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Found 15 results

  1. So ever since the hot wheels event ended, there has been this glitch where the Sprites go black and text disappears. Sometimes it is nothing and can be disregarded, but not for long because after a few more loading screens it gets worse and gets worse fast. To the point that it makes it unplayable. I open the game up again and sometime it is gone, sometimes it didn't to anything. It makes it unplayable and hard to see what I am doing. It is really hard to do anything because it gets so bad very fast having me to re open the app over and over again. Sometimes it doesn't even fix it. It is impossible to do ultimate machine competition as it requires knowing what stuff is, whish is hard to do when it is all black squares and no text. I have provided plenty of images and I would like to get some answers. Please tell me if you have seen this glitch before or you know how to fix it. Thanks!
  2. I just went online, and I witnessed one of the most major glitches in C.A.T.S.! I had 9 medals and I was above a person who had 13 medals, and he was below a person with 0 medals P.S. I didn't cheat or photoshop. I'm not complaining too much since this guarantees that I will pass Stage 20, but anyways, some mechanic/creator fix it! I used all caps for the topic name because it seems to get everybody's attention
  3. I cant get the super minigun box. If i try and send it and someone clicks on the link it doesnt give me 1/5. Does someone need to click the link?? Is it glitched?
  4. I found out that I was still able to sell things on the main screen. This happened when I was dragging a part around and I clicked the back button.
  5. I have invited 5-6 friends of mine, and ive setup the account myself on two of them. But the number is stuck at 1 friend referred. Its been more than a week. Btw this is my first topic. Im really sorry if this is in the wrong sub category. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I was watching ads to open a super box, and then I spent 6 gems to open it and got them back after watching a bonus part add.. owo
  7. When trying different designs this happened
  8. Check out the new physics for boulder glitch post xmas update. This same build before would move forward and after a time go off stage. Now it stays in one place. I thought this waa going to be fixed. But if not. Its okay. I enjoy playing with beyblades.
  9. Hi all, I get a glitch whenever I try to watch an ad. As soon as I click the button, my screen goes black immediately and I have to force stop the app and relaunch the game. I have tried restarting my phone and reinstalling the game without any luck. Help is much appreciated.
  10. I was fighting in metal championchip, and I see this guy that hasn't prestiged, but has a dub rocket. Concerned.
  11. I just recently prestiged, and i am going up against someone with a Whale and they are not prestiged. I am kindove concorned, idk why.
  12. I'm in stage 20, the final golden parts stage and I saw people with carbon fiber wheels and rocket launchers? How is this possible? One of them wasn't prestige so I don't think its from prestieging
  13. Lasers are doing more damage than marked on the damage of the enemy machine. For example, I have 17000 health and my enemy does 9000 damage. He one shots me. The picture above is not like my example, but it is almost the same.
  14. I don't have the game installed on any other devices. Moreover, I don't even have Play Games installed on my phone, so CATS would have no way to determine that some other device belongs to me or transfer my progress (if I'm understanding it correctly). As a result of this, the Championship time gets reset right before the end, every time. This is incredibly annoying, because this means that the only way I can progress through the game is by instant promotion, meaning I have to always kill all 14 opponents in one go. For real, I've yet to progress through a single stage normally (i.e. by being in the top 6 and waiting till the Championship ends), I have to always spend a ton of money on my machine to make it better than every single one of my opponents. How do I fix this?? Has anyone else had a similar issue? Right now I entered the game, because a couple of hours ago I got a notification that the Championship ends in 2 hours, yet it says "1 day 23 hours" again, with the exact same opponents. And I'm 100% certain I was in the top 6, because I have 13 wins in a row (I even tried it now, I still got 13).
  15. I have more medals yet I'm in second? Why is this?