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Found 2 results

  1. This can be a gadget which shoots a glueball on to the ground so when the opponent's wheels crossover it, the vehicle gets stuck and doesn't move. Good counter against melee weapons as the vehicle stops moving but the weapon and gadget of opponent work. Can be used in the ultimate league and also in the normal league. The glue gun will be used ones only so it remains there and whenever a wheel touches it, it sticks to it. Variation- The time the opponent gets stuck for the second, third or more times, the time decreases. Appearance can be decided Zeptolab and other members. It will be a "GLUE GUN"
  2. Hi, why do not write the "force" under the guns or accessory? in this case it is easy to find the right fit for the cats machine! (eg. If you need 12, easy you can sum a 6+6 without opening every time) ciao