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Found 3 results

  1. I understand why we have three machine slots, it's well integrated into the gameplay. But what I'd REALLY love is a Sandbox or something that allows me to throw parts I own together and test to see how the vehicle works/drives/leans etc. Doesn't even have to fight against anyone during the test, just want to see vehicle dynamics. I'm aware I can do this in one of the three machine slots but it's super annoying when I've got 3 good machines and have to trash one of them just to experiment with a new one. Usually I'm not satisfied with the experiment and end up putting the trashed machine back together, but some are more complicated than others and sometimes I forget which parts I used. I went through the first three pages of forum and didn't see a topic like this. I'm sure someone else has brought this idea up, so if it's a repeat or if I'm beating a dead horse I apologize. Love the game and it's honestly the only one thing I'd change. Thanks
  2. I don't really know as of yet but what's all your cats thoughts?
  3. Hello Zeptolab Devs, please remove gameplay time limit! I am a full grown man and i know what is good and what is bad for myself. I don't see the point in have gameplay time limit, i am 28 years old and i can decide for myself when to stop playing. Also i want to stream this game because is fun but i can't because of the time limit! Thanks MvPGEO