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Found 22 results

  1. Hi all, I've had an idea they might hopefully be added in the future and I wanted to know what you guys think. I'm a clan leader and would like a better way to manager the clan below are some ideas I would like to be added Number of day since last login. The ability to assign ranks with in the clan with certain privileges of managment depending on the rank and I higher amount of rewards on events depending on rank. So tell me what you think.
  2. I think the game should have more ´´ranks`` in the gang, like co-leader, captain, some stuff like that, also we should be able to know who started the war or to set the gang to only this ´´ranked`` guys on the gang, like leader/co-leader/captain to start the fights, this would improve the control of the war gangs
  3. Hi, I have been playing C.A.T.S for almost a year now and really like it. Since it is a new game, there are always things that can be done to improve user experience and make the game more fun. I'd like to make a suggestion for gangs specifically. While we have always had regular gang fights, a score tracker was added to the list of gang members so that it would be easy to see who is participating in gang fights, and who isnt. For gangs who like to take it seriously earning larger gang boxes, that feature is imperative to the leader. I love that feature. However, with the introduction to City of Kings, this adds a new requirement in the gang, at least for those who want to win the City of King rounds and earn more ultimate parts. The only problematic thing is that it is nearly impossible to keep track of who is and inst participating in City of Kings. Unless the leader, or other members check the "defenders" constantly, one would never know who is participating. Members who attacked and successfully conquered a space could instantly be attacked and destroyed. If the leader or other members don't see this, their participation would be unknown. To make this easier, I pose you make a leaderboard for gangs and its members in City of Kings that tracks how many points you earn for the team (as well as other statistics). This way it will be very easy to know who is and isnt participating. Since City of Kings has many other features, such as replaces and scouts, I think that data should be included so that we can keep track of who is using what utilities. The chat does express who and when someone uses a utility, but if there is a chat in the gang it is often lost in the history. I have made a simple excel sheet with how I would set up the leaderboard. Link: A few explanations of how it works and my logic behind certain columns. 1. "Points" First the point system, this is easy, for every machine you have defending at the end of each minute you get 1 point. So you can earn a maximum of 3 points a minute. Double multipliers wont effect it since this is just to see who is contributing throughout the round. I would suggest the leaderboard be sorted by who has the highest points, but if it is too hard, just sort by the same method for the regular gang members. 2. "Times Attacked" The reason I think it makes sense to include "Times Attacked" is for people with weak machines who may not be able to destroy an enemy machine. That way at least the gang can realize they have been trying due to their high number of times attacked. If you dont include a "times attacked" section, it will create an incentive to attack computer players rather than human players in order to earn more points. 3. "Times Defended" Times defended just allows people to know how many times they have been attacked and successfully survived the attack. Theres really no way to know this unless you check constantly and keep track of who is regenerating health. 4. "Times Destroyed" This category means how many times your machines have been destroyed either while defending or while attacking. This allows members to keep track of who may have machines waiting to be used since if the times attacked is equal to the times destroyed, there are machines that are or will soon be ready to attack. 5. "Times Replaced" This category isnt imperative, but it just allows people to see who is being replaced the most. 6. "Replaces Used" This category allows the gang to keep track of who is using the replaces. That way gangs can see if their replaces are being used unwisely. 7. "Scouts Used" Same logic as before (6.), just to keep track of who is using scouts. Obviously the names of each column is open to change, but its just my thoughts up until now. Each round the leaderboard will be reset to 0 for all fields. I really think this will be a good feature to have for the gang since it may create some in-gang competition to be higher on the leaderboard and may even increase productivity with City of Kings in general. This will also make it very accurate for indicating who is not participating in city of kings. As of right now with my gang, I can't really find a good way keep track, especially while working a full time job. What do you think admins?
