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Found 13 results

  1. We are CRYSTAL LAKE - highly active Cats on the way to the TOP. Spoken language: English, but it doesn't matter. Actions speak louder than words. DESCRIPTION International gang with members from various time zones. Around the clock beatings are administered by us. Prestige Level 10 or higher. We have a few below that, but they are proven fighters. Many strong players P20+ WHAT WE EXPECT To be highly active in City Kings and Gang Fights. Getting decent trophies and the motivation to improve your builds for climbing up in CK. Currently near the end of Meow De Janeiro District 6. Get here fast enough and enjoy a Russian Stove Body reward/upgrade. We've been around for about 16 months and have strong loyalty. Communication is important but not required to beat down other teams. Our international diversity has helped us win multiple times. We also respect each other. Any disrespect will get people kicked. Interested? You can message me here or search for CRYSTAL LAKE in the game.
  2. Does anyone know what the differences are between different level Gang Boxes? What can we get in a Rank 7 Gang Box? I'm referring to the box that the whole gang receives at the end of a Gang Fight cycle. A breakdown of what becomes available in each rank would be awesome.
  3. Our gang (Pyro Masters#20192) are looking for active and dedicated members to join us in our city kings domination quest. We're ranked 1555th on the City Kings leaderboard but strive to attain that #1 position. Requirements are as follows : be at least prestige 2, daily city kings participation (the more active the better) is a must, good communication, loyalty and dedication to the team, and the common goal of reaching the top. Suggestions and/or strategies are welcome and appreciated. We have strong leadership and several great members with some formidable machines, we just need a few more like-minded people to join our conquest. We look forward to battling with the best. -2nd in command, irishtheunlcky#49953
  4. 🐱Hi Leute, unsere Gang braucht Verstärkung, seid Ihr täglich aktiv in gang fights und city king und sucht eine deutschsprachige Gang? Dann kommt zu uns, 5 Plätze sind frei, wir machen 3-5k Trophäen alle 3 Tage, sind Rang 900 und wollen besser werden😉. Anforderung: Prestige 5, täglich 50 Pokale und Teilnahme im König der Stadt-Kampf. Leitung: FAF61 Gang-ID: OLD GUNS#49937 Wir sehen uns dort.
  5. We plan to do city kings and gang fights. There is a new city upcoming, so don't hesitate to join us. We are German/English speaking dudes and maybe dudettes... ;-) Entrance is possible with prestige 3 or higher, No hard limit for points in gang fights, But inactive members will get kicked, Let's farm those poor estrays!
  6. If you win 10/10 gang fights how many trophies do you get for that?
  7. Hi All Our gang, ACTIVEPLAYRSONLY, is currently looking for 2 skilled cats to fill some spots! Ours is an fun yet serious multinational gang that focuses on City Kings (currently in Mew York District 7) and Gang Fights (we unlock Gang Box lvl5 and higher, every cycle). We are an extremely active gang and our leader, John, is ranked in the top 100 players globally (Ultimate League). We have had lots of fun times and success with City Kings, and are rapidly moving up. Our current focus is to strengthen our gang with members who are skilled team-players so that we can continue to push in City Kings. We want players who: Are very active Will actively participate in City Kings (every day) Will do gang fights every day Will join our Discord server (we communicate attacks, strategies and advice) Have Prestige 3 (exceptions can be made if you are strong in City Kings) We don't want players who: Want to leech off City Kings and Gang Box rewards without taking part Are not team-players and are unwilling to follow strategies for City Kings (lone wolfs) If you are interested, message me or post a reply here. Alternatively, you can find our gang in-game and join up. Just make sure to announce yourself and the fact that you heard about us from here! We look forward to any and all replies
  8. As a leader of a gang I am finding it increasingly more difficult to know exactly who is doing what or who not doing anything at all. City Kings: Who used a Scout?, who used a Replace? who has assembled bot/s and joined? Gang Fights: Who missed a round? (One lot of 10 fights, 24 hours), Who is blocked from getting trophies until they promote? Who has triggered the 400 max trophies. Some of the above can be found out by posting on chat, screen shots and deduction. But not all of it and not easily. What would help me, and maybe others, would be a key that appears on “my gang” screen next to members name that tells me all of this at a glance. For example..... B = blocked from getting trophies - I now know it’s not done to them be inactive C = capped to 400 - advance warning that contribution will be lower to trophy haul S = used scout - in my gang you need one other gang member to agree to use of a scout, helps me track if legit use R = used replace - same as above CK = joined City Kings - may have bots but lost all fights so no foot print to say they are active. Finer detail would need sorting, currently not much room on screen, scaling of font, which letters/symbols to use, but this would be such a great management tool. Please post your thoughts. Zak Attack
