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Found 3 results

  1. If you're looking for an active gang that participates in both KOTC and Gang Wars, look no further. We are currently in rebuild stage and have about 10 open slots to fill our 25 man roster. Our prestige level retirement is at lvl10 but if you're active we will make exceptions. Our gang placed top 20 in KOTC and Top 100 in Gang Wars last season. (With a full 25 man roster) Our gang has about an active 13 man roster with most in the mid 20's and 30's prestige level. Our core group of members have seen it all in KOTC and are willing to help potential members learn our way of strategizing. We have a council set in place to run and make decisions best for the gang. If you show commitment and dedication to our cause, we will consider adding you to the council. All in all, we just want to have fun but also want to achieve our goals as a crew. With that said, we're only looking for active members that consistently participate in gang fights making a minimum of 200 trophies per cycle and players who check their cars frequently in KOTC. If any other gang is also in rebuild stage, send me a pm or reply on this thread for potential merger talks.
  2. Hello CATS, A new gang in town, we are climbing slowly but surely! looking for active members who love the game and login daily. Rules of engagement: - Must have a minimum of 50 trophies per 3 days cycle, it’s minimum effort when you check your game only once a day. - No random city kings attacks, always follow the foot steps of others unless you start on a building first, unity is everything. - Must have a sense of humor, we are a great bunch and always learning and sharing experiences. I’m currently prestige 11 but staying in 11 for a while to help the gang with trophies, always max 10 opponents per round, trophies between 550-850. Gang is now working on rank 4-5 box per cycle. Please pm me with your cats name and prestige so I empty a spot for you, let’s make this the best out there and have fun doing it. - Jio, your future leader and friend.
  3. Hi everybody. I found the enterprise who prepare and deliver equipment boxes ! Let's see the employees in action... So many boxes to do for so many players. They are very busy... I've more photos to show you but empoyees are fighting in order to be on the second shot and security... is coming. Maybe later. Bye !