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Found 4 results

  1. Are all members above level 5 allowed to join City King's St Once, so let's say I have a team of 25 and I decide to start city King's after they are all in my gang, will they all be allowed to join? Or is there only room for 10 or something?
  2. We are a relatively new gang that is active, looking for active members to help it grow. Great friendly people with no drama just the love of blowing C.A.T.S. up. If your interested in building up a winning team, come join the Plagues!
  3. Hi, I couldn´t come up with a better title. My gang is min prestige 1. Usually when we have a couple of spare seats, after a few hours we are full again. However, it seems this is happening at once, like ... a few hours nothing, then suddenly 4 members join. Now we were at 22/25 members for more than 48 hours and I had to kick 4 more (after all, kicking is unfortunately the only "incentive" I have as a leader), so now we´re 18 members with no one new coming around. Which sucks, of course. Why is that? Just trying to understand the logic behind this. No, the gang isn´t set to private of course and I don´t wanna go to min p0 because CK. xoxo, Lilly
  4. Hi, I am Xminator, the leader of Wild Things, an ambitious clan aiming for the top spots. We are looking for 10 new recruits, since the clan size has just been increased from 15 to 25. All our clan members are 1Mil+, active daily and english-speaking. We are constantly improving/growing and help one another wherever we can. If you think you fit the criteria, reply here or DM me (alternatively, subject to open spaces, you can join us in-game and introduce yourself [WILD THINGS#3002]).