  4. ENG: Hello dear developers Zeptolab. In C. A. T. S there are machine guns, shotguns, rocket launchers, saws, but no flamethrower. Why? I decided to give you an idea and even show a prototype of a flamethrower. The picture shows a flamethrower, material: wood, part level: 1 star. This weapon will cause damage like a saw or a sting, but the attack range will be slightly longer. Just this weapon will heat the car of the enemy, and accordingly it will cause additional damage. According to my idea, the flamethrower will open at one of the stages of the first prestige. I hope the developers will listen. That's it. SP: Hola queridos desarrolladores de Zeptolab. En el C. A. T. S decir, ametralladoras, escopetas, lanzacohetes, la sierra, pero no aquella de lanzallamas. ¿Por qué? He decidido presentar a usted la idea, e incluso mostrar un prototipo de lanzallamas. En la foto de un lanzallamas, material: de madera, el nivel de detalle: 1 estrella. Esta arma es un daño similar a la pile o aguijón, pero el rango de ataque será un poco más. Así mismo, este armamento calentar la máquina del enemigo, y, en consecuencia, le será aplicada la bonificación de daño. A mi la idea de un lanzallamas se abrirá en una de las etapas de la primera prestigio. espero que los desarrolladores se ponen en guardia. Hasta el momento es que todos los. Italian: Ciao cari sviluppatori Zeptolab. A C. A. T. S ci sono mitragliatrici, fucili a pompa, lanciarazzi, sega, ma non lanciafiamme. Perché? Ho deciso di presentare un'idea e anche mostrare un prototipo di lanciafiamme. Nella foto è raffigurato il lanciafiamme, materiale: legno, livello di dettaglio: 1 stella. Quest'arma sarà infliggere danni come sega o жалу, ma la distanza di attacco sarà un po ' di più. Così l'armamento è di riscaldare la macchina dell'avversario, e di conseguenza gli sarà applicato un ulteriore danno. Secondo la mia idea il lanciafiamme si aprirà in una delle fasi del primo prestigio. spero che gli sviluppatori ascoltare. Questo è tutto. Swede: Hej kära utvecklare Zeptolab. I C. A. T. S har kulsprutor, hagelgevär, raketramper och sågar, men ingen eldkastare. Varför? Jag har beslutat att ge dig en idé, och även visa en prototyp av en eldkastare. Bilden visar eldkastare, material: trä, nivå detaljer: 1 star. Detta vapen kommer att behandla skador som en såg eller en sting, men intervallet angrepp är lite mer. Även vapen som kommer att värma bilen av fienden, och att det därför kommer att användas för att ytterligare skador. Enligt min uppfattning, som eldkastaren, kommer att öppna i en av etapperna i den första prestige. Jag hoppas att utvecklarna kommeratt lyssna. Det är allt.
  5. Ok. So after reading a few topics about this game (and juggernaut's excessively long posts that are so true) I have concluded that this great game needs a lot of changes. I'm going to list them here. •A total change in how you earn rating. instead of quick fights to earn rating (which should be only for earning boxes, crowns, and win streak bragging rights) they would be earned by everything else, but you would get double the rating. The only exception here is stage 24. Stage 24 would become an entirely different stage. Instead of it being normal length, it would be one of your three choices: daily (free to enter) weekly (5 gems? To enter) and monthly (25 gems? To enter) . If you choose not to enter any of these (it will be an option) you will be placed in the simple championship. The way the tournaments work is described in my topic a lot of ideas. Look for it in the ideas forum. Rewards would be varying amounts of rating (a LOT) coins, about quintuple (I think that's the word) the gems that you used to enter, coins, toolboxes of your choice (not in free to enter) and a box. (Also not in free to enter.) Also, there would be (dramatic music) challenges! Like in KoT, same system and everything, but different objectives and rewards similar to tournaments. The only way to get consistent rating would be through gang stuff, which I will now discuss. •A different gang system. Gangs could now be varying in size, with a "max members" of your choice: 5,10,25, and 50. Now each of these would have different gang box requirements which I have no idea what they would be and I'm honestly too lazy to list. Pretty much everything else would be the same, except for (dramatic music AGAIN) GANG FIGHTS! The basic gang fight system would basically be the same as it is now, except with more rewards: some rating (no more quick fights, remember?) and coins. Now the more consistent way to earn rating would be as follows: A varying number of people in the gang (chosen by the leader) would be selected to participate in multiplayer (basic gang fights would now be called single player gang fights) gang fights. The way this would work is that, well, see the topic a guild build in I don't know which forum. (Can someone provide links to this stuff please?) Something similar to that, and after a certain period of time, the machines would fight against each other, and which ever machine is victorious, that same gang is victorious. The winning gang's members would all get some rating, coins, and a chance to get gems. You could do these at any time. (Consistent!) •Other changes. A slight chance to earn leg. boxes put of quick fights. Costumizable machine, weapon, and wheels. Because we all like cosmetic stuff. A substitute leader chosen by the gang leader for however long the leader wants. The leader can take back leadership at any time. A sticker shop. A gadget that temporarily slows the other machine down. A feature that lets the gang leader see how many trophies each member got last cycle. •Notes Some of these are other people's ideas, please don't criticize me because I used them. If the rating change were to happen, everyone's rating would be reset to what they have earned WITHOUT quick fights. Thanks for reading! Signing Out, (of this topic) -DabbingCuttlefish
  6. New in game featuresThis game is quite a popular game now. so i suggest some updates/upgrades or you can say in game features to be added these are 1. Adding in game friends 2. Trading equipment with friends 3. selling equipment to friends 4. selling equipment to world players (similar as bidding) 5. selling stickers to friends and world players 6. boss rush mode ( 2 players/friends can beat a boss to get gems/golds/high rarity equips/etc) 7. world boss rush mode (with a massive hp boss. players around all of the world will beat this boss to get a good prize) 8. any further idea and modification if crosses my mind ill definitely mail you guys again. Thanks in Advance.
