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Found 27 results

  1. So I just came back to the game after sometime so I joined a gang and i didn’t get a gang box. This has happened twice. I contributed about 70+ trophies yet I didn’t get it both times. Does it have to do with my name being green? How do I get it to turn the same color like the others? Note: this is the pic after I didn’t get the two gang boxs
  2. Are all members above level 5 allowed to join City King's St Once, so let's say I have a team of 25 and I decide to start city King's after they are all in my gang, will they all be allowed to join? Or is there only room for 10 or something?
  3. Hello everyone! I've contacted support on two occasions and they said that everything works as it should. But. In the final round right before prestige the 1st place doesn't get any gems and the 4-8th place gets 7 gems. And I don't get any gems from regular championship nor from boxes so I only got 30 in the beginning. Also the medal system sometimes doesn't work because the guys with less medals are on top. What do you guys think? I am using an Android Xiaomi Redmi 6. Thank you very much for response <3
  4. What drops do regular boxes and super boxes have? Is speed opening regular boxes worth it?
  5. I am a new player, I have already got a grip on the game, etc. but can someone give me good tips, or whatever?
  6. So ever since the hot wheels event ended, there has been this glitch where the Sprites go black and text disappears. Sometimes it is nothing and can be disregarded, but not for long because after a few more loading screens it gets worse and gets worse fast. To the point that it makes it unplayable. I open the game up again and sometime it is gone, sometimes it didn't to anything. It makes it unplayable and hard to see what I am doing. It is really hard to do anything because it gets so bad very fast having me to re open the app over and over again. Sometimes it doesn't even fix it. It is impossible to do ultimate machine competition as it requires knowing what stuff is, whish is hard to do when it is all black squares and no text. I have provided plenty of images and I would like to get some answers. Please tell me if you have seen this glitch before or you know how to fix it. Thanks!
  7. **CALLING PRESTIGE 1 AND ABOVE PLAYERS** NP Cubs are first and foremost Social, Active and relentless players of City Kings. NP Cubs is the baby brother gang to **Non PresTigers**, a top City Kings gang. We have been formed with one vision in mind. “To be a training ground for up and coming CATS players, to give them the knowledge and the experience to become top CK players and Gang Fights gurus” With our help and support, and using BOTH NP Cubs and Non PresTigers Discord as a resource, we will set you up for a big move into an experienced CK gang. Visit our discord page to join and learn more.
  8. Hi, I’m leader for a gang called Non PresTigers. We are looking for cats players new and old to visit our Discord Page for the following reasons: 1) As you may know there is an official CATS forum on Discord but it can be a little intimidating for new players to ask questions and get help. I can’t promise 24 hour support but where are gang can we are happy to answer or help where we can. 2) We have a very well laid out Discord Server that may give ideas to gang leaders in process of setting thier own up. 3) The best thing about CATS is the social element. We have many experienced players who drop by our Discord Page and give gems of advise on tactics, build help and tricks of the game. All we ask is that you are respectful of others players. So click on link below and say hi
  9. I have lost my account hence I do not have google play. My name was Ryxard and I had some good weapons and things, I think I were in 7th arena or something.. I use an iPhone SE. Best regards.
  10. Hi guys, I'm new to C.A.T.S! I've been playing for 5 days and I noticed that I don't have that Blue Cat thing on my screen I've done my searches and it said it's the Leagues Ranking, its like Championship Ranking but it's for Quick Fights I guess cmiiw But it's not showing on my screen, how do I get into it? Is it something you get from the start or do you have to reach a certain level first? And I'm not native in English so, please help this foreign newbie yes? I'm so curious Thanks in advance!
  11. For those who are viewing this post, as you can see from the attachment I posted, my character (CATMAN) did not go up to the rank with the highest reward even though I have the highest amount of medals earned. Is this some kind of bug that players (including myself) should be aware of?
