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Found 24 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'm looking for active members to join my gang. Name: Blue Lightning Requierment: 50 thropies per round and 150 in total per box. Anyone is welcome! Thank you guys!
  2. - Fridge Deep Freeze Pushes enemies back and freezes them for a short time. - Lamp Death Lamp Automatically targets an enemy. Shoots a cone of deadly light - Shield Shield Makes your machine immune to all damages for a short time - Tilted Chainsaw Rotating Chainsaw Can be rotated when installed on a machine. NOTE: to rotate it, use the special button in the garage. - Tilted Drill Rotating Drill Can be rotated when installed on a machine. NOTE: to rotate it, use the special button in the garage. - Tilted Rocket Rotating Rocket Can be rotated when installed on a machine. NOTE: to rotate it, use the special button in the garage. Hopefully we see more of them in time! 😀👍
  3. Hi all, I've had an idea they might hopefully be added in the future and I wanted to know what you guys think. I'm a clan leader and would like a better way to manager the clan below are some ideas I would like to be added Number of day since last login. The ability to assign ranks with in the clan with certain privileges of managment depending on the rank and I higher amount of rewards on events depending on rank. So tell me what you think.
  4. This can be a gadget which shoots a glueball on to the ground so when the opponent's wheels crossover it, the vehicle gets stuck and doesn't move. Good counter against melee weapons as the vehicle stops moving but the weapon and gadget of opponent work. Can be used in the ultimate league and also in the normal league. The glue gun will be used ones only so it remains there and whenever a wheel touches it, it sticks to it. Variation- The time the opponent gets stuck for the second, third or more times, the time decreases. Appearance can be decided Zeptolab and other members. It will be a "GLUE GUN"
  5. Hello guys I've made a new gang. The name of the gang is The Cats Empire(No spaces before or after the name). The requirements to join are - 1. Lvl2 prestige. 2. Gold League in Ultimate Championships. 3. Minimum 100Cups/3days in Gang Fights. 4. Active in City Kings. I'm looking for players who have a good interest and have sufficient knowledge of the game. That's why I've kept the Prestige to lvl2 so that, No, too new players, or those who don't have sufficient knowledge, come & join. But still if you have great interest in the game but hasn't reached Prestige 2 but are a Gold League player you're still welcome. Or if you have any prestige upto 5 but hasn't reached Gold League yet but a continuous player in Silver League(one league below Gold League) you can still join but only if you have good interest in the game. Anyone who is above Prestige 5, must be a Gold league player. The 3rd and 4th requirement is very necessary as it's the only way that all the gang members can progress through normal & ultimate championships together. I hope you find all these requirements interesting & innovative cause I don't wanna miss out on either new or old good players. As of me, my IGN is AGENT47, I'm an enthusiastic player and hope together we make a great team. PS - The reason why I made my own Gang is that I wasn't able to join any Leaderboard gangs, cause didn't mattered how knowledgeable I was, I just didn't had enough firepower acc to them. And I could never find a good gang in recommended tab. So I hope together we make a great team and join those high level gangs on the leaderboard. Hope to see you soon.
  6. We are a relatively new gang that is active, looking for active members to help it grow. Great friendly people with no drama just the love of blowing C.A.T.S. up. If your interested in building up a winning team, come join the Plagues!
