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Found 61 results

  1. Is this normal for City Kings matches? Not complaining......but we're completely out-classed here (and existing, only because they are not attacking us). I don't recall facing any top-100 Gangs in Meowscow.
  2. So a few months ago, I deleted CATS because it is outdated and I can't seem to update it. Now I reused in my old account but cannot join my gang. My CATS name is R3T4L14T3 My clan is R3T4L14T0R5 Please help me get back to my clan I'm sure your system has records that I made the clan
  3. An armory where gang members can exchange parts, weapons, bodies, etc. Players can put in a request for a particular item, or maybe it's an open exchange. I'm thinking at no cost to each other, as the member is already giving up coins by not selling the items.
  4. Hello I am P1 and 22 stage player. I am Gold division in Ultimate League. I like my gang but it holds me back. Gang fights : usually over 5/10 opponents. City Kings : high active. Need a good gang to help me improve. My current gang is 700. Don't have problem for discord etc
  5. Hello fellow cats STILL LOOKING FOR AA GOOD, SOLID AND FUN GANG? If you're eager to have more fun and more experience Join Us PUSS N BOTS Requirement : - Prestige 3 - Score in gang fight about 100 trophies - Participate in City King FIghts We have 10 spots open, join and grow together Together we'll be stronger than ever Note : contact me first before joining
  6. Everyone wants to be a Fat Cat. Now's your chance. From the ashes in a litterbox, a new gang rose... - Fat Cats - is very active in CK and instanting through the districts right now! We're 20 members strong, and getting gang box 6. Every. Time. If you're a Cat sitting at least at Prestige 6, and in the silver or gold UL league, and you're thinking maybe you want to be fat for a change, stop by our Discord channel and say hi. Expectations: English speaking. 300 trophies on average. Prestige 6 or more. Silver or gold UL league. Activity on discord (repeat after me: "We do not use in-game chat"). Teamwork. Not being a dick. Sound good? Head over to
  7. Join us
  8. Casual gang looking for active players : new, vetaran or casual. We have a solid base of active players that allows us to win 3 out of 4 king of city clashes. We are just looking for players that wants to invest into a clan and make it progress. Earning at least 5 trophy per clan fights or communicating is the minimum. Requirement is prestige 0 or above. Clan ID : Défouraileurs#61343 Contact me by MP if you want more details or cannot find the clan. PS : French gang but we accept anybody who's willing to have fun with us! ########### Clan français en recherche de joueurs actifs : nouveaux, vétérans ou cools Nous avons une base solide de 10/15 joueurs actifs ce qui nous permet de gagner 3 batailles de clan sur 4 environ. Nous cherchons d'autres copains qui veulent s'investir dans un clan. Gagner 5 trophées par session de combats de clan ou communiquer est le minimum attendu. Le prestige requis est 0 ou plus. ID du clan : Défouraileurs#61343 Je suis joinable par MP pour plus de détails ou si vous n'avez pas à rejoindre le clan.
  9. Een nieuwe bende op zoek naar actieve Belgische katten, die dagelijks spelen en veel bekers verzamelen. Via de chat helpen we elkaar om zoveel mogelijk bekers te verzamelen en een zo hoog mogelijke bendebox te openen. Come and join us!
  10. Hello everyone my name is Krypt I am advertising this gang on behalf of my leader RPM he is the leader of dogbones. We are players from Europe and US. We are very active and participate in every City Kings battle, currently we are in the top 20 in city kings and top 10 in Top Gangs. We are looking for friendly, active and chatty players for our gang. requirement is minimum prestige 15-60. Our gang can be found and recommended in the 'find a gang' option. If you do by any chance join our gang please do gang fights immediately as that is a requirement for any new players that join our gang. We usually expect 90-125 trophies a day for gang fights. You are expected to check at least 5x a day when we do City kings. Also don't be shy communicate with us we are very friendly and open bunch of guys! also communication is a requirement especially when we battle with rival gangs in City of Kings. So come along and join the dogbones family!
  11. Hi i am here to recruit some people that are somewhat active players
  12. Hi there I'm a new player who love this game, I'm searching for an active gang, Currently i'm playing in stage 15, and I have played for a week now. I would love a danish gang, but that is not a must, I will do fine in an english gang as well. Not sure what more to tell, an adult gang would also be nice... Best regards Splich
  13. Hello guys I've made a new gang. The name of the gang is The Cats Empire(No spaces before or after the name). The requirements to join are - 1. Lvl2 prestige. 2. Gold League in Ultimate Championships. 3. Minimum 100Cups/3days in Gang Fights. 4. Active in City Kings. I'm looking for players who have a good interest and have sufficient knowledge of the game. That's why I've kept the Prestige to lvl2 so that, No, too new players, or those who don't have sufficient knowledge, come & join. But still if you have great interest in the game but hasn't reached Prestige 2 but are a Gold League player you're still welcome. Or if you have any prestige upto 5 but hasn't reached Gold League yet but a continuous player in Silver League(one league below Gold League) you can still join but only if you have good interest in the game. Anyone who is above Prestige 5, must be a Gold league player. The 3rd and 4th requirement is very necessary as it's the only way that all the gang members can progress through normal & ultimate championships together. I hope you find all these requirements interesting & innovative cause I don't wanna miss out on either new or old good players. As of me, my IGN is AGENT47, I'm an enthusiastic player and hope together we make a great team. PS - The reason why I made my own Gang is that I wasn't able to join any Leaderboard gangs, cause didn't mattered how knowledgeable I was, I just didn't had enough firepower acc to them. And I could never find a good gang in recommended tab. So I hope together we make a great team and join those high level gangs on the leaderboard. Hope to see you soon.