  12. I refer to my family and other friends and when my friend click at link and download game and play it (he now often play game) I didn't get that anyone accept my invite, but he is. I do all, can someone help me with that why I didn't get one person icon (1/5) I have 0/5. He have Samsung mobile. -Svedox
  13. I am wanting to delete my app and re-install it because I’m having major issues with the new fight we do. I am not getting my weapons when I get a bar it shows a weapon but when I go to edit my vehicle the weapons aren’t there. And I know it’s sometimes uninstalling an app and reinstalling it work but I don’t know if this game is linked to anything that will save my data when I log back in.
  14. Wtf

  15. Here we have: (see title!!!) lol. Anyway I have a little guide for you here: The Basics There are five modes in game: leagues, quick fights, bets, gang fights, and championship. Your goal is to build the best machine using various parts (you cannot control your machine during fights!) and 1. Get through every championship stage 2. Get the most rating. Quick Fights The first mode in the game that you are introduced to, what happens in quick fights is that you are matched against an opponent (almost always a bot) and have to beat them. You can win boxes through quick fights through getting three wins* (not nessessarily in a row) and these boxes are: (you can hold 4 boxes at a time) 1. The regular box. Contains 4 parts, coins , and a chance for toolboxes and gems. Takes 2 hours to open. 2. The super box. Contains 6 parts (some containing random bonuses) with more coins than a regular box, and of course a chance for toolboxes and gems. Takes 6 hours to open. *There is not a specific pattern to receiving these boxes. Crowns can also be received for every 5-win streak and will give a 1-2 star bonus to the part you normally would have gotten. In terms of matchmaking, you can be matched up with someone in your stage, someone in your prestige, (similar stats) or someone with slightly lower stats than you. This is why people like to have a terrible body with a much better weapon when going into quick fights selected: to farm crowns... and to get high win streaks. Your win streak is shown next to the quick fight button. You don't get much for getting high win streaks besides pride though: you get more and more rating from winning quick fights until win streak 10. Leagues In leagues, you are matched up with 49 OTHER people in the same league, and the higher rating** you have, the higher up you will be, and the more rewards you get. Each league round lasts about 2 days. There are five leagues: wooden, stone, bronze, silver, and golden. (Which I think makes no sense but whatever.) For winning each league, you will get a legendary box. The golden league rewards are: (lowest tier) nothing (above tier) regular box and 2 gems (tier above that) super box and 6 gems (tier above THAT) legendary box and I think 7 gems (best tier) legendary box and I think 15 gems **See rating Bets In bets, two machines are shown. You have to guess which one will win. You bet parts, and if you win, they get a random bonus (or more of the bonus it already has) and rating that depends on your prestige/stage. If you lose, you either lose the part, or can recover it for gems. The longer the time, the better the bonus. Longer bets also have more slots. You can get more slots and more bets, and better bonuses through skills. When the bet time runs out, you will watch the fight and see if the machine you bet on won. You can watch the bet at any time. There are three types of bets: quick (4:30 mins.) long (4:30 hours) and super (5? Hours). They more parts you bet, the more gems it takes to recover them. Recover cost also depends on how high the bonus is. These bets are unlocked at: Quick: from beginning, second one can be unlocked with skills at prestige 1. Long: also from beginning, second one can be unlocked through skills at prestige 2. Super: unlocked at prestige 5. Gang Fights Unlocked once you join a gang, you will be matched up with a random opponent and your goal is to beat as many opponents as possible. The fights are 3v3, and you can choose your machine before starting each fight. If you beat all three of your opponents' machines, you will move on the the next opponent, and receive trophies(which will be talked about later) and a small box containing two parts. There are ten opponents to beat before your opponents reset again over a 24-hour period. Championship The championship is a mode where you are put in a group with 14 other people and have to beat as many opponents as possible through each stage. You have to assemble the best machine possible to beat as many of your opponents as possible and to acquire the most medals; (received for each opponent you beat) when the championship ends, the top 6 people will be promoted to the next stage. Medals can be taken from you anytime if one of your opponents beats you. Whatever your selected machine is is the machine you will fight with and your opponents will fight against. There are 24 stages in total to go through, each contains better parts; and each time you promote through a stage, you will receive either a super or legendary box, and a sticker. You can also instant promote through a stage by beating all 14 of your opponents. You can unlock new parts by going through the championship. Once you reach stage 24, you have the option to prestige, and go back to stage one, losing all your parts, coins, toolboxes, and stickers. You keep all your rating, gems, and skills, and gain some rating, gems, prestige status, and unlock some new parts. Those were just the modes and basics, I'll add more detailed stuff later!