  7. Hi Guys & Girls I'm looking for a new gang to join. My current gang is about to fall out of the top 500 and is losing other quality players. I'm currently Prestige 6 - Level 18 and average 250 - 500+ trophies a round in Gang Fights. City Kings player and active communicator. Am looking for a highly ranked (top 250 gang & top 100 in city kings) bunch of compatriots who are friendly but ambitious. Leo
  8. Hi, I couldn´t come up with a better title. My gang is min prestige 1. Usually when we have a couple of spare seats, after a few hours we are full again. However, it seems this is happening at once, like ... a few hours nothing, then suddenly 4 members join. Now we were at 22/25 members for more than 48 hours and I had to kick 4 more (after all, kicking is unfortunately the only "incentive" I have as a leader), so now we´re 18 members with no one new coming around. Which sucks, of course. Why is that? Just trying to understand the logic behind this. No, the gang isn´t set to private of course and I don´t wanna go to min p0 because CK. xoxo, Lilly
  9. ENG: Hello dear developers Zeptolab. In C. A. T. S there are machine guns, shotguns, rocket launchers, saws, but no flamethrower. Why? I decided to give you an idea and even show a prototype of a flamethrower. The picture shows a flamethrower, material: wood, part level: 1 star. This weapon will cause damage like a saw or a sting, but the attack range will be slightly longer. Just this weapon will heat the car of the enemy, and accordingly it will cause additional damage. According to my idea, the flamethrower will open at one of the stages of the first prestige. I hope the developers will listen. That's it. SP: Hola queridos desarrolladores de Zeptolab. En el C. A. T. S decir, ametralladoras, escopetas, lanzacohetes, la sierra, pero no aquella de lanzallamas. ¿Por qué? He decidido presentar a usted la idea, e incluso mostrar un prototipo de lanzallamas. En la foto de un lanzallamas, material: de madera, el nivel de detalle: 1 estrella. Esta arma es un daño similar a la pile o aguijón, pero el rango de ataque será un poco más. Así mismo, este armamento calentar la máquina del enemigo, y, en consecuencia, le será aplicada la bonificación de daño. A mi la idea de un lanzallamas se abrirá en una de las etapas de la primera prestigio. espero que los desarrolladores se ponen en guardia. Hasta el momento es que todos los. Italian: Ciao cari sviluppatori Zeptolab. A C. A. T. S ci sono mitragliatrici, fucili a pompa, lanciarazzi, sega, ma non lanciafiamme. Perché? Ho deciso di presentare un'idea e anche mostrare un prototipo di lanciafiamme. Nella foto è raffigurato il lanciafiamme, materiale: legno, livello di dettaglio: 1 stella. Quest'arma sarà infliggere danni come sega o жалу, ma la distanza di attacco sarà un po ' di più. Così l'armamento è di riscaldare la macchina dell'avversario, e di conseguenza gli sarà applicato un ulteriore danno. Secondo la mia idea il lanciafiamme si aprirà in una delle fasi del primo prestigio. spero che gli sviluppatori ascoltare. Questo è tutto. Swede: Hej kära utvecklare Zeptolab. I C. A. T. S har kulsprutor, hagelgevär, raketramper och sågar, men ingen eldkastare. Varför? Jag har beslutat att ge dig en idé, och även visa en prototyp av en eldkastare. Bilden visar eldkastare, material: trä, nivå detaljer: 1 star. Detta vapen kommer att behandla skador som en såg eller en sting, men intervallet angrepp är lite mer. Även vapen som kommer att värma bilen av fienden, och att det därför kommer att användas för att ytterligare skador. Enligt min uppfattning, som eldkastaren, kommer att öppna i en av etapperna i den första prestige. Jag hoppas att utvecklarna kommeratt lyssna. Det är allt.
  10. If you have heard, there is a new Easter update. With this update, the prestige cap went from 40 to 50! Why does anyone need this? I am only at Prestige 1, and been here for a couple months, so how does anybody get to prestige 50? Here is some QUICK MATH: If you start from scratch, to prestige, there are 24 stages, each taking 2 days, for 50 prestiges. So 24 * 2 * 50 = 2400 days, or approximately 6 and a half years. You might think this topic is dumb, but I just noticed this when I was bored. Kind of sad there was no new UL parts.
