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Found 17 results

  1. NP GANGS HAVE AVAILABLE SPACES “Who are the NP Family?” We are a linked family of gangs and the largest family in the C.A.T.s game. We have spaces for every level of player ranging from Newbies with starter builds to Veterans with Monsters. All NP Gangs communicate in English and are free to play gangs. We have 6 gangs in total, 5 are in the top 💯. 🐅 NP Tigers:🔝💯 — gang box 6/7 🐯 NP Cubs: 🔝💯 — gang box 6/7 🐾 NP Panthers: 🔝💯 — gang box 6 🐈 NP Wildcats: 🔝💯 — gang box 6 😼 Big O Kitties: 🔝💯 — gang box 5/6 🔗 NP Lynx: — gang box 5 “What are the Requirements?” Visit our NP Family discord server Scratching Post which acts as a gateway to all NP gangs. You will find each gangs requirements as well as their individual discord links. ”I’m not looking right now!” That’s ok 👌🏻 You are still welcome to visit the Scratching Post as it is a social server opened to all. We have many different chat channels 🗣 and games 🕹 available and are happy to add any you may think we are missing! Just ask!
  2. Hello everyone We are adult and active players, we are looking for active players, french would be better (or english would be good) We have a discord to organize for the war and we share GIFs, tips, help for setups, and more about the whole game If you don't want to join our discord and use it (join it and never come or don't have discord on your phone to be reactive is useless) then you can choose another clan We are waiting for you
  3. Looking for Cats who want to play and battle and reap great rewards! Join my new gang Kool Katz Live. Experienced and active leader. Strategy focused. Gang ID: Kool Katz Live#60486 Description: Must be active daily & ready to battle! Requirement: Prestige 1 (but will take new players who are willing to be active in City Kings and Gang Fights) Language: English
  4. Sup? I'm Bri I'm trying to gather a bunch of active players for my gang. I'm pretty strict on rules but if you make a mistake and fix it next time then obviously you won't be kicked I only kick players who repeatedly just rather not listen. When I say active player, you have to be on every single day, join every CITY KING wars started and I don't have a set amount of trophies "yet" to be earned everyday. If you are just starting out that's fine. I can help you. I'm not much of a noob but I am a decent player and know my way around. I know what works and what doesn't. You can join at whatever prestige you are. How to join? You MUST download discord and add me there. My ID is BriHennessey#7595 We'll discuss a few things beforehand. You will be added to a server/channel I started there for my gang. It's super easy to use and its easier to chat on there than the C.A.T.S. chat. After you've downloaded DISCORD, added me and whatnot. I'll help get you into the GANG. Let's build a super amazing gang and f*ck sh*t up. Preferably would want you to be 18+
  5. Een nieuwe bende op zoek naar actieve Belgische katten, die dagelijks spelen en veel bekers verzamelen. Via de chat helpen we elkaar om zoveel mogelijk bekers te verzamelen en een zo hoog mogelijke bendebox te openen. Come and join us!
  6. Hi there I'm a new player who love this game, I'm searching for an active gang, Currently i'm playing in stage 15, and I have played for a week now. I would love a danish gang, but that is not a must, I will do fine in an english gang as well. Not sure what more to tell, an adult gang would also be nice... Best regards Splich
  7. Hello guys I've made a new gang. The name of the gang is The Cats Empire(No spaces before or after the name). The requirements to join are - 1. Lvl2 prestige. 2. Gold League in Ultimate Championships. 3. Minimum 100Cups/3days in Gang Fights. 4. Active in City Kings. I'm looking for players who have a good interest and have sufficient knowledge of the game. That's why I've kept the Prestige to lvl2 so that, No, too new players, or those who don't have sufficient knowledge, come & join. But still if you have great interest in the game but hasn't reached Prestige 2 but are a Gold League player you're still welcome. Or if you have any prestige upto 5 but hasn't reached Gold League yet but a continuous player in Silver League(one league below Gold League) you can still join but only if you have good interest in the game. Anyone who is above Prestige 5, must be a Gold league player. The 3rd and 4th requirement is very necessary as it's the only way that all the gang members can progress through normal & ultimate championships together. I hope you find all these requirements interesting & innovative cause I don't wanna miss out on either new or old good players. As of me, my IGN is AGENT47, I'm an enthusiastic player and hope together we make a great team. PS - The reason why I made my own Gang is that I wasn't able to join any Leaderboard gangs, cause didn't mattered how knowledgeable I was, I just didn't had enough firepower acc to them. And I could never find a good gang in recommended tab. So I hope together we make a great team and join those high level gangs on the leaderboard. Hope to see you soon.