  16. Sorry if it sounds like I'm spamming, but my other topic was closed, so here's the issue. When trying to create my signature, first I put a photo that was too big. Okay. I removed it. Problem solved. Then it says I am using too many lines. I enventually reduce it to two five-word sentences, and two things come up: 1. Signature does not meet the guidelines. 2. I AM STILL using too many lines. What's wrong?
  17. For the longest while I would try to skip an ad and when I activated it the ad would come up as a black screen that I can't interact with. P.s. not sure where I should post bugs.
  18. Hi admin I am unable to edit gang setting. Everytime i into the gang setting. It will hang and force restart. Please help Anyone face this problem can help me? I had reinstall but still no use
  19. I have found a problem with the gangs menu - as the leader of a gang, I should be able to modify the gang's settings (description, requirements etc.) but every time I load up the settings window, the game freezes on me. Every time. I need help with how to deal with this. I have looked through the help section and have found nothing of use - please help.
  20. I have come across a problem while playing CATS - I have started my own gang, and I want to set requirements on it, but every time I load up the settings section the game freezes. Always then, always there, no other problems. Can I have some help? [In case any higher-ups are reading this, my gang id is AUTISTECHNIC#43857]
  21. Okay, I get it. I'm asking for help again. It might seem annoying, but trust me, I've been going through some rough patches with my gameplay. I'm on stage 18 of the championships, and I'm really looking forward to getting Carbon parts. I have a bit more parts than the stage 7 post. But it's perfectly fine. My friend helped me when this was posted. I'm facing some challenges with being turned over, so if anyone would like to offer some help, I'd really appreciate it. My current loadout (my friend changed it a bit.) Two wheeled Sneaky (15,955 HP) with 1 large slot, and 1 small slot. My weapon is a Stinger that does 8,666 damage. Gadget is a Forklift, 5,035 HP. Wheels: Bigfoot (back wheel, 8,448 HP.) Knob (front wheel, 2,920 HP.) So, the part my friend changed was the front wheel. It was originally a sticky tire with 7,139 HP. It works a bit better with certain people. If I change anything, I will surely be updating this post. Stay tuned for any updates if you want to contribute.
  22. Each time I load up the game, I get a message saying, quote: "PLEASE UPDATE : New update coming soon! It may not appear in the store immediately, so please check back regularly! Please do not reinstall the game during this period. Thanks for your patience!" Nothing has appeared in the shop for over 18 hours since this first randomly appeared during me playing - I don't know what to do. When it links to the Android Play Store the 2 buttons that are there are the 'uninstall' and 'open' buttons - no sign of any update button anywhere. Pressing the 'play' button there doesn't do anything, and I don't want to uninstall it because I think I'd lose all of my progress. Can I have some help here please?
  23. I can't find any single sticker picture on internet. Can anyone help me find a link or a wiki page were I can find all stickers in the gamepls
  24. What should I spend my skill points on? I foolishly spent all my current skill points on Merchant (tier 3)
  25. Hello, unfortunately I had problems logging into facebook. This is what I do... I place my facebook account normally (email and password) It loads a few seconds and this appears ... I wait ... several minutes and nothing happens. Should a "Continue" button appear? I followed the facebook page from my PC hoping that this would allow me to log in normally considering that I already followed the page CATS: Carsh Arena Turbo Stars (The official). I still try to get in and I can not. Already logged in? I'm worried I will not save my progress I'm connected to Google play games but I do not know if that's enough to save my progress. I am really worried, I really like this game and I must congratulate them for this great creation, so I do not want to lose my progress, which I feel very comfortable with. Sorry for my spelling, you will notice that my game is in Spanish and I resorted to translating this.