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Found 80 results

  1. A Haiku: We are FANCY CATZ A gang that needs new members To return glory! I joined this gang as just some guy and the people were solid. We won a good amount and the chat was fire but the leader left for reasons and the leadership fell to me. I need a few active new members to push us back to greatness. We lowered the requirement to Prestige 7 to attract more players, but it didn't, so here we are. If you play an ok amount and are looking for a new group who is dedicated, look us up. Most of the crew plays daily and we ask you to be active every other day if not daily, do City Kings, amass trophies in Gang Fights, and read the chat now and then. Look us up- FANCY CATZ ! I didn't name it, but by god if it isn't relevant. English helps. See ya!
  2. **Nyi Roro Kidul**🧜‍♀️ is calling all Indonesian🇮🇩 players Ayo join teman-teman sebangsa dan tanah air di gang Indonesia pertama yang fokus main CK⚔️. Server dan gang kami diurus oleh beberapa pemain senior dari beberapa top gang. Sekarang ini kami #115 di CK Leaderboard dan berusaha tembus ke Top100. Gang Box selalu Lv6 hanya dengan 18 pemain, canggih kan ? Syarat masuk gang ngga susah kok: -. ketagihan akut sama game ini dan mau bermain sebagai bagian dari tim -. aktif di Discord karena kami memusatkan semua aktivitas game di Discord -. ga ada minimal Prestige/kekuatan bot karena kalau kamu ketagihan akut sama game ini, lama-lama juga berkembang sendiri. -. buat Trophy🏆 yang penting partisipasi aja buat Gang Box lv.6. Ekspektasi di 400an tapi ya kadang kurang kadang lebih gapapa Buat kalian yang belum tertarik join **NRK**🧜‍♀️, ayo join servernya aja kopdar virtual dengan sesama warga 62. Kami mempersiapkan server ngga cuma buat gang kok, tapi juga server untuk menampung komunitas pemain Indonesia.
  3. Looking for a gang that plays regularly but still for fun? Then come join us at GANGMOMSTYLE. We have a group of core experienced players but need more. We are part of a larger group of gamers called M.O.M. (Mean Old Men) that play multiple games on multiple platforms. You can check us out at or on discord at Other current games include PUBG Mobile, World of Tanks Blitz, Looney Tunes World of Mayhem, Grand Theft Auto as well as others. We are looking for prestige 1 or more and must be active in City Kings and Gang Fights. If you are interested, send me a message.
  4. Hello everyone! I'm looking for active members to join my gang. Name: Blue Lightning Requierment: 50 thropies per round and 150 in total per box. Anyone is welcome! Thank you guys!
  5. Buon giorno a tutti, sono il capo della gang Gattari ID GANG GATTARI#35573 siamo una gang che sta crescendo siamo attualmente nella TOP 200 facciamo di media tra i 5000 e i 7000 punti a rottamagang . Attualmente stiamo cercando 3 giocatori per unirsi a noi Livello richiesto : minimo prestigio 3 (mezzi supremi anche medio forti ma in crescita ) ATTIVI SIA IN RE CITTA CHE IN ROTTAMAGANG CHE IN LEGA SUPREMA OGNI GIRO DI ROTTAMAGANG CHIEDIAMO UN MINIMO DI 50 PUNTI ESSERE ATTIVI IN CHAT NEL GIOCO (ABBIAMO ANCHE UN GRUPPO TELEGRAM DOVE PARLIAMO MEGLIO ) Siamo tutte persone simpatiche che cercano giocatori attivi (ma non invasati ! abbiamo un tono sempre cordiale non si accettano flame spam bestemmioni roba del genere ). Nella nostra gang facciamo crescere anche giocatori con mezzi per ora piccoli quindi se cercate una gang da tutti top 100 per ora non siamo noi MA SE VI DIVERTITE COL GIOCO E VOLETE CRESCERE abbiamo 3 posti liberi ULTIMA COSA SOLO GIOCATORI ITALIANI (PER CAPIRCI MEGLIO NELLE TATTICHE ) BUONA SERATA A TUTTI
  6. Lost Kittens are recruiting! We are looking for players who actively participate in City Kings and Gang Trophies, as well as progressing through stages to improve your UL cars. We currently have 4 open spots! CK: District 7 Gang Box: Rank 4 Prestige requirement: 2 gMost of the gang is P3/4 some are higher) Language: English, but the gang is international. CK Rank: 785 Expectations -- Be active in CK. 100 minimum gang trophies per cycle(But no gems required if you get stuck!). Progress through Championship stages to get UL parts. Use Discord to share CK info. And of course to have fun!
