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Found 7 results

  1. Last all-stars and this one say that "Big surprises await the best players" does anyone know what the surprise was last All-star and how much points was needed to get it?
  2. Can someone tell me what the cats happened?
  3. Operation Gadget Madness Gear: Switches any wheels direction the gear is touching Amazon Swinger: Basically a grappling hook that only attaches to walls and will ricochet off of a machine Donut: Acts as a wheel if touching a solid entity. Very High Hp Gravity Orb: Any opponents not touching the ground, Engine: Increases all weapons operation speed by 4% Teleport Swapper: A Small button, that when pressed by opposing machine, your and that machine swap places. Milk Jug: Starts healing very slowely once taken damage. Health healing limit. Anchor: Huge HP and applies extremely weight on the machine Doki Doki CATS Club: A glitchy cat sticker. When touching another machine, you teleport on the other side of it. Neon Repulse: More Powerful Repulse but takes 1 second to release when touched EMP Receiver: Any type of high knock backs received on the machine get 20% of that power absorbed Star Launcher: A powerful pedal that launches upwards Star Booster: A booster that boosts the machine forward but a little more powerful. Requires 2-5 energy
  4. |Mortar| Overview The Mortar would shoot a explosive sheel in the air. It would take about 2 seconds on average for it to land on the target. It would take 1.8 seconds for the Mortar to load the shell and shoot agian. The shell would fly upwards and land about 4 Bigfoots (Wheels in distance) in front of it. Stats Damage: Shell does 2x damage specified Type of damage: Area of Effect Knockback: Medium Energy: 7-11 Appearance: The base would be the color of the star rating color. The outer appearance would look like a iron rocket launcher that faces upwards at a 10 degree angle facing outwards. Instead of a rocket poking out, a iron ball would be poking outwards. That is all! Please comment and suggust so I can improve this!
  5. |Ice Wheels| Overview The concept is pretty simple. The wheels won’t work, but movement is very slippery. When ever you machine would be hit by a repulse, it would slide in the opposite direction. Repulses can’t knock you off the ground. The wheels would melt after 10 seconds has passed, meaning there would be no wheels after it melts. Stats Health: Medium Size: Exact size of a Bigfoot Type: Wheel Appeance: Looks exactly like a big foot (Appearnce of Big Foot depends on color star rating), but has a icy texture. When wheels melt, a puddle of water appears where it melted. That is all! Please comment and suggust so I can improve this!
  6. |Balloons| Overview Balloons would lift the part of the machine it is attached to. Balloons would have the same lifting power as a lifter. Balloons would only disappear if attacked 3 times (Just like the balloon from the lifter) therefore losing 10% of its lifting power every time a balloon is popped. Stats Energy: 1-2 Health: Low Type: Gadget Appearance: 3 Balloons (color depends on stage, brown for wood, blue for steel, etc...) that are attached to small strings. That is all! Please comment and give suggustions so I can improve this!
  7. |Railgun| [Stats] Energy: 6-10 Damage: 2X the amount specified Knockback: High (Shotgun as point blank range type of Knockback, in game) Range: Fast High Speed Projectile (Fast as a shotgun pellet, in game) Charge up: 2 Seconds Mechanics: The Railgun would charge up for 2 seconds, then launch a plasma ball (that goes in a straight line) towards the direction the rail gun is pointed. If the shot hits, it will do 2x the damage specified and knock the opponent back from where it hit the opponents machine. The appeance would look like a cylinder pipe with 3 rectangular openings on the side. It would illuminate light blue, and eventually let loose blue energy in rapid amounts when it would shoot. The cap would shoot the plasma ball, which would let loose smoke once it fired. The plasma ball would be like a fireball, but blue. Thats all folks! The Railgun would be a great addition to CATS! Hopefully the developers see this and be like, ”Nioce Simease, very nioce.” *pats on head*