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Found 2 results

  1. Sla, n sou mto criativo e bom de reprodução, mas faz uma ideia de um canhão como arma, um corpo meio '' lápis '' ou triangular na frente, e um suporte como se fosse um empurrão Funções: canhão = Atira bolas de canhão que caiem e dps de 2 seg explodem, com grande dano (+ ou-isso), corpo: Isso depende de como funcionar, só no jogo pra saber (apenas uma ideia), Empurrão: lança uma mola com uma madeira no final fazendo, empurrar o carro do adversário obs: também fiz uma face de gato edit: Eu desenhei e pintei as imagens,fiz como rascunho,n dei importância pra detalhes e alguns conceitos...
  2. I'm having so much fun with the game and now, here some ideias for improving the game: here some ideias with some pic for better understanding 1-set a time for the special delivery, therefore you know if u stay more 20 min and take another one. And now its last for 12 hrs could reduce to 10 hrs. 2- its good that they separate the chassis, tools, weapons, but you could also add a second tab in the right, a small button for each kind of parts, for example cars= classic, Titan, surfer, etc same for weapons and tools. 3- put a button that u can save 3 different type of cars( build the car and tap "save" and will appears a pop-up and u choose the space ) and then u tap the button choose any of those to make thing faster e funnier 4- adding a blacksmith "cousin codiname:Yankee" .u can lvl up the car from 1 to 16 (example) but with Yankee you just pass the bonus of a car u used to use to another one u want, will allow you to merge some parts u like or a legendary wooden part, so u choose ur favorite and then the one with the bonus and with a cost of gold and time u can merge them to a better part(only allowed to similares) 5- Every time u drag a wheel to change, it goes to the end of that long line to take it back, so put the recent changes in the beginning instead.(no pic) PS: i didnt know how to put the images above the text, gotta figure it out and do it later. ps²: the iamgens are not in order, so please undertand or wait for me to pack it.