  11. Hi guys, I'm new to C.A.T.S! I've been playing for 5 days and I noticed that I don't have that Blue Cat thing on my screen I've done my searches and it said it's the Leagues Ranking, its like Championship Ranking but it's for Quick Fights I guess cmiiw But it's not showing on my screen, how do I get into it? Is it something you get from the start or do you have to reach a certain level first? And I'm not native in English so, please help this foreign newbie yes? I'm so curious Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi there! im new at CATS forum and i want to share my beautiful ideas.... or ugly ideas... i dunno. I´ve made some pictures to give a little and ugly sketch to the staffs.... if they are going to see this.... i hope......... SENPAI NOTE US (DISCLAMER:all the next pictures that you will see are EXTREMLY UGLY. And my toxic english its cuz im brazilian,so my english its not the best. PODE VIR CUMPADI) 1 IDEIA/ Send gifts to your friends. with this idea, you could share your parts with yours friends... u will be able to send 3 parts at the same.BUT,the much parts you send, the more longer will be the shipment. and also, rare and legendary part would lost most, or ALL their effect, just to balance things. pic..... NEXT PICTURE! Like it? Awnser at the comments section. 2 IDEA/ Player Profiles Ok... for me, that´s the BEST idea.And well, what i could say.... its a profile... it would have some info about the player and see their cars. Also,with this, i would increment the FRIENDSHIP idea,you go at player profile and click ADD FRIEND button... actually,this button does not say ADD FRIEND, its just a ugly sketch. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Like it? Awnser in the comments section 3rd IDEA/ Cancel/remove Crates well,thats just a little and nice implement... for people who like crates,with this idea. if u started to open a normal crate,but you just earned a rare crate,and want to start opening it, just press at the crate with is opening and press CANCEL... unfortaly (or no), i dont have a picture for this... but its just like the other picture in this idea. And the REMOVE crate, just press at any crate and then, press REMOVE, so it open space to a brand new crate.BUT to balance things, you can only remove/cancel crates X times per day. PIC: Removing a crate JUST IMAGINE: Delete this REMOVE and just put a CANCEL button... Like it? Awnser in the comments section "Bonus" Ideas... Those ideas are non pictured ideas,witch have no meaning at the post,you can freely ignore them. 1stBONUS Damage per second my brother gave me that one. Imagine if,Chainsaw,stinger and melee weapons do damage per second (exept blade), just like the laser? my honest opnion, this idea have dont really change the game and, the normal damage its good..... 2ndBONUS More customizable cat i really hate when i see someone else with a cat just like mine one... so i think tha, more customizable cats could be a good one. Its just cosmetic,but its cool 8) (also, zeptolab can win more money selling those 'cosmetics'...) you would change your head,body and tail skins. also but 1 more "hat" slot,so you could use glasses and a fedore at the same time. So thats it... i guess. If you, STAFF MEMBER are reading this (no,probably no),pls tell me wath you think about it in the comments section. if i got some new ideas, i put here.... if you think that would be better change something, comment! your opnion its always good. im Ztorm and, ;D Goodbye Z.C
  13. I know zeptolab made this game to be very quick-paced but I find the meta of damage, damage and more damage to be a bit annoying. I think it would be very interesting to have some defense, such as shields that reduce damage, force fields that deflect projectiles, and even EMP's that negate everyone's weapons for a temporary amount of time. That way, you can think of builds to tank damage and allow you to gain the edge and push that 1 million damage guy to the edge while you only have 500k hp because you have a better structure design combined with EMP + force field or some gimmick like that. What do you guys think?
  14. Busco algún clan para poder entrar
  15. Some new screens from the future update!
  16. Hello, kittens! Today we want to tell you about the upcoming update, and you will like it very much. What exactly is waiting for us? Super car! Now when you move to a new prestige you will be given details for the "Super machine". What is the "Super Machine" and what is it for? "Super machine" is a powerful machine that is assembled from "super details". You can get them when you reach a new prestige, "super details" will also have bonuses like the usual details, but they have one very interesting feature, they do not disappear after prestiging. For "Super Machine" will be added a special, own garage in which will be their championships in which you can compete with other players! What about the information about new prestiges, for the beginning there will be 20, but in future they may become more. Compensation for players with 10th prestige will be details for the "Super Machine". So, you do not need to sit in one place in your championship now, but move forward to the new prestiges! The new garage will replace the league system, and now to win in the league you need to collect an unbeatable "Super machine". Let's sum up what exactly will add to the game: 1. New garage 2. New league system 3. The new "Super machine" 4. The number of prestiges will increase to 20 Sorry, if I made some mistakes.
