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Found 1 result

  1. Dear felines, I am organizing a boycot of our beloved game to demand the more active tracking and banning of trolls. Of the last 20 regular competitions I have been promoted to, 10 of them had an annoying troll player in it that is at least five times as strong as the rest of the competition, but gets just enough medals to maintain and so never promotes nor demotes (see screenshots). This results in us players getting stuck in a competition until it ends, without the possibility to promote in the meantime. I'm getting sick and tired of having to wait two days to continue the game, only to find out I have to wait again for two days because the developers don't seem to put in the effort of implementing some simple features to make it harder on trolls. This problem has been going on ever since I started playing C.A.T.S about 8 months ago, but lately I've gotten the feeling that it has gotten worse. I've sent customer service multiple notices about it and gave them tips on how these scenarios could be prevented, but since it keeps happening more and more I am tired of waiting. To give the developers one kudo, in the fight against these trolls they have made it so that you have to actively join a competition again once you didn't get promoted at the end of one. The downside of this is that these trolls also seem to wanna be actively annoying, so it's an more than easy obstacle for them to jump. My ideas to make this situation less common: - Make a button so that these trolls can be reported - Let employees play on multiple accounts for the sake of tracing trolls - Since it's currently not forbidden to. maintain in a competition when you were able to promote, make it forbidden I thought up those three things in a few minutes, I can't imagine that professional game developers cannot think of this. In conclusion, because of everything that I have stated above - the seeming rise in the number of trolls and a passive team of developers - I am deleting this game until the developers announce that my/our demand of active methods against trolls will be met. I really like this game, so hopefully you - my fellow players - will join me so that we can forcefully make this game better together. YS, Jopie