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Found 11 results

  1. Hello my main account is on P4 and I am stuck on iron. Can anyone help me out with their builds?
  2. Do you know the box that the game gift you if you recommend the game to 5 people? how does that work? because i send it to a bunch of friends and the click the link, but nothing happen. And also when you win a quick fight appears like a 0/3 when you share the gif of the fight, whats that for? Thanks
  3. My friends downloaded 5 times but I did not get the minigun. Please check. My user name is Cabbie.
  4. My friends downloaded 5 times but I did not get the minigun. Please check. My user name is Cabbie.
  5. I have invited 5-6 friends of mine, and ive setup the account myself on two of them. But the number is stuck at 1 friend referred. Its been more than a week. Btw this is my first topic. Im really sorry if this is in the wrong sub category. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  6. From all the details I gathered so far: We(referred as Zeptolabs here) Let's talk about the first-ever weapons rebalance. 1. Many of you were complaining that melee weapons weren't competitive enough. So, in the next update we are increasing the Basic Damage of Stinger, Drill and Chainsaw. These weapons will now be more powerful. 2. We want to fix the problem that toolboxes were not as effective for laser as for other weapons. This is how we do it: - We change the toolbox formula so that applying toolbox to the laser gives more damage. Damage numbers will now correctly translate to damage per second. - To prevent laser from becoming too overpowered, we slightly decreased it’s base damage. Before: Basic Damage * 2.5 (the Laser fires every 2.5 seconds) + Toolboxes = Total Damage 300 * 2.5 + 50 = 800 After: (Basic Damage + Toolboxes) * 2.5 = Total Damage (300 + 50) * 2.5 = 875 3. Basic damage of the Minigun will be increased, as well as Minigun's fire rate (from 3 shots per second to 5 shots per second), but the toolboxes effect for this weapon will decrease to prevent it from becoming too overpowered. Before: (Basic Damage + Toolbox) * 3 = Total Damage (300 + 50) * 3 = 1050 After: Now the fire rate is 5 and toolboxes are in the basic damage already: (300/5 + 50/5) * 5 = 70 * 5 = 350 Basically, you can now say that the formula for calculating the Minigun damage is this: Basic damage + Toolboxes = Total Damage 300 + 50 = 350 What are your thoughts on this? Let the community know.
  7. Hi! Share your minigun builds! It's that mine does not finish convincing me and I would like to see their builds and give me their opinion. Those who give me more trouble are those who use double lifter, but not always. Those who give in the highest part do not raise me, but those who give me both in the trunk if they are a problem. Thank you!
  8. So if you have a minigun equipped on a body, and the atk of your minigun is at least 10x the HP of your body, you can get super fast/easy farming. Here is a video of a few wins in a very short time frame. I saw this idea posted on the FB page a few weeks ago and I just love it. Sharing is caring.
  9. The miniguns in the in the game currently kinda suck, they take a loooooong time to accelerate their fire rate, and by the time they do, either you are dead, or you're doing practically no damage (higher level ones obviously do a lot more damage). Idea for fix: Double total fire rate (warm up to max speed) and reduce damage (to balance) by 10%-20%. Plz don't hate, comment with a "better" idea if you have one. If you like, then pls vote up/follow content
  10. So I have issues with the minigun. Either I don't understand the mechanics of the thing, or it is rigged to work better on my opponent's machines than on mine. I have taken a few videos to try and show what problems I'm having, but this one seems to illustrate my point the best. In this fight I have more health and a higher DPS. He even MISSES his first shot. Someone please explain to me how he won this fight. Thanks, -Wes
  11. Hey guys, where can I get the minigun/shotgun without buy it from the shop?