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Found 20 results

  1. I created my own clan a few weeks ago, and thanks to a lot of hours put in we're already top 1000. I have ambition, because i love this game. Which is why i need ambitious, active people by my side. A the moment i would say 5-10 people have their membership secured, the others come and go (get kicked) soon as they stop being active enough. If you want to get good ultimate parts and 3000pts gang box minimum (5000 soon with your help), feel free to hit me up. Must get at least 200 points over 3 days AND talk strategy for city kings in chat, instead of fighting alone in random sports which will get you kicked. English is required, i also speak french. GANG ID: HON HON#11768
  2. Our gang (Pyro Masters#20192) are looking for active and dedicated members to join us in our city kings domination quest. We're ranked 1555th on the City Kings leaderboard but strive to attain that #1 position. Requirements are as follows : be at least prestige 2, daily city kings participation (the more active the better) is a must, good communication, loyalty and dedication to the team, and the common goal of reaching the top. Suggestions and/or strategies are welcome and appreciated. We have strong leadership and several great members with some formidable machines, we just need a few more like-minded people to join our conquest. We look forward to battling with the best. -2nd in command, irishtheunlcky#49953
  3. So a few months ago, I deleted CATS because it is outdated and I can't seem to update it. Now I reused in my old account but cannot join my gang. My CATS name is R3T4L14T3 My clan is R3T4L14T0R5 Please help me get back to my clan I'm sure your system has records that I made the clan
  4. An armory where gang members can exchange parts, weapons, bodies, etc. Players can put in a request for a particular item, or maybe it's an open exchange. I'm thinking at no cost to each other, as the member is already giving up coins by not selling the items.
  5. It would be nice if the leader could designate someone else in the clan to co leader. It would take some responsibility off the leader. Maybe also give other members ranks so they have something to work towards.
  6. Kittyswhoplay has 3 open spots. We're are currently 57th in top gangs We always get gang box 5, but do get a lot of Gang box 6. Requirements: English Language; 150 trophies/3day minimum, more is expected but understand sometimes s*** happens; P4 but have no issues lowering for the right active player. Discord is a must. If you love the game as much as we do then you'll fit right in come join us on our Hope to see you there If you have good stats and want to be in a good gang, but we were full, hit us up on our discord, we might still be able to get you in.
  7. so I got pulled out of my gang for the stupid World Cup didn't realize that was going to happen when I signed up and having trouble finding my gang having a mental block I know it was something playground and a leader was TTY sprinkles
  8. 3 dots, with different color capabilities could offer each gang member insight as to how many member builds are currently active. One dot for each build, grey for inactive, green for defending and red for destroyed. Would be a quick indication of overall group participation. Plenty of space to show on My Gang tab.
  9. Please create separate tab in chat or split window to seggregate chat from system notifications. This would help chat messages stay viewable longer and not get lost. Paste functionality as well as the ability to cursor back would also be extremely beneficial.
  10. Are you looking for a gang with excellent CK strategy, active players, great leaders who foster and promote growth? Look no further than the Yellow-Bots gang! We are currently positioned to pounce into the top 100 with your help! We are currently in District 7. Hope to see you soon! Respectfully , Kev9815 Leader of Yellow-Bots
  11. We are looking for SEVEN more active players - Gang: NOOB KINGS - our leader Nobilico is currently ranked in top 20 of wining streaks, many players have high level of non-prestige cats. Non-Prestige - with 1.6 million health, and 1.2 million damage. IF you are an active player, and like to have FUN with other active players then please let me know and we will make arrangements to let you join our gang.
  12. HEy guys I’m looking for a good gang to join thanks Hannah 😽
  13. I would like to add like admins or something like that to my gang. This would make people who have been part of the gang for a while, some say in how you run the gang. Just something I think would be great!!
