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Found 3 results

  1. Just had an idea come to me. Three weapons that would cover the gap between Distance / Projectile (Laser / Rocket) and the Mele weapons (Blade, Drill, Stinger, Chainsaw) #1 FlameThrower Don't know if it would require bursts, like the Rocket, or continual like the Chainsaw, but a FlameThrower would work no matter the distance, though it might also have a DoT even after the weapon shut off, if Bursts are used.
  2. (Sorry for my english, i'm french) Be serious, a major improvement of CATS will not be developed if it's not a way of profit. So this idea include commercials interests by encouraging to buy gems. It will be possible but difficult to win without buying gems From now, CATS lose interest when you finish the Prestige Championship (PC), so ... Welcome to a whole new level in strategy and customization Welcome back to the thrill of your debuts discovering the game Welcome to the Underground Tournament Do you remember your uncle who's brought you in the World Championship ? He's back, because you've finished the PC and reached 500,000 ranking. Your uncle want to sell a ticket to you, to enter in the underground places, for 250,000 gold. In fact he wanted to bring you there from the beginning because he is the merchant of the Black Market. Black Market There you can buy articles you can't find anywhere else : New Toolboxes (weapon slot, gadget slot, wheel, xp, star) : Trade gems to gold by 50,000 gold per gem (maybe with a limit per day) By unlock them during the Underground Championship : Metal - Machine Gun (a lot of fire-rate but not much damage) : Military - Pikes Wheel (deals damages when you hit enemies with it) Gold - Flamethrower : Carbon - Grappling Hook : (!) : These types of parts will not be found in boxes, just unlocked for the Black Market New League and Championship Underground Championship and Underground League both start with wooden level again. (sic?) Why would you want wooden parts ? To fuse them at the Underground Workshop (Sponsors still continue to give your maximal quality parts) Underground Workshop for customization The Workshop is the main soul of the Underground Tournament, because it's the place where you can do the most illegals modifications to your machines. They are two operations to do here : Fusion and Unleashment Fusion... Using 2 or 3 parts of the same category (base, weapon, wheel, gadget) in order to craft 1, this is a great way to tune your strategy. 1st determine the type of the final part (ex : wooden Sneaky will give a Sneaky base as final part) 2nd determine the quality of the final part (ex : with a two stars carbon Classic, the final part will be a two stars carbon Sneaky without any ability (!) : Star Toolbox don't count on it) 3rd (optional) determine the special ability (ex : with a wooden Surfer dealing 20% more life on rollers, you obtain a two stars carbon Sneaky dealing 20% more life on rollers) As additional cost for fusion you must spend a gem for each part you fuse. Unleashment... All bases can have 2 or 3 wheels, 1 to 3 slots with minimum 1 weapon slot. Toolboxes from the Black Market are useful to reach the maximums, but in the Workshop you can do even more. It's about give the machines base their true power, by spend 10 gems on it. Classic : up to 5 slots (then randomly placed using Toolboxes) Titant : up to 6 slots (then randomly placed using Toolboxes) Surfer : up to 4 wheels (then manually placed using Toolboxes) Sneaky : (??? please make suggestions) Boulder : each of the 1 to 3 slots can have a gadget or a weapon, on your choice Pyramid : If it can already have 3 wheels, they are now placed on each corner Whale : it always go in the direction of the enemy without standing to reach the limit of the field Diamond : you can manually move slots when you want (!) : Unleashed bases used in a fusion will not craft an unleashed base Fight Club You must have 3 machines to take part in the Fight Club, with an entrance cost of 10,000 gold. (maybe with a limit per day) Then you get a brunch of 3 random machines as opponent. (typically the sort of machines you have in quick duels) Each of tour machines encounter each of the opponents machines. (9 duels) If you have more defeats than victories, you have paid your entrance for nothing. If you have more victories than defeats : 1 : take back your 10,000 gold 2 : receive 15,000 gold 3 : receive 25,000 gold 4 : receive 40,000 gold 5 : receive 60,000 gold 6 : receive 1 gem 7 : receive 2 gems 8 : receive 3 gems 9 : receive 5 gems Underground Bet For all players, when they arrive at Gold Championship. Uncle Cat arrive saying that you can bet on illegal machines from the Underground. 8h to respawn Can bet 5 parts Percentages 6%-20%, 8%-15%, 10%-10% So a maximum of players will be aware that the underground exist. It would be a motivation to keep them on the game.
  3. Flamethrower The flamethrower is a close range weapon similar to a combination of the laser and the chainsaw. It has the range of a chainsaw, and fires (FIRE lol see what I did there XD) every few seconds, dealing massive damage upon impact. A 3-star gold flamethrower would do 15,000 damage per hit, but only 5,000 damage per second. It would be so strong because of its short range and slow hit speed. If the flamethrower were to be implemented, it would: 1. Be very rare 2. Be unlocked at the gold stage 3. Have the appearance of a chainsaw without the saw, and shoot out red hot flames. Hope you like the idea, please share so the devs can see this. Comment with how you like it and possible adjustments. Thanks! The Flamethrower would look like a much better drawn version of this: (I'm a bad artist) Here is the flamethrower on a body.