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Found 14 results

  1. Hello everyone! I've contacted support on two occasions and they said that everything works as it should. But. In the final round right before prestige the 1st place doesn't get any gems and the 4-8th place gets 7 gems. And I don't get any gems from regular championship nor from boxes so I only got 30 in the beginning. Also the medal system sometimes doesn't work because the guys with less medals are on top. What do you guys think? I am using an Android Xiaomi Redmi 6. Thank you very much for response <3
  2. What drops do regular boxes and super boxes have? Is speed opening regular boxes worth it?
  3. What are all the ways to get gems? I only know that you can promote to get gems.
  4. New boxes spotted. That’s all. I suppose the maximum purchase limit is to prevent rich people to farm them.
  5. I was watching ads to open a super box, and then I spent 6 gems to open it and got them back after watching a bonus part add.. owo
  6. Hello, I’m have been playing this game for a while and I needed to find out how much gems or coins to start my own clan. I don’t want to leave my clan just to find the price of gems or coins because I would have a hard time looking for good , higher standard, and active clan. This recommended list of clans is not very much to pick out and also they’re mostly full. Anyone who knows clans, starter tips and experienced opening clan, please reply below! Thank you for the time to read!
  7. I don't really know as of yet but what's all your cats thoughts?
  8. at this update you can get new weapons by purchasing with gems let's get started with the gems 1. in-app purchases 2. win the championship there's two examples here
  9. You could put a certify for spending gems, because sometimes I bought some stuffs by clicking unintentionally. Thank you!
  10. Can the players who have previously purchased gems receive something like the engineers pack? If we have spent money on gems before, you can be pretty sure that we'd take a good deal in a heartbeat. It is not fair that players who have never purchased gems before were able to purchase this pack, but players who have purchased gems did not receive this offer. Either we can get the equivalent for free because we helped funding, or send out an offer exclusively for players who have purchased gems. It really sucks that we are getting the short end of the stick here.
  11. From what I am hearing, Android users are getting an "Engineer's Special Pack" that contains 500 gems, a legendary box and attack + HP toolboxes for $1.99. Will iOS users be able to receive this same deal?
  12. Similar to Clash of Clans, where multiple builders can be bought to build more than one object at a time. Having the ability to purchase another mechanic to open multiple boxes at once would be great.
  13. It seems like its pretty difficult to take absolutely no damage in a match. Possibly some sort of bonus could be added for a perfect match?
  14. Hello Guys. I am new to this game. Just started today. I am at stage 4 wooden league. What should i do with 750 gems so it totally worth in game . I want to buy one crate now so i can progress to top 5 of wooden league.(Urge to buy a crate) Which crate i should buy now and later. Buying later with give better stuffs? I can save most gems for future. Share your suggestions. Crown is better on purple box or wooden? Any guide of spending bonus coins? already wasted 3 on titan energy and stingers damage.