  7. ATENA clan search for active player CK rank : 163 CK : district 6 / 36 Gang box : 6 always Prestige required : 7 Trophies required : 100 / 3 day cycle.. better if more! (but not mandatory ) Server languages : Italian only Discord mandatory, because the game chat sucks If you are looking for a compact and active group and you have the requirements!? you are in the right place,enter our discord channel and after a brief evaluation you can join our family. Instagram @Raven_07 ATENA clan cerca giocatori Attivi RDC classifica : 163 RDC: quartiere 6 / 36 Scatola della Gang : 6 sempre Prestigio richiesto : 7 Trofei richiesti : 100 / 3 giorni.. meglio se di più! (ma non obbligatorio ) Lingua del server : solo Italiano Discord obbligatorio in quanto la chat di gioco fa schifo. Se sei in cerca di un gruppo Attivo e Compatto e hai i requisiti necessari !? Sei nel posto giusto, entra nel nostro canale discord e dopo una breve valutazione potrai unirti alla nostra famiglia. Instagram @Raven_07
  8. I created my own clan a few weeks ago, and thanks to a lot of hours put in we're already top 1000. I have ambition, because i love this game. Which is why i need ambitious, active people by my side. A the moment i would say 5-10 people have their membership secured, the others come and go (get kicked) soon as they stop being active enough. If you want to get good ultimate parts and 3000pts gang box minimum (5000 soon with your help), feel free to hit me up. Must get at least 200 points over 3 days AND talk strategy for city kings in chat, instead of fighting alone in random sports which will get you kicked. English is required, i also speak french. GANG ID: HON HON#11768
  9. Zeppelin is a young Gang with a couple of heavy hitters, but recruiting for more. We are mostly active during the daytime/evenings in Central Standard Time. Minimum prestige is 1. Members are expected to participate in City Kings, though no hard limits are set. Join our Discord channel to inquire about openings! ZEPPELIN#50797
  10. Join Dragons Blood Requirement : Be active, get as many trophies as possible each cycle(I don’t keep track) and have fun. Open spots: 10 Prestige: 2 Language: English Gang id: DRAGONSBLOOD#8736
  11. Add a button for the host to 'surrender' in hopeless City fights. It happens, sometimes you're just out gunned and out numbered. It'd speed up City Fights instead of being stuck for hours watching the clock tick down with nothing to do. Only the Gang Host should be able to access it. Bonus: add gang stats for City Fight, Win/Loss/Surrender record visible to whole gang from City screen
  12. Very active and deadly, we come with no intention of peace. We are greased and coordinated. Join up if you got the chops, can be a part of a badass team, and want to win. Fark#42834 Get Farked!