  9. Since Zeptolab have tried to destroy gang fights with new restrictions on trophies I am surprised to see that some gangs are still hitting the big numbers that they are. The question is how? I have already been forced to level up 4 times meaning my builds have very quickly weakened. My gang had 10 consistent 600+ trophy winners over a cycle who have now diminished to just 3. We scored over 11000 trophies on our last cycle before update and I reckon we would do well to hit 7000 trophies at the end of this one. Look at the top ten gangs in gang fights league and there trophy hauls. So is it just simply cash? Or full of campers who have yet to feel the effect of leveling up? Or do they just have the skills and the builds I’d love to know....... but in the meantime I’m undecided if I’m full of pride for the brave litter of kittens bravely flying the flag for successful gang fights or am I just plain jealous. Zak Attack
  10. Who is the idiot who decided to spend time on this stupid new gang fight system? I have had a gang since the day they introduced the feature. In that time, I go through every week & delete all players that have not participated in gang fights. The kicked players are replaced within seconds with new players - so my gang is always full. With all that said, I have never once had a gang fight (over 3 days where I personally have not been responsible for 95% of the total score. I also rarely get more than 3 or 4 players participating. So, why do we need a new feature that will likely exclude 99.9% of gangs - because they can't get 5 players to play these new gang fights. This new feature was not thought through at all & clearly had zero input from players.
  11. Hello fellow C.A.T.S players I am the leader of the gang FAMOUS CATS, we are looking for the top players in the gang to join our crew. I am on on a mission to build the strongest crew, the best players! If you are a active player and consider yourself great at this game come join us and let’s climb to the top as a team. A little about my player status. I am prestige 7 currently getting 700+ per 72hour gang fight. Many times I top 1,000 but I am ranking up super fast to reach prestige 10 then stay In wood to get the most points in gang fight. I really need to find the other top 24 players of this game and create the strongest crew! If your mission is to be the best I want to hear from you. How to join: Contact me via email at I’m email title add the following cats gang also include screen name for C.A.T.S your rank / prestige rank and your average gang battle points per 72 hours, just let me a little about your game play. Who can join? I am willing to let anyone that is at least prestige 2 in our gang, there is 25 gang members and we have several solid players on our team now but I want the best and I have been hitting Facebook and several other channels and I have had a ton of people contact me so the gang is filling up. The players currently not proforming will be kicked and you will take their spots. why join our gang? Simple we also reach legendary gang boxes but we also chat about our set ups and this is a great place for you to get involved and share your game play experience and expertise with others and get new information from other team mates. We have a strong understanding of the game and by sharing our tips and tricks we can become the best players in the game. I am making our crew status private so that you can join, you can attempt to join in the game App by searching for our gang by team name FAMOUS CATS If you are not able to get in drop me a quick email, I will respond to you quickly if we are full I can offer you a waiting list and let you no when you can get in. If you a very competitive person this is the gang for you, if you could care less what gang you on then this is definitely not the gang for you . Soon when you search top Gangs in gameplay you will see this gang and by then it will be full and to late to get in so act now! I look forward to meeting you and playing C.A.T.S last many of of our team mates do spend money on the game for gems, this is not a must to join! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥JOIN A GANG WITH THE BEST PLAYERS 🎁 GET LEGENDARY PARTS 💡 GET TIPS FROM TOP PLAYERS 🏆 WIN MORE FIGHTS WITH OUR TIPS 🥇 HELP US BECOME THE #1 GANG 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  12. As the leader of a clan it would be useful to see what members have contributed over recent fights and how many trophies they won for the gang.
  13. Just wanted to point out his random and unfair this is. And I am almost max upgraded.