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Found 2 results

  1. The All Star events are a great idea, but even with actively doing the x3 evey time I have refilled enough I'm finding getting stuck against machines that are way above my ability to win. This causes players who dont have the event parts to be unable to reach high enough tiers to earn them as the strongest players maintain the tops slots and keep getting stronger. As an example, even though I was able to complete the Hot Wheels events and get those sets, I was stuck at lower ranks meaning I was unable to earn the weapons upgrades. Now with the Pig event I was stuck round 1 at about the 250 rank and unable to get the weapons at all. Going into round 2 the top players will earn x2 fame meaning there is no hope to complete the pig set. The Hot Wheels setup was good as it gave all players a chance at completing the full set and the All Stars event earned upgrades, but again the P2W and tenured players gain the upgrades while someone who's played for 6 months but doesnt have vast disposable income cannot compete. A tired reward system like leagues may help or having All Stars only pit players against their current league level would avoid some of the mismatch of best mechs of 15k/9k 14k/7k 14k/6.5k going up against 30k/20k health/attack sets.
  2. New in game featuresThis game is quite a popular game now. so i suggest some updates/upgrades or you can say in game features to be added these are 1. Adding in game friends 2. Trading equipment with friends 3. selling equipment to friends 4. selling equipment to world players (similar as bidding) 5. selling stickers to friends and world players 6. boss rush mode ( 2 players/friends can beat a boss to get gems/golds/high rarity equips/etc) 7. world boss rush mode (with a massive hp boss. players around all of the world will beat this boss to get a good prize) 8. any further idea and modification if crosses my mind ill definitely mail you guys again. Thanks in Advance.