  17. Hello potential Spinkleopolis members! My name is Lord Sprinkles and I am recruiting new members to my gang! This is the brand new sister/feeder gang for SprinkleTopia (Top-200 gang worldwide). About our gang: The gang name is Sprinkleopolis#64640 This gang is currently looking for members who can get 35-50 trophies per day. I am managing this gang via my second account. There will be members from our main gang who will help new member learn and improve. Once you have proven to be capable of achieving 100 trophies per day, you may be accepted into SprinkleTopia if you would like. This gang is an extension of our main gang, SprinkleTopia. If members from here are unable to collect the required trophies or need to take a break, they can join Sprinkleopolis. This is also a great way to recruit people into our main gang. If you are instead ready to join our main gang, then here is the forum post for that one: About me: I am the founder and leader of Sprinkleopolis. I currently have 2 accounts. My main account is Lord Sprinkles and the account I am running this gang with is Sprinkles Jr. I have over 8 million score in the game and lots of experience. My highest win-streak was 3390 which mysteriously vanished when the Halloween update arrived. (apparently others lost their win-streaks as well). I was nearly at a world record, too! However, I am still top 5 in the world for highest win-streak. I win 10/10 every round of gang fights and collect a total of 1100 trophies each 3-day season. I share great advice with my members that they have found to be very useful. I have shared my secrets for best things to buy with gems and how to get very large win-streaks. I am very familiar with how to operate and maintain a strong gang/clan/task force/guild/faction (each game has their own name for it). I have been a successful leader of many of these "multiplayer-collaboration-clan-based" games in the past (including Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Clash Royale, and King of Thieves). Who am I looking to recruit: I am not necessarily looking for someone with a large score, but rather someone who is very active and can get a lot of gang trophies in gang fights. Do you qualify? Add up your points below to find out! I would prefer someone who: (15 pts) Can get 35-50 gang trophies per day (6 pts) Wants to learn and improve with this game (3 pts) Is active nearly every day (3 pts) Can speak English (3 pts) Is at least somewhat social If you scored at least 24 points then you qualify for an invite! Feel free to join! Also, please join our discord group (! (If we are full of players, still do send me a private message! I can arrange to swap you with a low performing member) Please ask any questions you may have! I will be sure to answer them ASAP! I am looking forward to hearing from people! Have a nice day! Here's our discord group if you have any questions or wish to contact me this way:
  18. Just started a clan called Oakland Raiders 200k to get in. So far it's just me gang wars required to stay in
  19. Hi, I am Xminator, the leader of Wild Things, an ambitious clan aiming for the top spots. We are looking for 10 new recruits, since the clan size has just been increased from 15 to 25. All our clan members are 1Mil+, active daily and english-speaking. We are constantly improving/growing and help one another wherever we can. If you think you fit the criteria, reply here or DM me (alternatively, subject to open spaces, you can join us in-game and introduce yourself [WILD THINGS#3002]).
  20. Hi All, I started playing cats just a week ago and I've reached stage 20 in just 8 days without spending even a penny on the game. Am I going really fast or it's just normal. Just curious to know about how other people do. Thanks.
  21. New in game featuresThis game is quite a popular game now. so i suggest some updates/upgrades or you can say in game features to be added these are 1. Adding in game friends 2. Trading equipment with friends 3. selling equipment to friends 4. selling equipment to world players (similar as bidding) 5. selling stickers to friends and world players 6. boss rush mode ( 2 players/friends can beat a boss to get gems/golds/high rarity equips/etc) 7. world boss rush mode (with a massive hp boss. players around all of the world will beat this boss to get a good prize) 8. any further idea and modification if crosses my mind ill definitely mail you guys again. Thanks in Advance.
  22. I had this idea for a while. There to be really rare toolboxes that can double you already existing damage, power or health. Like if you have 30132 dmg or health, it will become 60264.
  23. Hello, It would be great to have a new filter for parts tagged "new" so we can easily see what we got in boxes. Thank you
  24. I'm having so much fun with the game and now, here some ideias for improving the game: here some ideias with some pic for better understanding 1-set a time for the special delivery, therefore you know if u stay more 20 min and take another one. And now its last for 12 hrs could reduce to 10 hrs. 2- its good that they separate the chassis, tools, weapons, but you could also add a second tab in the right, a small button for each kind of parts, for example cars= classic, Titan, surfer, etc same for weapons and tools. 3- put a button that u can save 3 different type of cars( build the car and tap "save" and will appears a pop-up and u choose the space ) and then u tap the button choose any of those to make thing faster e funnier 4- adding a blacksmith "cousin codiname:Yankee" .u can lvl up the car from 1 to 16 (example) but with Yankee you just pass the bonus of a car u used to use to another one u want, will allow you to merge some parts u like or a legendary wooden part, so u choose ur favorite and then the one with the bonus and with a cost of gold and time u can merge them to a better part(only allowed to similares) 5- Every time u drag a wheel to change, it goes to the end of that long line to take it back, so put the recent changes in the beginning instead.(no pic) PS: i didnt know how to put the images above the text, gotta figure it out and do it later. ps²: the iamgens are not in order, so please undertand or wait for me to pack it.