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Found 3 results

  1. You may create not only more prestige levels, but more stages inside levels too. Stages(part's materials): 1. Straw 2. Brushwoods 3. Wooden 4. Stone 5. Bronze 6. Iron 7. Steel 8. Silver 9. Golden 10. Platinum 11. Carbon 12. Titanium 13. Technology 14. Military 15. Heavy military 16. Crystal 17. Diamond 18. Gross energy 19. Gross space-technology 20. Nano-technology 21. Military nano-technology 22. Smart technology 23. Energy 24. Space-technology 25. Smart space-technology 26. Copy of alien-technology 27. Alien-technology 28. Black alien-technology 29. Alien-technology energy. 30. Black energy
  2. Ok so I have a few questions for a guide I want to make (a detailed one, right here in the forum!) 1. How many trophies are required for gang box rank four? 2. What are the gang box rewards? (how many super parts and legendary parts) (for each rank) 3. How many skills are there, and how many skill points do you get by the time you reach 10/24? (for clarification) 4. What are the maximum levels the 1-5 star parts can go to? (I know 1-star is 6, and I know 5 is 26, but I don't know 2,3, or 4 star parts) Thanks for the info guys!
  3. Dear devs and community, I have noticed that there are people with a higher level in the same league as me. So, they have better gears I can hardly compete with. Is that a wanted situation? I'm not sure if I understood this league construct correctly. What determines which player gets together with others in the same league?