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Found 2 results

  1. Gang ID: NOTSOPRO#49511 Requirement: Active members, Prestige 1, must participate in City Kings and Gang Fights Trophies: Min 70 per gang box rotation Language: English Rules: Inactive members are kicked at the end of every gang box rotation. Spots may become available if interested. Keep checking availability.
  2. Gang Name: Cougar Tracks Gang Rank: 1408 Minimum Prestige: 1 Average Trophy Count: 3800+/3 days (as a gang) Current # of Members: 23/25 Description: I made this gang during the first week gangs came out and had a very strong and active gang making 1350 trophies/ day. But I went inactive for two weeks a month ago and lost a few members so then we were only making 800 trophies/day. Now, as I have worked hard to recruit strong members and become an active leader, we are now making 3800+ trophies/3 Days. This gang is about working hard and setting goals and one goal we have set is that everyone in "Cougar Tracks" will work extraordinarily hard when Zeptolab releases there ultimate gang fights update and we have reached that goal. Right now, we are asking for at least 35 trophies/day because we understand that it is sometimes hard to get trophies while prestiging. We have won all KOTC (Kings of the City) wars except one which was against a very strong gang. Last KOTC round, we had 80000 influence while the other gang had 33000 left and made 4200 trophies. Please join "Cougar Tracks" if you are an active player like all of us and help us get even better. 😊