after that for 5 gems each (refreshes for every new fight) You will receive a Halloween ticket opening normal and super boxes (maybe league legendary boxes and gang/stage boxes too?) You lost your streak? You can restore it. First time for free, then is will cost gems HAVE FUN, and don't forget: Trick or Treat! Shiriru94