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Found 6 results

  1. So ever since the hot wheels event ended, there has been this glitch where the Sprites go black and text disappears. Sometimes it is nothing and can be disregarded, but not for long because after a few more loading screens it gets worse and gets worse fast. To the point that it makes it unplayable. I open the game up again and sometime it is gone, sometimes it didn't to anything. It makes it unplayable and hard to see what I am doing. It is really hard to do anything because it gets so bad very fast having me to re open the app over and over again. Sometimes it doesn't even fix it. It is impossible to do ultimate machine competition as it requires knowing what stuff is, whish is hard to do when it is all black squares and no text. I have provided plenty of images and I would like to get some answers. Please tell me if you have seen this glitch before or you know how to fix it. Thanks!
  2. Hello kittens and cats The Helloween event has just begun (October 11, 13:00 UTC) and will last for 30 days! (November 10, 13:00 UTC). Fight with a Vehicle you want and earn candies to collect prizes! Here a Sample video how it works: Facts: You will get increasing amount of candy by win streaks The Halloween win streak does not affect your normal win streak You have 10 "Halloween tickets". every fight needs 1 of them You can use any of your vehicles You can skip the opponent. 3 times for free, after that for 5 gems each (refreshes for every new fight) You will receive a Halloween ticket opening normal and super boxes (maybe league legendary boxes and gang/stage boxes too?) You lost your streak? You can restore it. First time for free, then is will cost gems HAVE FUN, and don't forget: Trick or Treat! Shiriru94
  3. Hello everyone, today I'd like to play a little game with you all. What you have to do is add on a word to the story, simple as that. For example, someone says "Once" then the next person would have to add on another word to would follow 'Once'. Once Upon a time... and we continue the story until the thread is dead or until is starts to get weird! I'll start: "There"
  4. I'm having so much fun with the game and now, here some ideias for improving the game: here some ideias with some pic for better understanding 1-set a time for the special delivery, therefore you know if u stay more 20 min and take another one. And now its last for 12 hrs could reduce to 10 hrs. 2- its good that they separate the chassis, tools, weapons, but you could also add a second tab in the right, a small button for each kind of parts, for example cars= classic, Titan, surfer, etc same for weapons and tools. 3- put a button that u can save 3 different type of cars( build the car and tap "save" and will appears a pop-up and u choose the space ) and then u tap the button choose any of those to make thing faster e funnier 4- adding a blacksmith "cousin codiname:Yankee" .u can lvl up the car from 1 to 16 (example) but with Yankee you just pass the bonus of a car u used to use to another one u want, will allow you to merge some parts u like or a legendary wooden part, so u choose ur favorite and then the one with the bonus and with a cost of gold and time u can merge them to a better part(only allowed to similares) 5- Every time u drag a wheel to change, it goes to the end of that long line to take it back, so put the recent changes in the beginning instead.(no pic) PS: i didnt know how to put the images above the text, gotta figure it out and do it later. psĀ²: the iamgens are not in order, so please undertand or wait for me to pack it.
  5. So, this is a kind of a game, but it can be funny. Who is your Cat? Present your Cat here, write for example: "I come from catopolis" or something like that. I'll start. Hi, my name is Cat-a-pult and I come from the Kitty City. Here is what it looks like. As I was a Kitten, I watched the war machine fights and I wanted to take a part. I've got a brother and a sister. Whisker and Jennifur. Why am I here on the forum? I just wanted to Change a light bulb here, but it was so funny that I stayed on this forum. And what about you guys?