  8. CK District: 24 Trophies: 399 Prestige Min: 0 You might see this post and comment how crappy my gang is, but it is run by a 5 player core team who aims for CK.(Most people in my gang doesn't care because they are all Prestige) If you are active player, please join our gang
  9. Hello CATS, A new gang in town, we are climbing slowly but surely! looking for active members who love the game and login daily. Rules of engagement: - Must have a minimum of 50 trophies per 3 days cycle, it’s minimum effort when you check your game only once a day. - No random city kings attacks, always follow the foot steps of others unless you start on a building first, unity is everything. - Must have a sense of humor, we are a great bunch and always learning and sharing experiences. I’m currently prestige 11 but staying in 11 for a while to help the gang with trophies, always max 10 opponents per round, trophies between 550-850. Gang is now working on rank 4-5 box per cycle. Please pm me with your cats name and prestige so I empty a spot for you, let’s make this the best out there and have fun doing it. - Jio, your future leader and friend.
  10. Hi, I couldn´t come up with a better title. My gang is min prestige 1. Usually when we have a couple of spare seats, after a few hours we are full again. However, it seems this is happening at once, like ... a few hours nothing, then suddenly 4 members join. Now we were at 22/25 members for more than 48 hours and I had to kick 4 more (after all, kicking is unfortunately the only "incentive" I have as a leader), so now we´re 18 members with no one new coming around. Which sucks, of course. Why is that? Just trying to understand the logic behind this. No, the gang isn´t set to private of course and I don´t wanna go to min p0 because CK. xoxo, Lilly
  11. I see a lot of teams recruiting and a lot of kittens looking for gangs. Understandably the big gangs in the leagues get a lot of these recruits because we all want to be part of a winning team. And yet these teams are always recruiting! Winning is an important part of being in a gang but the other important part is the social and fun part. Our gang, not my gang, are looking for active & social players who are a minimum of prestige 1 to be part of a team. We have goals but we don’t have egos, all the support a kitten could need is on offer to a gang member. So why try before you buy? Please visit our webpage so you can get a feel for what we are about and if you would be interested please contact me, thanks for reading.
  12. Non PresTigers where Gang Comes First (GCF) Experienced and active gang seeking active and social players. 150 trophies required per cycle (3 rounds) unless hampered by new (stupid) “capping rule” Please visit: for Gang Rules, Gang Fights Tactics & City King Tactics. We have a pronblem where new members join, don’t visit our webpage, don’t post on chat.......... If this DOES NOT sound like you then please PM Thank You ZakAttack (Leader by name, but we number 6)
  13. Fala pessoal, tô procurando duas vagas na mesma gangue! Comecei a 12 dias e estou na fase 21, Procurando uma gangue ativa! Pego normalmente entre 20-50 troféus. Hey Guys, i'm looking for two slots in same gang/clan! I've started 12 days ago and now i'm on 21. Looking for an active gang! so so 20-50 trophies... My name on game is Fabrizziolaroc and my friend user is Krubniki.
  14. Looking for a solid clan to join. I'm active several times a day, and want to reap the extra rewards. I'm currently stage 11, P-0. Only started a handful of days ago.
  15. Gang Name: Kittyswhoplay#1693 prestige 1 required but will consider lowering (we do have a mixture of different level players) only other requirement is being an active player at the moment there are 10 open slots Languages spoken: English and Czech but all are welcome
  16. Hello. I am the leader of Cuttlefish Clan and am looking for members who are solely focused on getting trophies. You can join if you have at least 25000 rating. Our goal is to someday reach the max gang box, and maybe even make it to the top 500. Comment here if you want to join and tell me how many trophies you can get! One more thing: No cursing. Respect each other. If you don't get any trophies or are cursing or being ... not nice, you will be kicked. No exceptions. If the gang is full, comment here and I'll fill up a spot.
  17. Hi, I am Xminator, the leader of Wild Things, an ambitious clan aiming for the top spots. We are looking for 10 new recruits, since the clan size has just been increased from 15 to 25. All our clan members are 1Mil+, active daily and english-speaking. We are constantly improving/growing and help one another wherever we can. If you think you fit the criteria, reply here or DM me (alternatively, subject to open spaces, you can join us in-game and introduce yourself [WILD THINGS#3002]).