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Found 5 results

  1. How will this forum game work? I will post a question about C.A.T.S. and participants will try to answer it. Whoever gets it right receives a reaction from the person who asked the question(only for first person who gets it correct). Then the person gets it right will then ask a question about C.A.T.S. and so on. I'll start: Mew York has __districts, __fights to win, and __green boxes for you to collect.
  2. Rules: In this forum game you require grade level math skill and your prestige level. You add up or subtract your prestige level onto the previous participant. The goal of the forum game is to reach the number 180. I'll start! Prestige 3
  3. As I relax for the evening wondering when, if ever, CATS will start working again I found myself pondering....... ”What exactly did I do before CATS”. That well documented period of time, BC, Before CATS! So people, a new forum game is born, and the the answer is...................
  4. I copied the clash royals forum topic because it was too funny... Lol. Anyway the objective of this game is to pretend ban the person above you for the dumbest reason. Since the only person above me is myself (in the title) I will ban myself. Banned for having a cringy name.
  5. I made this cause I was bored.... Lol. Anyway, the goal of this game is to add everyone's post count to get to exactly 1000. So, let's say someone has 500 posts. Then someone comes in and posts who has 100 posts (when he posted.) So you would get 600. But if the number goes to 1001, the next person who posts would have to subtract 1001-(posts). And of course... NO DOUBLE POSTING. I'll start: 28.