  7. Flamethrower The flamethrower is a close range weapon similar to a combination of the laser and the chainsaw. It has the range of a chainsaw, and fires (FIRE lol see what I did there XD) every few seconds, dealing massive damage upon impact. A 3-star gold flamethrower would do 15,000 damage per hit, but only 5,000 damage per second. It would be so strong because of its short range and slow hit speed. If the flamethrower were to be implemented, it would: 1. Be very rare 2. Be unlocked at the gold stage 3. Have the appearance of a chainsaw without the saw, and shoot out red hot flames. Hope you like the idea, please share so the devs can see this. Comment with how you like it and possible adjustments. Thanks! The Flamethrower would look like a much better drawn version of this: (I'm a bad artist) Here is the flamethrower on a body.
  8. I had an idea about a possible "Catnip Powerup". This powerup could give something like a 5% to 10% increase to the damage or speed over some amount of matches.
  9. The ability to sell boxes instead of opening them would be beneficial. It would also let players stick to the Super Box if they are trying to advance in stages.
  10. I had an idea about different skins for the different components. The skins would not increase or decrease the abilities of the parts, but would add a unique aspect to the game. Possibly, they could be sold for more or less gold depending on their rarity (like the stickers). I do see an issue regarding the KoT parts, as they change as they are leveled up. A possible solution to this would be to allow players to unlock skins at stage 5 and change their appearance depending on either stage tier (metal, military, etc.), or level of the part. Here are a few for example: Rocket Launcher skins: - Yarn ball launcher - Dog launcher - Water balloon launcher - Red Guard launcher (from KoT) - Cannon / Homing Cannon (from KoT) Laser Skins: - Different colored laser beams - Skin that looks like a laser you play with your cats with - Lil' Scorcher (from KoT) Blade Skins: - Swinging dog (Though, P.E.T.A may not appreciate this one) - Swinging ax - Swinging baseball bat - Swinging sledgehammer - Swinging flail - Swinging mace - A variation of the Spinner (from KoT) Chain Saw and Drill Skins: - Jackhammer skin - Knife skin - Blade (from KoT) - Hacksaw - Angle Grinder - Circular saw - Sawzall Stinger Skins: - Cattle taser (cattle prod) - Pole weapons (like these) - Sword Booster and Backpetal Skins: - Whoopee cushion - NOS tank - Rocket Repulse Skins: - Ricochet (from KoT) - Mine / Claymore / C4 - Balloon / Water balloon - Bubble Forklift Skins: (I don't really have any ideas for this one) - Seeker Bird (from KoT) on a leash / chain of some sort. (Would spin at the same rate as the forklift). I would love to hear what you guys think and any additional ideas you guys have on the skins.
  11. I have an idea for a possible shield gadget that could be added to the game! - The shield would be attached to the gadget slot of the chassis and could take one hit before being destroyed. - It would allow the player to take no damage from that first hit, but is useless after that.
  12. Add a button, that will display more stuff about your machine, like Center of Mass, the mass itself, Damage per Hit on every weapon, e.t.c.