  13. Sorry we are a german gang and we are looking for german speaking players. So we write this in german language... Hallo, Moin, Tach ... Wir - die "Cologne Falcons" - sind derzeit noch eine kleine (aber feine) Gang mit rund 10 Spielern, davon 6 im "harten Kern" die regelmäßig auch mehrmals täglich inline sind. Nachdem einige Spieler lange nicht in der Gang waren und auch im Chat keine Reaktion gezeigt haben, haben wir ein wenig aufgeräumt und suchen nun noch aktive Mitspieler zur Verstärkung unseres Teams. Wichtig wären uns - Aktivität bei Gangkämpfen - Beteiligung beim König der Stadt (Genaue Absprachen je nach Gegner erfolgen im Chat) - Wenn Du mal keine Zeit hast: Kein Problem, einfach Bescheid geben, jeder hat ja auch sein Privatleben - Kommunikation im Chat Für die Aufnahme in unserer Gang solltest Du min. Prestige 2 (also schon mal eine komplette Runde durchgespielt) und ganz einfach Lust auf dieses Spiel haben. Wir sind sicher, dass es viele Spieler gibt, die in kaum aktiven Gangs "herumgammeln" und gerne mal etwas aktiver werden möchten. Na, hast Du Lust auf uns? Dann such mal nach den "Cologne Falcons" oder melde Dich hier. Euer Robmaster
  14. Hello, We are recruiting all active players from p1. At this moment we usually reach rank 3 gang boxes, but trying to improve and get higher ones. Please note innactive players are being monitored and removed on daily basis, therefore if you will be part of the gang and want to take a short break - notify us, not to get kicked. ANGRY KITTEN#11157 Thanks,
  15. UK active only are recruiting for 2019 we only want Active players no longer lvl cap anyone reading this is welcome to apply
  16. Looking for Cats who want to play and battle and reap great rewards! Join my new gang Kool Katz Live. Experienced and active leader. Strategy focused. Gang ID: Kool Katz Live#60486 Description: Must be active daily & ready to battle! Requirement: Prestige 1 (but will take new players who are willing to be active in City Kings and Gang Fights) Language: English
  17. Gang ID: NOTSOPRO#49511 Requirement: Active members, Prestige 1, must participate in City Kings and Gang Fights Trophies: Min 70 per gang box rotation Language: English Rules: Inactive members are kicked at the end of every gang box rotation. Spots may become available if interested. Keep checking availability.
  18. Sup? I'm Bri I'm trying to gather a bunch of active players for my gang. I'm pretty strict on rules but if you make a mistake and fix it next time then obviously you won't be kicked I only kick players who repeatedly just rather not listen. When I say active player, you have to be on every single day, join every CITY KING wars started and I don't have a set amount of trophies "yet" to be earned everyday. If you are just starting out that's fine. I can help you. I'm not much of a noob but I am a decent player and know my way around. I know what works and what doesn't. You can join at whatever prestige you are. How to join? You MUST download discord and add me there. My ID is BriHennessey#7595 We'll discuss a few things beforehand. You will be added to a server/channel I started there for my gang. It's super easy to use and its easier to chat on there than the C.A.T.S. chat. After you've downloaded DISCORD, added me and whatnot. I'll help get you into the GANG. Let's build a super amazing gang and f*ck sh*t up. Preferably would want you to be 18+
  19. hi, so while the app has locked me out i might as well ask in the meantime..... my gang (min P2, 21 members, not private) hasn‘t had any new members join for, like, a month or so. why? lilly
  20. Is this normal for City Kings matches? Not complaining......but we're completely out-classed here (and existing, only because they are not attacking us). I don't recall facing any top-100 Gangs in Meowscow.
  21. So a few months ago, I deleted CATS because it is outdated and I can't seem to update it. Now I reused in my old account but cannot join my gang. My CATS name is R3T4L14T3 My clan is R3T4L14T0R5 Please help me get back to my clan I'm sure your system has records that I made the clan
  22. An armory where gang members can exchange parts, weapons, bodies, etc. Players can put in a request for a particular item, or maybe it's an open exchange. I'm thinking at no cost to each other, as the member is already giving up coins by not selling the items.
  23. Hello I am P1 and 22 stage player. I am Gold division in Ultimate League. I like my gang but it holds me back. Gang fights : usually over 5/10 opponents. City Kings : high active. Need a good gang to help me improve. My current gang is 700. Don't have problem for discord etc
  24. Hello fellow cats STILL LOOKING FOR AA GOOD, SOLID AND FUN GANG? If you're eager to have more fun and more experience Join Us PUSS N BOTS Requirement : - Prestige 3 - Score in gang fight about 100 trophies - Participate in City King FIghts We have 10 spots open, join and grow together Together we'll be stronger than ever Note : contact me first before joining
  25. Everyone wants to be a Fat Cat. Now's your chance. From the ashes in a litterbox, a new gang rose... - Fat Cats - is very active in CK and instanting through the districts right now! We're 20 members strong, and getting gang box 6. Every. Time. If you're a Cat sitting at least at Prestige 6, and in the silver or gold UL league, and you're thinking maybe you want to be fat for a change, stop by our Discord channel and say hi. Expectations: English speaking. 300 trophies on average. Prestige 6 or more. Silver or gold UL league. Activity on discord (repeat after me: "We do not use in-game chat"). Teamwork. Not being a dick. Sound good? Head over to