  14. I lost my old account it p47. I just start playing again, i need an active gang in city king and can do 10k trophy in 3 day. I almost do 825 every time. Almost P2 now so my ul car is quite weak. But i think i can build up soon when i reach gold and join a strong gang
  15. Kittyswhoplay has 3 open spots. We're are currently 57th in top gangs We always get gang box 5, but do get a lot of Gang box 6. Requirements: English Language; 150 trophies/3day minimum, more is expected but understand sometimes s*** happens; P4 but have no issues lowering for the right active player. Discord is a must. If you love the game as much as we do then you'll fit right in come join us on our Hope to see you there If you have good stats and want to be in a good gang, but we were full, hit us up on our discord, we might still be able to get you in.
  16. We are a relatively new gang that is active, looking for active members to help it grow. Great friendly people with no drama just the love of blowing C.A.T.S. up. If your interested in building up a winning team, come join the Plagues!
  17. Hi Guys & Girls I'm looking for a new gang to join. My current gang is about to fall out of the top 500 and is losing other quality players. I'm currently Prestige 6 - Level 18 and average 250 - 500+ trophies a round in Gang Fights. City Kings player and active communicator. Am looking for a highly ranked (top 250 gang & top 100 in city kings) bunch of compatriots who are friendly but ambitious. Leo
  18. CK District: 24 Trophies: 399 Prestige Min: 0 You might see this post and comment how crappy my gang is, but it is run by a 5 player core team who aims for CK.(Most people in my gang doesn't care because they are all Prestige) If you are active player, please join our gang
  19. Hello CATS, A new gang in town, we are climbing slowly but surely! looking for active members who love the game and login daily. Rules of engagement: - Must have a minimum of 50 trophies per 3 days cycle, it’s minimum effort when you check your game only once a day. - No random city kings attacks, always follow the foot steps of others unless you start on a building first, unity is everything. - Must have a sense of humor, we are a great bunch and always learning and sharing experiences. I’m currently prestige 11 but staying in 11 for a while to help the gang with trophies, always max 10 opponents per round, trophies between 550-850. Gang is now working on rank 4-5 box per cycle. Please pm me with your cats name and prestige so I empty a spot for you, let’s make this the best out there and have fun doing it. - Jio, your future leader and friend.
  20. Hi, I couldn´t come up with a better title. My gang is min prestige 1. Usually when we have a couple of spare seats, after a few hours we are full again. However, it seems this is happening at once, like ... a few hours nothing, then suddenly 4 members join. Now we were at 22/25 members for more than 48 hours and I had to kick 4 more (after all, kicking is unfortunately the only "incentive" I have as a leader), so now we´re 18 members with no one new coming around. Which sucks, of course. Why is that? Just trying to understand the logic behind this. No, the gang isn´t set to private of course and I don´t wanna go to min p0 because CK. xoxo, Lilly
  21. Hi cats! I just started a new gang so I´m looking for nice and fun pioneer cats who want to participate in an active gang for both gang fights and coordinated KOTC. Gang policy will be strict so please only join if you´re into that kind of thing. Read Lilly´s rules at xoxo, Lilly
  22. I don’t know if anyone had thought of this idea or posted it somewhere, but my idea was to have an announcement board section of the gang chat so when they look at the chat, they see the message i (the gang leader) want everyone to see first. It’s difficult if the chat goes fast and no one scrolls up to see my message.
  23. I see a lot of teams recruiting and a lot of kittens looking for gangs. Understandably the big gangs in the leagues get a lot of these recruits because we all want to be part of a winning team. And yet these teams are always recruiting! Winning is an important part of being in a gang but the other important part is the social and fun part. Our gang, not my gang, are looking for active & social players who are a minimum of prestige 1 to be part of a team. We have goals but we don’t have egos, all the support a kitten could need is on offer to a gang member. So why try before you buy? Please visit our webpage so you can get a feel for what we are about and if you would be interested please contact me, thanks for reading.
  24. Hi, I run the group"Inca" INCA#31917 .I am sadly the most active player in my Gang, looking for active player. any level welcome but I would like if you are level 15 and will help with city king fights.
  25. I am trying to understand how city kings work but i cannot find how to play about it anywhere. I just made one fight then the game wont allow me to fight or defend anymore i have no clue how to play it. Do you have any idea what to do in that mode?