  13. It would be cool to show damage to the players body as they are hit. Maybe something like cat scratches along the side as they take hits, or pieces of the chassis chipping off. This could be disabled in settings for users with lower end devices.
  14. I feel like it would be a good idea to have a "Practice Fight" mode. This would be beneficial to test out new setups without having to chance losing quick fights / championships. Additionally, the user could have the ability to customize the bot opponent's attachments, chassis, health, DPS etc.
  15. Essentially a wager match where you can bet parts against another player of similar skill. Winner collects the other players wagered parts.
  16. Similar to Clash of Clans, where multiple builders can be bought to build more than one object at a time. Having the ability to purchase another mechanic to open multiple boxes at once would be great.
  17. This is an amazing game. The number one feature you need to add is cloud based saving. If you leave that device, get a new phone, or try to use a tablet over your phone you current have no way to retrieve your save and continue where you left off. Please please add this.
  18. This is more of a question, which could turn into an idea. Are the developers thinking about implementing a way to reset your skill tree in a future(soon i hope) update? Im sure im not the only one who spent their first 4-5 points on skills early into playing, then once i got the hang of things pretty good realized i messed up those 5 points and i could really place them into better use now. Of course this wont be free, perhaps a "fair" gem price everytime you want to reset them, but this would be really helpful (if you guys haven't thought about it already)
  19. I noticed that when you start the game, you are forced to fight until you win 3 games- to be promoted. There should be an option to postpone this, so you can build a better vehicle. I made the mistake of starting with something that cant win, and had to painstakingly watch 20+ fights just so that I could win a single medal. I tried quitting the game half way through and had to watch them all over again. Had I known, as a new player, that my combinations were a failure- I'd have switched them and started again.
  20. This is definitivly an awesome game. But some of my friends who just started was disapointed by the lack of informations on each parts and bodies. There is no informations in your inventory about the operation of such a part, a body, etc... This would be cool if any item in game get informations when you clicked on it. Informations as: - Weakness and strong against - Short video about his usage - How it works! Furthermore, it is a cool game but not enough strategic, there is only two ways to win, get the best damage or flip his enemy, I don't know how to really improve the strategy of the game but a more "e-sport" game would be great wi many strategy and much more paths, body, etc... (I'm so glad you've been announced clans ps: I don't know if I had to send an email to zepto or if they read the forum, I just posted here
  21. My email to zeptolab: i Zeptolab! I forgot to join a idea to the other e-mail but I want to present you a "CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars" Idea that might be useful. Vehicle Layouts! You deleted your Vehicle accidently and you forgot how did it look like? No problem! Switch between the layouts that you saved. You can have 5 Vehicle layouts. 1st Vehicle layout is for free, The 2nd one costs 100 gems, the 3rd one costs 250 gems, 4th one costs 400gems and the 5th one costs 1000 gems. How do they work? You build a Vehicle in the (for exmp.) 1st layout, save it and you Build another Vehicle in the 2nd layout, (You have the same Parts and Vehicle bodies in all layouts.) Save it, and you can switch between the layouts without getting angry because you forgot how did a Vehicle look like. Hope you enjoy my Idea ~~~~~~~~~ How did you like my idea? I have more Ideas (3 more) Do you want more? 😃😂😁 Comment
  22. My email to zeptolab: Hi Zeptolab! Today i want to present you some cool ideas to mal the "CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars" Game better that it is now. First, you can customize your Cat. Buy some cool fur colors, (Basic for colors: Light brown and Black) Other examples of fur colors: Blonde-Grey with Blue eyes - Siamese cat Grey with black stripes Black, light brown, white blots No fur Cats Second Idea: Customize your Vehicle's Parts. Buy Some cool skins do it For example a Skull on the sawblade, or cheese-skinned wheels The Marketplace: CATS around the world can trade parts and vehicles. They can just switch items (For example: a Sawblade lvl 3 for a Power Toolbox), Or pay for some items with gold. The Cats' Basket. It is like guilds There are 15 Slots and Cats are fighting in the "Meow-Battles" To win a Meow-Battle you need to win as much quick fights as you can. The quick fights will be added together and the guild with the most "Quick Battle wins added together" Wins a Meow battle. Hope you enjoyed my ideas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Which idea do you mostly like? 😄😄