  14. Hi there, I'm BringCow. I'm relatively new to CATS, but I think this is an area that needs more discussion. I joined a gang about a day or two after I started playing. I was kicked within 20 minutes for "not contributing enough." Needless to say i got fairly pissed, and make my own gang. I did, and quickly realized that being a gang leader kinda sucks. I wrote to support to see what they had to say. Shout out to my bro Nick L. for handling my case. He said he'd pass along any ideas I might have to the devs. I'll post my main ones below. Basically, I'd like to have a place for gang leaders to communicate about what might make our jobs better.
  15. Hello fellow C.A.T.S players I am the leader of the gang FAMOUS CATS, we are looking for the top players in the gang to join our crew. I am on on a mission to build the strongest crew, the best players! If you are a active player and consider yourself great at this game come join us and let’s climb to the top as a team. A little about my player status. I am prestige 7 currently getting 700+ per 72hour gang fight. Many times I top 1,000 but I am ranking up super fast to reach prestige 10 then stay In wood to get the most points in gang fight. I really need to find the other top 24 players of this game and create the strongest crew! If your mission is to be the best I want to hear from you. How to join: Contact me via email at I’m email title add the following cats gang also include screen name for C.A.T.S your rank / prestige rank and your average gang battle points per 72 hours, just let me a little about your game play. Who can join? I am willing to let anyone that is at least prestige 2 in our gang, there is 25 gang members and we have several solid players on our team now but I want the best and I have been hitting Facebook and several other channels and I have had a ton of people contact me so the gang is filling up. The players currently not proforming will be kicked and you will take their spots. why join our gang? Simple we also reach legendary gang boxes but we also chat about our set ups and this is a great place for you to get involved and share your game play experience and expertise with others and get new information from other team mates. We have a strong understanding of the game and by sharing our tips and tricks we can become the best players in the game. I am making our crew status private so that you can join, you can attempt to join in the game App by searching for our gang by team name FAMOUS CATS If you are not able to get in drop me a quick email, I will respond to you quickly if we are full I can offer you a waiting list and let you no when you can get in. If you a very competitive person this is the gang for you, if you could care less what gang you on then this is definitely not the gang for you . Soon when you search top Gangs in gameplay you will see this gang and by then it will be full and to late to get in so act now! I look forward to meeting you and playing C.A.T.S last many of of our team mates do spend money on the game for gems, this is not a must to join! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯JOIN A GANG WITH THE BEST PLAYERS 🎁 GET LEGENDARY PARTS πŸ’‘ GET TIPS FROM TOP PLAYERS πŸ† WIN MORE FIGHTS WITH OUR TIPS πŸ₯‡ HELP US BECOME THE #1 GANG πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
  16. Ok so I have a few questions for a guide I want to make (a detailed one, right here in the forum!) 1. How many trophies are required for gang box rank four? 2. What are the gang box rewards? (how many super parts and legendary parts) (for each rank) 3. How many skills are there, and how many skill points do you get by the time you reach 10/24? (for clarification) 4. What are the maximum levels the 1-5 star parts can go to? (I know 1-star is 6, and I know 5 is 26, but I don't know 2,3, or 4 star parts) Thanks for the info guys!
  17. Hi! I'm a daily active player, who seek a active gang. I achieve 50-100 trophies every time, sometimes up to 200, my game tag is NEDDE, and i play on IOS
  18. I'm not the owner, and it's been open for a long time, but why can't I talk in chat? When I get enough gems, I will make a gang, but for now, I have to stay with other gangs.
  19. G'day my fellow Battle Cats! I'm simply looking for active members to join my gang! Gang ID is Sith Lords#21005 I currently have 15 of 25 members but only about 6 are active. I don't care about your rank or prestige level, I just want active members to chat and gain gang points with! We all win when the gang wins gang boxes! I open the game at least twice per day, sometimes more. Come on! JOIN THE CATS OF THE DARK SIDE!! SithLordMills (Gang Leader)
  20. I have found a problem with the gangs menu - as the leader of a gang, I should be able to modify the gang's settings (description, requirements etc.) but every time I load up the settings window, the game freezes on me. Every time. I need help with how to deal with this. I have looked through the help section and have found nothing of use - please help.