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Found 6 results

  1. Changes with top 100 Ultimate League rewards. From now on, they will be connected to current city. Thus every Ult League season will provide rewards from the City Kings reward list. For example, here’s the list of Meow de Janeiro: District 1 — Frost Sprinkler District 2 — Wild West Coach District 3 — Flue District 4 — Double rocket District 5 — Antigrav scooter 1 + Antigrav scooter 2 District 6 — Russian stove Body District 7 — Horseshoe District 8 — Santa’s sleigh District 9 — Lotus District 10 — UFO body So for the 15th Ult League season that has ended, top-100 players will get Frost Sprinkler, Wild West Coach and Flue. The 16th season, they will receive Double Rocket, Antigrav scooter 1 + Antigrav scooter 2 and Russian Stove Body. At the end of the 17th season, we will send Santa’s sleigh, Lotus and UFO body. In case if another city won’t start, we will cycle prizes, it means that for the 18th Ult League season its winners will get Frost Sprinkler, Wild West Coach and Flue again. As for cycling things, please note that the next city will be Mew York again. Then Meowscow, then Purris, then Meow de Janeiro etc. This is because we’re going to focus on other things than cities. Like Paw Skill system and many other things that will rock! Also here are new Ultimate Cash prizes. In the end, top100 Ultimate League winners will get: 11-100 — 1k ult cash (Ult parts x1) - 3 parts 4-10 — 2k ult cash (Ult parts x2) - 6 parts 2-3: — 3k ult cash (Ult parts x3) - 9 parts 1— 4k ult cash (Ult parts x4) - 12 parts
  2. Since Zeptolab have tried to destroy gang fights with new restrictions on trophies I am surprised to see that some gangs are still hitting the big numbers that they are. The question is how? I have already been forced to level up 4 times meaning my builds have very quickly weakened. My gang had 10 consistent 600+ trophy winners over a cycle who have now diminished to just 3. We scored over 11000 trophies on our last cycle before update and I reckon we would do well to hit 7000 trophies at the end of this one. Look at the top ten gangs in gang fights league and there trophy hauls. So is it just simply cash? Or full of campers who have yet to feel the effect of leveling up? Or do they just have the skills and the builds I’d love to know....... but in the meantime I’m undecided if I’m full of pride for the brave litter of kittens bravely flying the flag for successful gang fights or am I just plain jealous. Zak Attack
  3. Dear devs and community, I have noticed that there are people with a higher level in the same league as me. So, they have better gears I can hardly compete with. Is that a wanted situation? I'm not sure if I understood this league construct correctly. What determines which player gets together with others in the same league?
  4. Hi dear devs and community, I experience a strange behavior of the game: Today and twice in the past, I was on the 4th place when the league closed. But then, the pop-up came up and I expected it to be the "Congratulation" message. But instead the message said that I did not level up (meaning achieve the next league leve). I got a super box and coins. How is that possible? Being one of the tops when time is up and still no advancement/promotion?
  5. Hi everyone! The last post (x) is not updated and the OP seems to be dead, so i got all the information about it and put it together in this one. I'll try to edit it as often as possible, so i need all of your help. Any level limit will be welcome to fill the table. Thanks and keep fighting! ^^
  6. What is the silver coin thing in the blue cat thing leagues? The person who has it is incredibly under levelled but has 89k.