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Found 5 results

  1. This can be a gadget which shoots a glueball on to the ground so when the opponent's wheels crossover it, the vehicle gets stuck and doesn't move. Good counter against melee weapons as the vehicle stops moving but the weapon and gadget of opponent work. Can be used in the ultimate league and also in the normal league. The glue gun will be used ones only so it remains there and whenever a wheel touches it, it sticks to it. Variation- The time the opponent gets stuck for the second, third or more times, the time decreases. Appearance can be decided Zeptolab and other members. It will be a "GLUE GUN"
  2. Vote here on your favorite body/gadget/wheel
  3. |Balloons| Overview Balloons would lift the part of the machine it is attached to. Balloons would have the same lifting power as a lifter. Balloons would only disappear if attacked 3 times (Just like the balloon from the lifter) therefore losing 10% of its lifting power every time a balloon is popped. Stats Energy: 1-2 Health: Low Type: Gadget Appearance: 3 Balloons (color depends on stage, brown for wood, blue for steel, etc...) that are attached to small strings. That is all! Please comment and give suggustions so I can improve this!
  4. I had an idea about different skins for the different components. The skins would not increase or decrease the abilities of the parts, but would add a unique aspect to the game. Possibly, they could be sold for more or less gold depending on their rarity (like the stickers). I do see an issue regarding the KoT parts, as they change as they are leveled up. A possible solution to this would be to allow players to unlock skins at stage 5 and change their appearance depending on either stage tier (metal, military, etc.), or level of the part. Here are a few for example: Rocket Launcher skins: - Yarn ball launcher - Dog launcher - Water balloon launcher - Red Guard launcher (from KoT) - Cannon / Homing Cannon (from KoT) Laser Skins: - Different colored laser beams - Skin that looks like a laser you play with your cats with - Lil' Scorcher (from KoT) Blade Skins: - Swinging dog (Though, P.E.T.A may not appreciate this one) - Swinging ax - Swinging baseball bat - Swinging sledgehammer - Swinging flail - Swinging mace - A variation of the Spinner (from KoT) Chain Saw and Drill Skins: - Jackhammer skin - Knife skin - Blade (from KoT) - Hacksaw - Angle Grinder - Circular saw - Sawzall Stinger Skins: - Cattle taser (cattle prod) - Pole weapons (like these) - Sword Booster and Backpetal Skins: - Whoopee cushion - NOS tank - Rocket Repulse Skins: - Ricochet (from KoT) - Mine / Claymore / C4 - Balloon / Water balloon - Bubble Forklift Skins: (I don't really have any ideas for this one) - Seeker Bird (from KoT) on a leash / chain of some sort. (Would spin at the same rate as the forklift). I would love to hear what you guys think and any additional ideas you guys have on the skins.
  5. I have an idea for a possible shield gadget that could be added to the game! - The shield would be attached to the gadget slot of the chassis and could take one hit before being destroyed. - It would allow the player to take no damage from that first hit, but is useless after that.